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  1. No standalone? Crap! That's one of the reasons I want Native.
  2. Does this only happen when using a Variax?
  3. I don't see how there could be more footswitches crammed onto a Helix Floor without making it too bulky, but if you took the same basic chassis size and used it for Helix Control.....see where I'm going? And I think that would be great because I could have all my snapshot slots filled if I wanted and still have 4 preset buttons. Just an idea......
  4. Ok, that's what I was looking for. On top of not being modeled, I also modded both of my Wyldes to run at 18v. So even if they were modeled, it's likely that there wouldn't be an 18v option on the model. And I'm not sure how many db of boost a Wylde Overdrive is capable of, but it's nowhere near 114, lol. It's probably only 20 or 30db. Thanks, all!
  5. That's not what I'm talking about. How much boost can the FX returns handle from an external pedal?
  6. I've been trying to find specs on the Helix's FX loops where it states how many decibels of boost they can handle. I like to use one of my Wyldes Overdrives in front of an amp with the volume cranked. This is fine in front of a tube amp, but I don't know about the Helix. I know with my TC Electronic G-System, I couldn't, because it could possibly damage the unit.
  7. A model of a Schaffer wireless. http://solodallas.com/the-schaffer-replica
  8. Thanks for all the help, folks, I really appreciate it! I got the chance to use another computer today and it worked perfectly. I was able to update from the Updater and it couldn't have been easier. Sitting down right now to play around with the new features (quite a jump from 1.06.5 to 2.20.0). Thanks again!
  9. Tried disabling the audio drivers, still get the transmitter error.
  10. Tried that, doesn't work (app version 1.04 is the correct one for my firmware version). And the instructions for the next step up (v1.12) says to install it and update the Helix with it. I still get the transmitter error with either of these versions, and this is when I uninstall drivers and everything, and install the entire bundle which has the corresponding driver. Still doesn't work. I'm tempted to get an Ethernet to USB adapter to see if that works, because I'm pretty well convinced that it's the @$*** USB ports on my laptop. And no, I don't have a regular desktop at this time that is up to snuff, unless I try to reserrect my old Compaq that, IIRC, has either Windows Vista or XP on it.
  11. 1. I tried an earlier editor and it did work and I used it to backup my presets before I did the factory reset. But even then, I couldn't get the updated to connect, no matter what I try I get the transmitter error. So I have gotten it to connect before. That what has me wondering if I need to do the updates in order? 2. Yes, I can connect anything​ else with no problems. A thumb drive, an external hard drive, my phone, ect. No, I didn't see any yellow alert triangles. Thanks.
  12. Ive tried several different methods that I've found on the forums, FAQs, Knowledge Base, ect, and I cannot for the life of me get my Helix Rack to connect to my laptop. I went into the device manager and it shows the Helix in several places, as it should, but the Updater says that the transmitter failed, no matter if I try having the Helix on and plugged into a USB port before I power up the computer, or if I plug the Helix in while the computer is already on, or whatever. I went through the device manager and right clicked on the helix in each place it was listed and clicked on the "update driver" option. I made sure that the computer was set to automatically update drivers. But if I go into "this PC", it doesn't show the Helix at all. I did a global reset too, no joy. My Helix is still running version 1.06.5, do I have to maybe use an earlier updater and do the updates in order, or should jumping ahead to the current version 2.20 work? Also, I've read that Helix units don't get along with some USB hubs. When I was looking around in the device manager, it appears that this laptop has nothing but hubs. Could that also be one of my problems? Thanks in advance. :)
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