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  1. http://www.midisolutions.com/prodrel.htm 120 $ at Sweetwater...
  2. http://www.pedalsnake.com Don't know if it's rated for the HD... Cheers
  3. Regarding question nr. 2 : is the channel volume controled by the expression pedal ? I noticed that it does not make a difference at what volume you set it as long it is controled by the expression pedals...
  4. I noticed this too, it was a bit better after I had the mags lowered... I gues that the a/d converter in the HD500 is a bit more forgiving... Sammy
  5. 'VAX V' means volume knob on the Variax, probably the mix parameter was assigned to the volume knob on the Variax in the original patch... Sammy
  6. patch a dummy cable in the right unbalanced output, this wil make the unbalanced out split into left and right. Without a dummy cable, the unbalanced out left is mixed to mono. I hope this helps, Sammy
  7. You could put elastic bands around the bank up and down switches, so they are harder to press... That's wat I've been doing with the looper switch. Hope that helps. Sammy
  8. Wat effects are you using on your vocal ? If it's delays and reverbs the sound guy can do a far better job at that... He probably has better equipement for that than can be found in the HD500. +1 for the TC HELICON range for all sorts harmony stuff. On the HD500 did you check your amp settings, like is it set on full amps or are you using only the pre's ? Are cab's enabled ? Sammy
  9. Love that sound ! I'm also a big fan of the e609. Sammy
  10. Norminal, had the same thing,I even had to unplug the jack from the jtv to make it come alive again. Just unplug all unnecessary usb stuff and maybe try a diiferent usb port. Try again... Good luck, Sammy
  11. I can see why CW would want to go that route, just to stay in-tune. But some nice locking tuners would be a cheaper sollution, imho. Kind regards, Sammy
  12. for the 59-users this is very confusing, the position of the toggle switch is in the opposite direction from the guitars... Greetings, Sammy
  13. Luke, do yourself and the sound guy a favour and let him worry about proccessing the vocals and maybe the acoustic guitars (via DI), so you can concentrate on the electric guitar. Your tone that sounded great through the Spider, will sound crappy through an full range PA speaker. What's your output mode ? Is it on Studio/Direct ?
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