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  1. Hey guys, I recently had gotten a spider 120 amp, and no longer need my pod x3. Out of a job so I'm selling it with no reserve. Thought you guys would enjoy the chance to buy an x3 live. http://www.ebay.com/itm/262147282304
  2. The knobs control which effect red or green, and how much of it should be in the mix. Sweep and Tape Echos are two different types effects where sweep is more of a digital type delay, and tape is a digital emulation of an analogue effect. Tape echo can be heard on both "Blue Moon of Kentucky" by Elvis, and in the Jimmy Page violin bow solo from "A Whole Lotta Love".
  3. Line Six seems to be undergoing maintenence at times now, don't worry, usually sorts itself out in a day or two. Might be due to this Yamaha buyout and the FX100 release.
  4. The best you can do is attempt to emulate your Spider III tones on the IV. Shouldn't be too difficult. If you have the shortboard and can use Spider Edit it's only going to take a matter of minutes. But as I understand the IV was a significant upgrade, so what I would do is try and find new and better tones from the new and better modeling hardware.
  5. Hey man, you pretty much hit the nail on the head. Very few guitars are MIDI controllers, so you'll be stuck buying a MIDI keyboard if you plan to work with reason instruments. True, you can sort out the track manually by drawing in each note, but that's hardly effective. Bome's Keyboard is an application that will turn your computer keyboard into a midi controller, however you won't have aftertouch or pressure sensitive keys, so you'll still need to edit values of the song manually for a realistic sound. The M-Audio, now AVID Keystudio is your best bet at a cheap midi controller. It comes in 49 and 61 (and even 88) key versions, and they range from $99-$300 bucks. They work via USB or MIDI cable, and are pretty slick for reason.
  6. I read somewhere the sodering of the physical connections to the POD's USB is falty on models and some tend to wear down and cause intermittant connectivity. I know mine suffers from this problem, and the only fix seems to be to open it up and resoder those connections. However your problems sound a hair different as your USB connectivity stays but the audio drops out. I'm also on a windows 7 pc, latest service pack and updates, latest POD drivers and L6 Monkey.
  7. I have a PodXT Live and an X3Live. I never really got around to tweaking the X3 as much as I did the first one. To me, the XT sounded great, and was all I needed. So what we're dealing with is simple nostalgia, and perhaps familariarty with a device. I think I'll be able to do with the 500x what I was able to do with the XT, albeit with different routes to achiving a desired tone. After all, it just simulates the routing of effects and position of mic, they're numbers, it's a program, nothing is physically there and those values only serve as a reference for what you're attempting to achive. If I got a solid metal tone with my computerized mic upside down, behind the amp, and under water, those would be the settings I'd choose. I think many people forget that.
  8. Similar to the Istomp http://digitech.com/en-US/products/istomp. The pricing scheme seems to be to buy this cheap fx pedal and then use the app store to load tones on it. Line six could benefit from a tone catalogue on their own section of the Apple App Store, but I am worried that we'll lose the ability to exchange free custom tones.
  9. Guys, note that this is named the FX100. Judging by the way line six has operated in the past, there's going to be a 200-500.
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