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  1. Thanks bro! I hope,that my comparison will be helpful too! :-) Cheers!
  2. Hey! Great video bro! Recently I bought POD HD500X to upgrade my POD HD500.Today I made a sound comparison demo,because I noticed some sound difference between the two units! I made research and I found what CPUs are used in both units.The PODs are using 32 bit/40 bit floating point processors,so that's the reason for the sound difference! When you use the CPU with floating point function,there is a limit,when you reach some point(for example 80% CPU usage) the CPU starts to "round" the values and the sound becomes "weaker"or let say not what it's meant to be.So you don't get 20% more power only for the stompboxes,that you may or may not add,but with this 20% you will reach the CPU limit later on and your sound will be better overall :-) The POD HD500X sounds much more clear to me,than the HD500. Other than that,the foot switches are exactly the same (mechanically) as on the old HD500,they've just made some visual changes on them! I mean,that they won't last longer than the switches on the HD500.Anyways I really love the new look of the POD HD500X :-) So here is the video I made today :-)
  3. OK,I just made a test and the settings are present after the power ON-OFF procedure! Cool! Thanks for the advice! That's all I need! Cheers man! :-)
  4. Will the changes remain when I power down my DT and after I power it up? I mean if I'd like to make some changes and use these settings live without my computer on stage?
  5. Hey! Thanks for the answer! I have ''DT Edit'' software installed,I use it without any problems,but there is no function to save my changes to DT50 amp. The "DT Customizer" software looks nice,but it's not on the app store anymore and is not possible to download it! Am I missing something?
  6. Hey! Is there a way to manage,rearrange and save the models in DT 50? Can I change some model topology,Class etc. and save it to one of the 4 positions of each channel? Also,exactly which 8 models are located to the 8 positions in the new 2.0 FW? Thanks! :-)
  7. This is the problem with that routing! You can't add FX to the DT amp :-( I think the guys from Line 6 should fix all problems with the sound routing and make it something similar to POD X3! Unfortunately I don't think that's possible,because in my opinion the "Amazing" processor power in HD series doesn't come from the new CPU,but from cutting down some main function of the previous models!
  8. Hello guys! Today I received my brand new DT50 and I faced the problem in this topic: http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/91155 Now I have the "Dream Rig" and I found,that changing the hidden parameters on DT50 are very useful,but unfortunately there was no possibility to control and save this settings in your POD HD! I searched the web,but without success,so I came with a solution! The great thing is that except audio and digital data the Line 6 Link also carry midi messages! :-) All you need to do is: 1. Downloaded and install the free DT Edit software (just to see exactly what you're doing) : https://code.google.com/p/dtedit/ 2. Connect your DT amp with two MIDI cables to your midi interface (sound card or else) 3. Connect your DT amp to your POD HD via Line 6 Link at the same time. Now you can use "POD HD500 Edit" or do it on your unit directly it doesn't matter... 1. Load the amp you want. 2. Go to ''Controllers'' in "POD HD500 Edit" Now depending on which preset you are in (A,B,C,D) navigate to the corresponding FS! ( A=FS5, B=FS6, C=FS7, D=FS8 ) Set ''MESSAGE" = CC Toggle ; "MIDI" = 01 ; "CC" = 74 ( This is the CC value for the 12AX7 Boost function) and than set the ''VALUE'' = 127 (means boost ON ; 000=boost OFF ) Now the only problem is that you can assign only one parameter per FS,so you have to assign the other two on one of the other FS (FS1,FS2,FS3 or FS4) That's it! Now always when you press FS (A,B,C,D) you'll get the settings you've just saved! Here are the Control Changes for the other hidden parameters: Capacitor Type X/Y CC = 79 - 0-63=Capacitor X, 64-127=Capacitor Y Phase Inverter B+ Voltage Low/High CC= 78 - 0-63=Low B+, 64-127=High B+ Here is the link with the rest of the controls: http://line6.com/media/dt50/DT50_MIDI_CC_Reference_v2_0_RevA_English.pdf It'll be great if the guys from Line 6 make this much easier by updating their software and FW on HD series and allow as to do this procedures simply with one click in "POD HD500 Edit" software or directly on our units and NO more ''Hidden'' things :-) ! I hope that's helpful! Cheers! :-)
  9. OK dudes...the point was not to discuss who is professional or who's not...I just wanted to say that it's not fair to buy a product and to not be able to use the same sound as in the time you bought this product,but with the benefit of the new futures...anyways... Keep on using what you want and what you like,that's it... Peace!
  10. You don't really know what professional musician means don't you? Let me explain it to you! Professional doesn't mean a concert musician(player),but a musician who earn all his money only with music... gigs,studio works and stuff like this! I didn't say that I'm good guitar player or so,but I say that I'm truly not an amateur "one lone user that preferred the sound of one model that he occasionally used late at night in his bedroom..."
  11. I've already gotten used to it, just expressing disappointment with this fact!
  12. I'm professional musician my friend and I don't play in my bedroom,but that's not the point here! It's not only me complaining for this problem...
  13. I forgot to say,that I told the guys just to give to their customers to choose which guitars to install when they upgrade to the new FW,or just to choose for example to keep the guitars from FW 1.71,but to upgrade only the latest functions!
  14. Hello everyone! I'm guitar player and I'd like to complain about the support of Line 6! I own an Line 6 JTV-59 and POD HD500.I bought the guitar because I saw many demos in YouTube and I really liked what I heard! At the time when I bought the guitar the latest firmware was 1.71 and I was amazed of the good sounding accoustic guitars (Exactly what I heard on YouTube)! I'd like to say,that I really love that guitar! For me JTV-59 is one of the best instruments now in the world,but...The guys from Line 6 decided to change the sound of the accoustic guitars in the next update of the firmware (I guess it was FW1.80 ) and that was a BIG problem for me!!! I really don't like the sound of the new accoustic guitars! There are a lot of people around the world who share my opinion too and there were at least 4-5 ideas in http://line6.ideascale.com from guitar players who wanted to have the old sound of the accoustic guitars! Now I'm stuck on FW 1.71 because I can't and I don't want compromise with the sound and because of that I can't use a lot of the new futures on my guitar in conjunction with POD HD500! I wrote 2 or 3 tickets,on that issue,but the guys from support center said to write this as an idea in http://line6.ideascale.com/,so I did it,but as you can guess with no success! So I'd like to say to the guys from support center one "BIG Thanks" just keep screwing up your customers...! P.S. I forgot to say,that I've suggested the guys just to give to their customers to choose which guitars to install when they upgrade to the new FW,or just to choose for example to keep the guitars from FW 1.71 , but to upgrade only the latest functions!
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