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  1. And in case anyone's having trouble finding a good chorus sound, try using the frequency shifter with freq set to 1 or 2 then mix to taste.
  2. Haha that'd be rad! Though I do find it interesting that even in your fantasy Line 6 still hasn't changed frequency to Hz ;)
  3. There is no degradation of audio quality if you're using the SPDIF out of a HD to a SPDIF in on another interface. As this is a digital connection, there is no conversion and the signal is identical. If you took the analog out from a HD and went into the analog inputs on another interface the signal would degrade somewhat as there are two unnecessary conversions (D-A and A-D).
  4. watchbr

    Violin effect

    Using the auto volume delay works ok depending on what you're doing, but I find using the volume pedal (or knob) plus manual vibrato (ie wobbling the dang string) can give a fairly natural cello-ish sound on a bass. Ebow could be very cool for legato passages.
  5. That's why you change the MIDI channel on the M9 - so it won't respond to program change messages from the HD. This solution requires no extra equipment.
  6. The relationship with Yamaha actually isn't new, they were already part owners and just increased their share. I doubt this will have much of an impact (in the near future) on Line 6's product range.
  7. I'm with you- distortions and overdrives are probably the weakest part of most digital multi-FX IMO. You can tweak them to sound alright, but put an analog pedal in front and all is right with the world again...
  8. The problem you're having is typical of anyone trying to get a good tone out of a valve amp when you're using a fraction of its total power. Valve amps sound great when they're turned up, but are not your best solution at bedroom levels. Running the DT25 in low volume mode (IMO) negates any of the positive reasons for using a valve amp. 25 watts of valve power is actually quite a lot (hell, 10 watts class A is even louder), so what you've really got is an amp designed for gigging volume. So your HD500/KRKs are a much better option. Unfortunately that means you'll essentially need two sets of patches if you want to use your HD500 with the DT25, as well as with studio monitors. If you're the kind of person who programs multiple patches per song, this can be a lot of work. It's not too big of a deal if you're only using a few different sounds/patches, but then you'd probably be better off buying a few nice analog pedals. They're more immediate, sound even nicer (esp. disortions/overdrives) and easily tweakable.
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