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  1. The laptop being "full of hubs" is normal. When hubs are discouraged it is the external ones being talked about. I had some issues with maintaining connections and it was the fault of a Realtek audio driver, disabled it and things went well and maintained connection.
  2. Someone else on here discovered that disabling the Realtek audio driver makes it work. Mine would connect but would go "offline" after about 5 minutes, disabled Realtek, everything is fine and stable. May be worth a shot for you.
  3. pda041376

    Firmware 2.6

    Sadly I have no burning need for the update or packs but find myself compulsively checking every 15 minutes to see if the update has dropped. (Of course I will end up getting all of the packs, it is just what I do.) I keep hoping midnight Eastern is when it drops (even though I know Line 6 is in the Pacific time zone). Edit: Maybe 3 am Eastern will be the magic moment...
  4. This is my fix (as my conditioned UPS powers up other devices): http://www.homedepot.com/p/Belkin-1-Outlet-Energy-Saving-On-Off-Switch-F7C016/204354919
  5. Use the line in and it should be ok. Have done that with bass and isn't awful (not as good as actual bass amp but works fine).
  6. I know that sound and have recently changed to Elixirs as well. Yesterday I spent the time to check neck, action and intonation and stopped it a little. What seems to have tamed it is rolling the tone knob down to about 6 or so (was 5 on the d'addrios that came with the guitar). While this solution is not ideal it makes it work. I also had an issue where once switching off of a screechy model (Spank) to a non-screechy model (lester or special) the treble noise remained, all i could do was disconnect the guitar and plug it back in to make the screeches go away,
  7. I raised the entire bridge a quarter turn last night but didn't seem to do anything. Will try just the saddle raise but will need to get shims as it is the 89F model.
  8. And now I am afflicted... Is it possible to have the problem "settle in" after playing it for a while? There was a very slight high-pitched overtone when I got the guitar that was ignorable but now it is acting up something fierce. I did try to rollback to previous versions and reinstall the current but that did nothing. And this is occurring on les, spank, special and 89 models. I think the semis don't have it and the jazz only shows on a some of the stock settings. I know that setting the tone at 5 the shrillness that is added to the palm mute gets cut dramatically and I can use my HD500x to add some of the cut frequencies back. I do wonder if the tone knob is normal or a boost/cut as the 89 model pickups (didn't know about those presets until reading through other stuff) do not match the tone of the magnetic 89s at full tone (10) but rolling it back does make the modeled pickups match the mags. In any case, I tried the felt thing (makes it worse?), I've tried the software flashes, have not tried the string swap or piezo swap. I think clay said he swapped his A and E piezos, I wonder if it needs to be those or if the E and e can be swapped. Does anyone know the color code used for the strings vs piezo connector? It looks like these are plugged sockets so I guess I could just pull each in turn but why reinvent the wheel? Another thing I am looking to explore is the xml files used for the settings, if I can find the setting that controls tone I wonder if it is possible to eq just the one string... It seems like the other settings are in xml files but have not dug around enough to see if I can find the tone setting.
  9. Yeah agreed, that's why I am not sure it's the same issue as others were reporting. Haven't messed with it enough yet to see all the chinks in its armor but not displeased with the purchase as of yet. Being a line6 user for a long time (I guess all account info got wiped when forums changed) I understand there is a learning or using curve typically associated with the equipment. I was here for the x3 dropped audio over USB debacle and many other of the "widespread" issues with different products and services it still makes me a bit jumpy when I get new equipment from line6 and of course I look for the known issues before looking for the good.
  10. Well played around in the editor and it can be made to go away so I guess this isn't the same issue others were reporting. Instead of lowering global volume I raised it and moved the virtual pickups around on the body. I also noticed that while it was making the odd sounds it wasn't universal, so maybe I lucked out?
  11. At the risk of being discounted for bringing to life an old topic: I got my jtv-89f in yesterday. After trolling boards and experimenting I can say this: I've only gotten the plink sound when in standard tuning. If I switch to drop D or any other tuning the models react well. Is this normal and the tinny sound can be excepted as par for the course on standard tuned models or is there a magic setting that will fix the very tinny palm mutes on the 6th string when in standard tuning?
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