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  1. Greetings from the prison colony of Australia.

    Due to enforced poverty being a big thing here these days, my wife and I are about to sell virtually anything not being used.

    I point that out to make it clear that the following is an attempt at minimalism, nothing more. It's not for show-off cleverness, etc. It's because this makes economic sense.

    I'll also qualify that I was an AV tech by profession for many years, whose father was a woodwork teacher, so the physical side of this isn't particularly scary to me. I'm looking for any unknown factors.

    I own a JTV-59. And I'm seriously considering a transplant I don't believe has been attempted.

    I also own an Artist 8 string guitar. Very cheap instrument that punches way above it's weight. 26.5 scale.

    So here comes the crazy. Can I make 1 instrument to rule them all?

    My plan would be to buy a Floyd Rose 8 string tremolo (

    Then change the first 6 saddles to graphtech (

    From there route in and mount the JTV-59 Electronics.

    And finally replace the pickups with in the 6-8Kohm range (if that's right) with these. (

    If I'm right, you're probably rolling your eyes and saying "just buy an 89F'....

    Apart from the fact they're not available and now way over my budget, check your L6 records... I did. Bought new from Authorised Dealer (I don't know rules on name and shame, so lets just say I don't recommend music stores in QLD with 'Oasis' in their name. Having said that, I've got hard copy paper trail of the whole debacle, so I don't give much of a damn) The neck was out of alignment, so Yamaha Australia ended up taking it back under warranty, point blank refused to replace it, had it for 6 weeks, gave 3 'delivery dates' that nothing showed up for (they blamed the couriers every time) and when I said 'enough', they refused to return MY instrument, refunded the money direct to my account and said that's the end of the matter. So full disclosure, extremely unlikely I'll ever buy anything Yamaha again. I don't blame L6. Adopted kids aren't responsible for their parents being literal thieves. 

    I am aware that you have many times pointed out the modelling will sound 'different' I don't care, my reasoning for doing this is the same reason I bought the 59 in the first place. Alt tunings. If it will do that I'm happy. Sorry, I set workbench to blank body, 89 p/ups and never touched it again.

    Sorry, I know that's a lot to take on, but I wanted to give as full a picture as possible.

    Thank you in advance for your take on this madness, your knowledge has been very helpful over the years. I t is appreciated.

    Look forward to your thoughts.






    1. psarkissian


      Not rolling my eyes. Someone on the FB Variax group wants to do a transplant like that,... or are you that person? 


      Trying to get an 8-string Variax transplant out of a 6-string JTV59 won't work because of the way the piezo signals

      are routed. Trying to double up on two of the signal paths won't work and will confuse the program. 


      As for the guitar goes, I can escalate this to the service manager and see what he can do. 


    2. KXB17


      Thank you, no apparently you have 2 madmen, I don't do FB.


      Swing and a miss for my explanation. To clarify, I would only be using the piezos on the 6 upper strings. I don't expect (nor intend to use) any string functionality in the lower 2 strings in anything but magnetic mode. Hope that changes things. The main purpose of this is to simply have my 8 string be a variax for tuning purposes over the 6 strings it normally occupies.


      And no, don't bother escalating the gripe, apart from the fact I can't afford to buy an 89-f back again now even if they could get it to me, I know full well I can make my own in a similar way to the above if I have to. The 8 string is simply my favourite guitar and if I have to narrow things down to one instrument, I'm kinda trying to get the most I can out of it. The sour grapes were part of the reasoning of this, so I brought it up for you to understand why it was not an option.


      My main concerns are (a) K-ohm pickup compatibility of the replacement pickups I linked above (b) any weird circuitry that would not pass the low strings through the the magnetics. 


      Thank you so much for your help.



    3. KXB17


      Just wondering if you had seen the reply? As I said, as long as the replacement magnetics work, Im good.


      Thank you again.

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