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  1. Hi psarkissian, I had the oppertunity to play my DT50HD today and so I was able to open it up on 25w mode (master was at 2 oclock) I played for about 30 minutes and when I was ready to shut it down I unplugged the guitar cable from it's input then turned the drives and volumes to zero and turned the master to zero then flipped the standby switch waited a minute and when I flipped the power switch I heard a small pop. Is the pop a sign of damage? I'm curious since I really don't pu...

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    2. Brazzy


      Ok, maybe If I waited a minute longer there would've been no pop. I'm not completely sure when the tubes were replaced. The first time it was worked on was The last time it seen service was a warranty issue and was sent to Line 6 Calabasis, CA and was fixed the sent back to me, that was shipped back to Line 6 CA March 3rd, 2015. I looked at my service tickets (in my online Line 6 account) but it's not there. So I'm really unsure what was done to this amp the last time it was t...

    3. psarkissian


      Been about 14 months since the last tube change. If you're gigging regularly, now is the time. If you're a weekend warrior, another month or two before you should need a tube change.

    4. Brazzy


      OK, Thanks for your help.

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