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  1. This is an update to this topic in that I have a windows surface with win10 and after calling line 6 they claimed they are still having issues with the surfaces and getting pod farm to work, specifically the in and out. That being said, I did get it to work if I attach only the POD to the single USB 3 port without the hub. Bought 2 new hubs to fix this (had unpowered 2.0 before). This time I bought powered 3.0 and still no luck. Line 6 needs to fix this, surfaces are popular laptops. All my software is over on it now. Going to my old workstation with windows 7 is no longer an option. @Line6...Please give an ETA for when you might have new drivers for windows 10 to try. I can get get away with the mouse and keyboard since I can use the one attached but I need my drives. The pod farm should at least work through a powered hub like it did on win7 I also tried the hub with only pod tfarm going through and nothing
  2. Want to make sure I am matching the impedance from the guitar pickups as best I can to this interface. This only has an instrument in, so I would assume it is, but don't see where if it is in the normal specs. Don't really want to add something to correct this if it already is good. Trying to get more tone out of this compared to the same tone in POD XT (Although I know the XT has hardware processing dedicated chips onboard).... probably is the major factor in larger sound / same tone.....just want to rule out impedance mismatch GX may be yielding. anybody know?
  3. I have exactly the same issue as you right now....Did you ever find a solution?
  4. I am thinking of moving my pod farm (have all the platinum tones) to a surface tablet or similar. Fire it up ...have some shortcuts etc...maybe rig up some kind of music stand...yea getting sick of the tied to desk scenario all the time....so I understand. Also considered the floorboards and have some setlist just ready....that may be an option I started with an XT and I have all the tones on it as well. I generally think it sounds better but have to take my duel tones and combine them best I can to a single track, plus, of course, there are limits to some before and after positions of some of the effects and 1 effect type can be used per chain etc. Also like Triryche idea on two XT's together....1 for each path.....would need a mini mixer or A+B then ...interesting idea though. I have had two paths in a farm tone and picked which one sounded better on XT. I then have had XT and Farm together (best of both worlds)....but this adds to your footprint I think. If your tones are fairly simple you may get away with an XT port of them (must save as that when exporting out of farm). Also have not tried porting to pocketpod (even more limited in tones), but thought that may be interesting to see how close I could get moving a farm tone into the palm of my hand for factor (obviously I would have to pick the closest amp and FX they have that matches)...but could be fun to try
  5. Have you tried with just headphones, or amp or both? I know I have some patches that my amp/speakers can't handle due to what appears to be the dynamic range, but in my headphone which are around $70 and good full range, no issues. I may invest down the road in running th e rig through pA speakers or get a full range speaker for my amp since I am primarily using tones that are modeled. Also looking into an iimpedance adapter between guitar and GX/farm to ensure impedance is matched. If it is the same as I have experienced time to time (on only certain patches for me), yes, it is annoying. try to see if it happens with some good full range headphones first as a starting point. It's easy for a tone to escape the guitar speaker range occasional with so much adjustment that can be done from the PC side. Again, this is just an idea.
  6. My Pod Farm with GX does not quite have the quality and dynamic range that my old POD XT has (for testing comparing same patch a single path, volume on both etc-and using headphones etc). Farm obviously allows duel path and I like the interface better, so really want to figure it out. My issue is I am just not getting the same tone. Been working for awhile to get those duel path tones where I want them to be. I assume XT has some extra circutry pre-stuff (thought I read somewhere that). Anyway, can someone point me to more detailed the specs of the GX /the other USB farm interfaces so I now if I should try this. This may require a line 6 egineer to chime in. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ZBox?adpos=1o1&creative=54989263441&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&product_id=ZBox&gclid=CjwKEAjw3drIBRCOwfC-_qqyjQ8SJADvoWQpEVWjTg46jzYqMimYkbh9JHoga-QUuzS4KjUsDltZqhoCk97w_wcB Apparently unless GX has a 1M ohm input for the guitar? the input jack may be the issue as having a lower impedance. THis is to mean, I am trying to determine if I am suffering a mismatch from my pickups that are high impendence. Anyone else experience or compare. I know the USB only farm interfaces are probably not the most expensive to manufacture and thus may have slightly less high end circuity, so this is all a guess as to what is different. IF not, I need to look further as I would not benefit from a Zbox. I could always buy a Zbox and just test and if not send back, but would like to at least make a more educated purchase. Any feedback would be appreciated...thx
  7. good point, I am not an expert at the HD500, so yea it makes sense it would have different algorithms or DSP software. Yes, I am using for just a good start and see what others are doing for say a Van Halen tone or so.
  8. There are some pretty sweet tones out there uploaded by HD500 users and you can use these and or tweak/convert them in farm if you download POD HD500X Edit As a tip you can open farm and 500edit at the same time and mimic (as best you can), the FX and the ordering of them + settings. In 500, all the settings will be in front of you in the interface see below ....so that makes it easy. Next you need to manually adding them in farm as best you can. There was one FX in this example HD500 tone that literary does not exist in Farm. It was this "colordrive distortion" pedal. Had to google it, as I never heard of this pedal before....so learned something new I guess. Anyway, you may have to find a substitution in these cases. See next image below which is the same tone now in farm (at least a best effort). If you can match and get the ordering close, this technique may work well for you to get some additional tone by users when you don't own the HD500.
  9. So for those who have used gearbox and pod XT or X3 in the past ,here are some tips to making the transition of your tones to podfarm or using podfarm. this will also include using farm to enhance your tones and moving them back to your Pod XT/X3 hardware for standalone.playback. First, let address the volume difference using pod XT as an example: XT is a standalone unit obviously that runs on 9V DC and 2 amps, POD farm using GX for example is 5V DC and USB interface, which is .5 amp...quite a bit of difference. As such, what you might notice is that sounds in gearbox moved to farm are about 2/3 lower in volume. Yes you can move the volume up to 10 if your tone was 3.3 but who has there dialed in tone at that :)...it's just not a good formula. Next is to see what farm can do on its own to raise that level without too much coloration. the first thing to do is EQ and when that is not enough, the cleanest pre-amp can be added, which I found to be the coucel. I played with this testing over a weekend for hours and hours and will share what I found to be the best setup for trying to match output as it was in gearbox XT but without adjust volume as much as possible What I will show is how to start from a baseline and make volume changes only after you have exhausted all other options. If you find these settings add some small coloration then drop the settings equalty across all EQ bands and instead go after the master volume. You can also increase volume on your amp, but this is to get the tone the same through headphones so its as true to start as possible. Here are the tips: If your old XT/gearbox tone is a single path (which it should be, you can open that in farm and duplicate the track (doubles the volume 100%) this should get you really close. I feel that to absolutely match, you need to have 1 path get an EQ adjustment at the end and a preamp after the amp in the chain. see below screen shot for how this looks for your newly added preamp and EQ added to 1 path for additional boost. Circled in yellow is the additons that pod requires to help boost where the old tone was. Settings for preamp and EQ are as follows: -------------------------------- The next scenario I will describe: When you have two tones you really like and you want both in pod farm so you can merge them and mix each for best of each. In the case below I enhanced my "A" path tone which was darn near perfect but lacked what the tone in path "B" had. They are merged by letting Path "B" run through 10% and then 90% tone "A". Here you need to have a different setting for the pre-amp because each path is different and not a copy of the other. --------------------------------- Next is a tip for those that want to: Bring a setting into farm and want it back out for XT. Well remember that XT can not handle multi effects of the same type nor duel paths so you have to merge the two if that is the case. This may not end well, you need to choose the settings that represent the best of your new pod effect in 1 path and no dulicate pedals. You can only have 1 amp too...so the challenge is to toggle back and forth and see if you can represent in a single path of what two paths were giving. note: the different settings on the sine chorus Now the track down to 1 with sign chorus settings that represent all 3 as you can only have 1 in gearbox. Here I am merging former track "B" and finally the settings on the sine chorus as best representation of having 3 Maybe line6 will make a pod that can support the duel path of effect but until then you are going to have to do this or find a way to run from a tablet or something so pod is what you use live or you just live with a good enough scenario ---------------------------------------------------- The last thing I wanted to mention was the option to use a hardware boost to simulate the tone of XT. I have not purchased yet as it will add a clean boost up to 18DB for some but will run about ~$120.then, you don't have to fake it with an EQ or preamp in POD. This would be the cleanest purest way to boost but again will require a purchase. For the purpose of this post i am showing how to do it with the tools you already have. Note for some FX you may want to make sure POD sees all your model packs or can read the FX others have made with those model packs For that those that have wondered about running through the XT with the effects bypassed, the fact is you will get some static and it will add something to the tone. You are basically reprocessing it and pod is not clean when using this was through farm via ASIO (and with input as "Send Clean guitar". It's not horrible, but expect some static and less bass or warmth IMO.Your best bet is to use GX or UX-1 and amp your tone with effects in farm. I had to do a lot of back and forth comparison, and I will not claim this is perfect but is as close as my ears could detect without having to purchase additional boosting hardware. Even if you decide to boost buy buying some hardware, it's good to know to do it in software if you need it. Hopefully this gives others some incite to tone building and porting from favorite gearbox tweaked tones you may have had. I am still playing around with PODfarm and no doubt I will discover even more, but so far are impressed with the extra options I am getting. Be nice to have it really working with XT full to make adjustments with real knobs as opposed to a mouse and arrow keys, but oh well.....like I said maybe line6 will do something in the future with a next generation POD that really works close with farm as an interface and a tone transfer for standalone.
  10. See the last entry by me #27 in this post http://line6.com/support/topic/4395-studiogx-and-farm-with-another-account-use-my-model-packs/page-2?do=findComment&comment=45192 on some good luck I had with line6 regarding your "hardware bundled" power pack or even some general things with POD XT...I'm sure with XT Pro it would be the same.
  11. Here is the verdict on the whole podXT, powerpack, and GX farm issue: Great experience with Line6 Support last night!! In call they were able to: Transfer the model packs that came with my usde XT but sat in the sellers out account (basically merge into 1 account I am using now so less issues down the road). I'm good to go After seeing they could not get my XT "hardware only" powerpack to register and be used with farm, they gave me the real version of it that farm can detect now. (note: you need to express that your tones really use this from gearbox and XT and that you really need them in farm - just ask nicely. They will have to ask a manager and this is a gift from them. I was really happy to see that they did this as a customer courtesy.-I got lucky i guess) While on the phone and waiting they also answered some tech questions on if I should keep my POD XT for anything other than standalone player with the older gearbox tones (I will actually comment on this later in another post as I still have some opinions on this) The XT as a dongle does not work to give you any packs with farm (at least my version that came with GX). This was also one of the compelling reasosn I also gave to ask for the power pack in the version that farm could see. If you run through the XT as a pre amp for your tone before headphone or your actually amp, It will have 3X the volume on the same tone going through just GX .....so a tone with 3.5 on the volume with XT needs to be 10 on the GX to sound the same in headphones (this is with headphone monitor all the way up too). So this makes sense the POD XT puts out way more Per line6 .....XT is not a clean pass through (close if you make a tone and save it onboard that is NO effects), but according to the senior tech who works on POD XT you still are doing some reprocessing after Farm. They also have seen others add a booster peda; after GX if you need more out of your tone or want to get POD XT amp power clean my licencing issues are solved and I can use farm with all my packs (4) Next is to dive into farm and also note in post the differences as to why use XT as a ASIO with farm or if XT is even needed. I will make a post on some experiences and as I have more time to experiment. All good news and hopefully others can benefit from the luck and information I have here.
  12. @ TheRealZAap Yep, ....calling tonight after work if there support hours are at that time for me in regards to: gifting/merge accounts options for PowerPack. The rest is posting for other users on what my experience was as information for people that may have same issue. I'll post how the phone call goes tomorrow as somewhat a conclusion to this thread. Thanks for your feedback and post so far...All members have been really helpful and great information!
  13. The other thing I forgot to mention is that the dongle idea to get power pack did not work for XT even when attached and used with farm as the primary audio device under preferences. Also: farm must launch with the GX attached (if for nothing more than a dongle else trial mode is entered at least my version of farm that came with GX) The same tone through POD XT has less latency and drop out then with GX but this could just be my opinion. There are definitely some configurations required to cut out all reprocessing of the sound from farm as such that it does not add to your sound and is merely a pass through. I am close, but still need to play around with this more. the XT's effect select knob can changes the effects in a farm setlist (XT becomes a midi control into farm for that control by default not sure if any other knobs can be used for any benefit other than of course further output and volume. You can prob use XT as a passthrough for the footboard for further control (if you purchase that-I currently didn't have one of those and have not tested) but this would allow the use of the express pedal through XT...something down the road I guess. you can run your guitar through XT and adjust volume and output while the processing is done in farm (effect however is using your CPU for farm tones - they are not offloaded to XT in any way as many already know) As mention. the volume can be adjusted in farm and on the XT so you can go pretty loud almost too loud if not careful where all is set). As always, you can not have gearbox and farm run at the same time from a software perspective (unless they are on separate laptops or machines - another thing everyone prob already knows. You can't have the other opened and close the current....it's close both done and pick the one you want....just a little thing So far the same tone in gearbox, opened in farm sounds very different and of lower quality. There was a comment a few post back I thing that it was said they will sound the same, but XT is hardware processing and farm is software processing. This may be my laptop farm is on. It meets requirements but if I go low latency setting it struggles every few minutes. I hear a miss. maybe the better the processor the closer you get to XT hardware sound? The farm sound on the same tone is very digital (I know they are both digital :) ) but it has less bass and warmth. In some cases I felt like a heard slight reverb like in a large hall...hollow sound for notes above the 12th fret. Again this could be my setup. I also testing GX only and then through XT pass through and it was the same so XT is not colorizing the sound in anyway. The software must process the tone just slightly different. I would like to get as close to hardware sound that I had a lot of tones set at and then work from there. Definately get the warmth and mid crunch back or as the same when in farm (this warrants a different thread all in its own, which I may start later)
  14. Last 48 hours been trying to sort this all out. currently I can not transfer my brand new GX to my current account in my name (tied to my pod XT currently) and use model packs as they are in the sellers account. To get it to work, I had to log into the seller which he game me and register the GX with that (it's still also registered to me on my account, but sort of useless, as I could't program it with the model packs). Adding the model packs was interesting. It said programming the GX. Does it actually write the model packs to the chip inside the GX? Hmm). Anyway they are there except power pack. I really need to figure out how to gift those 3 model packs in the bundle out and back to my account in my name. I don't think the seller will close the account (been avail the last 2 years for me to use), but essentially, I could lose the model packs at least for transferring them around if he did close it 1 day. My next challenge is how to gift by just logging into an account that someone turned over to you with the sale of used POD XT model packs etc. I think it best to try and get all that in my name. Also as of now, I still think the power packs are going to be a challenge to obtain for farm as they are tied to the XT. This is going to depend on how nice line 6 is about doing something for me there. If it were only $49 to buy the "software" standalone version of these it would be one thing...but they want 100 bucks just so I can re-purchase the tones I already own and use with my XT. 3 options here: Call Line 6 and see what they can do for me to get it working Find a way to package them out and move them over by some woraround --what others have tried etc (although not sure many have ran into this) re-purchase the packs in standalone flavor for more than I paid for farm and the GX just so I can use the FX in the tones I already have and want to work with from Gearbox Getting my other 3 model packs (of the 4) to work with farm once I understood the activation worked fine. What is different than before when opening up a tone from gearbox that required a model pack item, is that it does not error and lockup farm, it now simply greys out the missing one from the missing pack and ask for substitution.
  15. Well, I have just purchased a brand new GX (was not more than used are). This should make it easier I hope. Will call or email line 6 and see how this all goes down. This is what I will be asking them: Goal: Transfer a brand new GX to my current account (tied to my pod XT currently) and use both with my model packs, essentially lumping the accounts together. I am with the understanding that by doing this: - POD Farm will follow the GX, so if account is moved (gifted or whatever the term), that the model packs that are currently registered to my current account will be recognized in PodFarm -Power Pack (cames with my XT and somewhat tied to that) may or may not be recognized by Farm. If I get lucky and they are, it will for sure require that XT is connected at run time, so it essentially becomes a dongle to get those tones in that particular pack. -Once transfered, all the model packs except PowerPack could be used with Farm/GX combination if I wanted GX to be the usb device for connecting etc.(prob just keep my XT connected though) In the same session, same PC, I could still open gearbox and it would still read all the model packs as before with XT connected (For tweaking tones for standalone- excludes setting native to only farm of course)
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