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  1. The wah can be switched on and off by pressing the toe down by the way
  2. Also with regards to tone videos , don't forget that all the amplifi ones are compatible with firehawk, you can build the tone as per the video and then swap the amps/drives for hd ones if you wish, as a final step eq it to get the best out of it
  3. Using eq the way Peter does is something worth learning, you'll get better at it the more you do it, before long you'll instinctively know roughly which frequencies need to be cut. You might be doing this already but what helped me was listening to Peters videos on a good quality pair of studio monitor headphones, it was easier to hear what he was getting at. A simple cut in the right place can really bring a tone to life
  4. You say rebuilding the tone fixes it? I wonder if it is tones that were built on the old firmware that are affected. I don't have any tones created on the old firmware, not even factory ones so I can't test that for you , but like I say, I used to have the explosion issue very regularly but since I updated and built my tones I have never had it since, I use approx 40 different patches per gig and haven't noticed anything odd for 12 months or so. I am using a variax not sure if that makes any difference
  5. Did you update the firmware ? I can't remember the version number but it came out ages ago, I used to get sounds like you describe but not since updating
  6. I'd just sell it and use the money to go on holiday and take a little time to unwind
  7. I would suspect something is on the horizon at least, maybe something sooner, but I hope that line 6 have seen the potential of the Bluetooth/tablet editor , I have really enjoyed using it with the firehawk and I hope they don't ditch it on future products.
  8. Yeah the lack of input from line 6 on the forums is frustrating, I love the firehawk but like you say it's not perfect, with a bit of TLC it could be amazing
  9. It's worth checking what you have the volume pedal set to on the patch, it's possible that you are increasing the volume via the footpedal before the wah is engaged. I have no increase in volume when I use my wah, but I know all my footpedal settings are at maximum volume for each patch. The wah does cut through the mix more due to the higher frequencies but it definitely doesn't get noticeably louder
  10. Yeah I am still yet to find a fix, also noticed it on the stereo delay more recently while recording through the USB except it seems more sporadic like there's no pattern to when the click happens, pretty frustrating to be honest and the first time I've had a serious problem with this pedal, we didn't notice the clicks until mix down so I now have to record everything again and add the delay later with a plugin
  11. If you liked the xt you should love the firehawk, I wouldn't say it's at the end of its life , I mean how long have you had the xt? Lol I liked the xt but wanted to try something new, tried hd500 and hated it, tried zoom g5 and got good tones eventually but the footswitching was a constant bugbear, I love the firehawk and tones are at least comparable to the hd series, I actually prefer the firehawk tones over the hd and you can certainly get workable tones a lot quicker
  12. I don't use it unless I really need that extra effect, just in case it decides to throw a wobble mid gig, however, I haven't had any issues on the patches where I have used it
  13. An extra expression pedal is supported for fx tweaks or volume/wah but that's all, check out the manual it explains it better than I could
  14. Sounds like you need to recalibrate the pedal , check out the manual for how it's done. Volumes between patches will need to be balanced by yourself and then resaved to keep them Tip, balancing your volumes needs to be done at gigging levels for it to be accurate so get to rehearsal or soundcheck early and do it then
  15. I use the big volume knob with the red led's to lower volume , is that not working? Push it in twice until the led's turn white and see what that is set to, I usually have it halfway but need to adjust it to balance what I'm recording with the backing tracks
  16. To be honest I haven't tried the app on it , like I say they are the kids tablets, I use my phone all the time, but they are definitely a step up from similar priced tablets over here, really fast and smooth to operate. I may be able to try it over the weekend but I can't promise anything lol
  17. OK so the only other option before returning it is to open a support ticket here with line6. Although if your retailer will exchange it for a new one I'd say that's definitely worthwhile before giving up as the problem you have certainly isn't present on every firehawk, I regularly leave mine in tuner mode to prevent feedback while I'm away doing other more boring stuff, sometimes for hours at a time
  18. Probably not a stuck button then, Have you tried restoring the factory settings? Sounds like a pain because it is a pain but I think it's your best option. Make sure you have any tones you use to either the cloud or "my tones" in the app
  19. I'd say check you got the right app because I didn't recognise the screen you were on, firehawk app is mostly blue in colour , yours looked red, could be a difference between android and apple or something though I tried searching it again and it's still there along with the one tripplex re posted
  20. You mentioned in your earlier post you were using the amplifi app? Was that a slip of the tongue? Because if not it's the firehawk app you need to be using
  21. Does it always return to the patch you used last ? Or does it always return to a particular patch ? (Always patch 1 for example) I'm just wondering if it might be something mechanical like a stuck switch
  22. Yeah I've had some rehearsals where this is constantly coming up and being really annoying , and then it might not happen again for weeks, I have no idea what is causing it.
  23. Oh sorry just noticed you used a dollar sign so guess you're in the US, still , a search for lenovo tab might get you some good results
  24. Are you in the uk? Argos have a lenovo 10inch tablet for about 100 quid , really good quality for the money , I got 2 for my kids and so much better than the bush one we had prior
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