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  1. OK I uploaded a tone called "hard rock" I'm using a variax 59 on the les paul model , neck pick up For amplification I'm using a powered pa speaker (stagesource lt3) It sounds absolutely killer my end , try it through your rig and let me know how it sounds for you
  2. You said it was working fine before? Did you have a phone update or something since then?
  3. She's a keeper, and you're welcome lol
  4. If you give me an idea of the kind of tone you're looking for I might have something similar that I'd be happy to share on the cloud It might not sound exactly like I intended as we're using different guitars and speakers but if it does sound good you could use it as a reference to see how I set the eq up
  5. Your live sounds need to be set up while using your live gear at the volumes (or as close to) you will be playing at, Here is how I program my patches, and I've been much happier since I started doing this First I create the tone on headphones , I'll take regular breaks between tweaking as my ears get tired very quick and after a 10 minute break I'll come back to the tone and immediately notice something that could be improved, quite often taking a break can be more productive I'll save that tone with a "H" in the title so that in future I know it was created using Headphones Next , I'll try it through the speaker I use live , that's usually a few days later at a rehearsal or something. It's not unusual to find that the tone sounds too harsh, muddy, boomy or anything else that sounds bad but don't panic, your awesome tone is still there somewhere First I listen for the low end , is it too boomy? If it is, I use the eq and set the low shelf to about 130hz and cut it by 4db Next I listen for harshness, if it sounds harsh I cut my high shelf by 4 dB too and slide the frequency down until I get a good balance between clarity and harshness Then if it's still too harsh I drop the treble in the amp model ( I used to drop the presence but I found keeping the presence fairly high gives the amp models more life across the full frequency spectrum and not just the high frequencies as I previously thought, basically, adding presence can really improve the bass and mids too) Next I check my reverb level, I nearly always add more than is necessary when using headphones so most of the time I dial it back a bit for a live tone Delays I turn up as they don't cut through like they do on headphones And that's about it. I've tried a ton of different headphones over the years to try and find the perfect set that will let me create tones that transfer to live use seamlessly but they don't exist , headphones and speakers are 2 different beasts and have to be treated as such, but that being said a good quality pair of studio monitor headphones will get you closer to a live tone and cut down the amount of tweaking required. As I said earlier in the post, once I accepted that for my tones to sound good live they HAD to be set up using my live equipment I was much happier, yes, it's more work than I was hoping to do , but now I couldn't be happier with my tones
  6. Yeah same here, when I'm using the acoustic sounds I select no amp and just add subtle effects, it sounds much better in my opinion as your getting the full range of the guitar and it's not being filtered by an amp/speaker model. Of course all that goodness can be undone if you're not using a FRFR system
  7. I prefer it the way it is to be honest , for example I have a patch where the expression pedal controls the gain of the tube screamer I switch to it for a middle 8 picking riff, it's saved in the heel down position (gain at 0) and I can pick away quite cleanly until I shift to a solo and I just need to touch the pedal to kick the gain in
  8. I get this sometimes too Here is my workaround Save to my tones. View "my tones" (all your tones should be in a list) Select the tone you want to save to the firehawk In the top right of the screen you can select save to device
  9. I genuinely don't understand why you can't just set your patch volumes before the gig and save it and leave it. Why do you want to control it with the footpedal? In my situation I want to avoid messing around with volumes live as much as possible , Im stood right next to my lt3 speaker so how could I know if the volume is right ? I might back it off a bit which might sound good to me , but I might disappear completely from the mix out front
  10. Yeah I think he just wondered if it works like the hd500 in that you can connect to workbench through the hd500 and not have to bother with the interface thingy
  11. Nope you have to use the usb interface thingy
  12. Also there HAVE been updates, the looper was added after release and improvements to the app have been made, really if you thought it was going to be the same as the hd500 you should have probably read up on it first, to my recollection it was always marketed as an easier alternative to the hd500 without all the bells and whistles. Don't get me wrong I'd love an update , but I think people who want 2 reverbs simultaneously must be less than 1% of users, you could always look at an alternative solution like running a pedal in the fx loop of the firehawk. I paid £330 for my firehawk and I honestly think that it's incredible value for money with what's already included
  13. Push the volume knob in until the led's turn white Adjust to balance
  14. Share the tone and I'll try and have a look at it (I have a very busy weekend though so might be early next week)
  15. So these are unaltered presets that your using?
  16. Assuming your running the l2t in pa/reference mode? You just take an xlr cable from the back of the speaker straight to the desk, I forget what the xlr socket is labelled up as though I'm sure somebody else will chime in, or you might get a quicker response in the stagesource forum
  17. Interestingly although mine was a 2012 serial number it came with the latest firmware installed which I thought was odd, but I'm not sure of firmware release dates , maybe the latest one is a few years old? Also the guitar was out of stock prior to me buying it ( I was actually waiting for a black one to show up on the website ) So maybe the serial numbers are wrong and it actually got made after 2012?
  18. I bought one just before Christmas from Andertons in the uk and that was 2012 also , if the theory on the serial numbers is correct, I know I read somewhere that it's not always that easy to decipher. To be honest I was a little bit miffed that it was so old but that soon passed when I plugged the sucker in, it plays superb and sounds absolutely stellar , best guitar purchase I've ever made.
  19. Check that there are no min/max settings set up on the volume pedal (it can be set up to control effect parameters too so make sure you check all your blocks) Other than that, are you resaving the tone Once you have the volume where you want it?
  20. That's my experience too, soundguys tend to not like it, for good reason as mentioned by dragon. It can be nice for monitoring yourself but once the novelty wears off you will probably tire of lugging the extra gear around
  21. Nope there is no computer based editor at the moment, only the apps
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