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  1. There is no pc editor because it was designed to work with a phone or tablet and advertised as such Tone cloud works the same as custom tone, find a tone, load it, play it, adjust as necessary
  2. Does it work without being connected to the app?
  3. Oh the other thing is , if you are running to a PA can't you route the signal to existing stage monitors? Not sure if you have them at the venue your playing? I do that at some of our gigs and it's great as I just need to turn up with a guitar and my firehawk, no amp required
  4. It'll work but you'll lose some high end due to the speaker design in the bass amp, I've tried this in the past with a hartke bass amp because it was all I had to hand while I was waiting for delivery of a stagesource lt3. It got me out of a tight spot as I had a gig but man was I glad when the lt3 turned up , sounded so much better! But obviously a lot more expensive when compared to free lol. Your going to have to be very disciplined and not tweak your patches though if they've been set up for a PA, obviously if you tweak it so it sounds great through the bass amp it will probably sound awful front of house
  5. Just make sure whatever output you're using on the 1500 is present on the firehawk fx, I'm not sure without looking but I think the 1500 had some extra outputs maybe? That's the only thing I can think of that might make it sound a little different.
  6. Yeah in theory, they use the same app so as long as the tones you want are saved to "my tones" on the app they will still be there when you connect to the firehawk fx, you will just need to put them into the banks/patches where you want them.
  7. I don't think it can control the spider jam unfortunately. The firehawk has a simple looper but it's not really functional enough for live use
  8. Your speakers need to be plugged into the firehawk when using it as your interface
  9. In theory they should sound the same, the 1500 does have more processing power but it isn't used for effects , the extra power is used for routing of the stereo signal when used in wet, dry, wet scenario. The firehawk fx cannot do this as far as I know but as you say you prefer the clr it shouldn't be a problem.
  10. Use the xlr outputs on the back of the firehawk and run them into a channel or 2 channels (for stereo) on the pa desk
  11. Just a side note, if you save your patches to "my tones" you will always be able to retrieve them , even if you have to totally ditch the firehawk for a new one , those tones are saved on the cloud so will always be there
  12. I don't know what boxes you're talking about? Have you downloaded and installed the driver? I get no lag when recording onto my pc using cubase
  13. You can save patches to any bank Doesn't have to be a user bank Volume levels are almost impossible to get right with pre programming , everything effects the volume , different guitars , cables , speakers, listening environment, all affect the tone and volume massively, which is why you will find some patches sound horrible/loud/quiet etc. Really the best way to get the most from the firehawk is to program all your own patches from scratch (do this at gig volume for best results) When I did this the firehawk became an awesome tool for me By making do with the presets you're really not getting the most from it
  14. In that case the best you can hope for is to plug into the regular input of your mustang and then select the most neutral sounding amp model you can on the mustang. On the mustang iii there was an amp called "tube preamp" or might have been "instrument preamp" it coloured the sound less than any of the other models , set the tone controls fairly neutral, turn the reverb right down and keep the gain fairly constant (halfway should do it, if you adjust this at anytime it is likely to affect the sound quite a lot). You will probably get best results by also disabling the speaker sim in the firehawk by turning cab off. I got some decent results with my mustang but a powered pa speaker is a much better as the speaker in the mustang won't reproduce the really high shimmery frequencies that add a lot of pizazz to the tones
  15. Yes it does and is much quicker and more reliable than trying to do it with bluetooth
  16. I had a mustang iii which worked pretty well (not as good as a full range speaker though but that's a different question ) I plugged the firehawk output into the fx return jack on the mustang, that bypasses the preamp in the guitar amp. The question is do you have an fx return jack on the smaller mustang ii?
  17. Fizz on my firehawk tones is not noticeable at all though I would agree that when I had a 500 the Fizz was unbearable
  18. Try different cable Try headphones Try factory reset
  19. Be sure to research the differences between the 500 and the firehawk as there's quite a lot of things that the firehawk can't do when in a direct comparison with the 500
  20. How has it been since the factory reset?
  21. Hope it wasn't all time spent trying to get it set up lol , hope it was a lot of hours of fun playtime?
  22. Yes I also have a set of patches for live and a set of patches for headphones, sometimes the differences are subtle but occasionally you wouldn't believe they were similar patches , they can sound so different. It also took me ages to find "my sound" but I got there in the end , and it's so much better than "my old sound"
  23. I don't really know where its going wrong for you, my set up was really straight forward but it was so long ago I'm afraid I can't be of much help. Regarding the delay warping sound, all delays behave this way when you change the time parameter in real time while playing, some players use it to good effect to create ufo sounds , most of the time you never hear it because a song usually starts and ends at the same tempo
  24. You can also save any tones you've created to "my tones" which is stored on the cloud , this is one of the really useful features for me because there is no limit to how many tones you can store there and you can tweak them to perfection until you think it's ready to be saved to the firehawk
  25. There isn't a global eq Just an eq in each patch and Amp tone controls
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