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  1. Although I totally agree with all of the above , something else you can try is searching for tones created by Paul hindmarsh , a lot of his tones are created for use through a PA speaker and they might serve as a better starting point But you really are much better off creating your own , then every little alteration you make is sounding better and better and overall at the end of the process you will most likely end up with something that sounds even better than the video as it will be entirely to your tastes. Here is a video that might help with creating your own tones
  2. Maybe try lowering your mag pickups, you upped the output of the models ,so lowering your mags might help to meet halfway. I have my single coil models on +4db and humbucker models on +3db and they output at roughly the same volume as my mags I think the models are great but yes getting them the same volume is half the battle , otherwise they will always sound wimpy in comparison
  3. Interesting, I'll keep an eye out for that
  4. Yes you have to be connected
  5. Yep me too, not sure if it's possible but at the moment setting up guitars in workbench and listening at the same time is a nuisance to set up
  6. Yeah I had to do the same with string volumes , and I also ended up with the wound strings down to 50-60% I also turned all the models up a bit so that they matched the output of the magnetic pickups , so that I don't get a sudden jump up in volume or distortion if I switch or lose power to the guitar I also tried creating some of my own models but couldn't better the presets either though when I find the time I plan on having another go at this (as I'm using a firehawk it seemed a lot of hassle to set up so that I could hear the guitar while adjusting sounds to be honest , so I don't do it that often , I mean I have guitar, firehawk, usb interface, laptop, tablet, speaker to all connect up , it's a right pain , I have no idea why the firehawk couldn't at least replace the usb interface)
  7. You say that you only very occasionally need to turn down, in that case I would just allow for a little more volume than you need at soundcheck As you say, when the room fills up, all of a sudden your guitar isn't quite loud enough on stage , I experience that a lot too , I simply get the volume to where I want it at soundcheck and just add a bit more for good measure.
  8. When I play gigs I often get get other guitarists asking about my gear as I've used modellers for the last 20 years through a PA speaker, and it amazes me how few of them know anything about the products out there At a gig last year we supported a band and a few of their fans were ribbing their guitarist about how my ac30 sounded better than his real ac30, I know him and we had a laugh about it but he had no idea that I had 70 amps and over 100 effects in my little black box
  9. No , in fact many people say it is the opposite, a guitar cable sounds better than the vdi but obviously the vdi has the advantage of powering the guitar and allows switching of the models by the pod. There is a thread in here somewhere about how the vdi adds more brightness and can make tones sound thinner I haven't compared in depth but I create all my patches using the vdi, I guess if I created patches with a guitar cable and then switched to vdi the differences might be more obvious
  10. I use that rickenbacker model on a cover we do of "Friday i'm in love" by the cure It sounds great, I have no idea how authentic it is though as I've never owned a rickenbacker , however I can vouch for the fact that it's a very usable model
  11. In the past I've used metal strap locks but since I got a black jtv 59 I didn't want to risk catching the paintwork with the end of the strap when I'm putting it on and taking it off so I got these, They are really secure , fit in seconds, cheap. A really simple idea to a simple problem. The only drawback is you don't want to be taking them on and off all the time, so I just leave my strap attached at all times, it still fits in my gator case fine I think fender make some like these too
  12. OK I have a few tips, I'll link you some stuff when I have more time . But for now just some quick tips. Presence- try it all the way up, it adds clarity and can really bring the amp to life, if it's too harsh, bright, or treble try turning down the treble before turning down presence Bias- turning it down can add warmth and more distortion, you can get some really sweet sounding distortion this way but it's a fine balance because it can add fizziness. Turning it up can clean the amp up a bit and add some attack, but too much can sound unnatural Master- it's not just a volume control, it can add character and make the amp sound more amplike, some amps sound great with it up full, others can start to sound digital Mix- the mix parameter on any effect controls how much of that effect is mixed with your guitar tone, for example if you have a delay set to 30% mix the repeat will be quieter than the original note, if you set it to 70% mix the repeated note will be louder than your original note Feedback-not sure what effect this has on a phaser as I haven't really messed with the phasers at all, but using delay as an example , feedback controls how many repeats you get, so low settings of say 10% will give you one repeat, higher settings give you more repeats A good idea with regard to the effects parameters is to have a look at the effect list (download it from this site, find it under "manuals") it shows you which effects they have been modelled on, so the tubescreamer is modelled on an ibanez ts808 or something like that, what you can then do is search YouTube for ibanez ts808 reviews and see how this pedal operates in real life and what the different controls do. Other general tips are, always program your patches using the amplification method you intend to use at the volume you intend to play, programming at low volumes or on headphones is going to sound totally different once you turn it up for a gig or rehearsal. The key to success is to experiment I've had my unit since launch and I'm still learning it's nuances more every day , it can be frustrating at times but the tones I'm getting are incredible, easily the best sounds I've ever had. Another good idea is to have a look at the pod hd500 forum, both units share a lot of amps and effects so there are a lot of useful tips there too
  13. Yes me too You can vote for it here
  14. Could be, I'm also on Android and haven't experienced this problem
  15. They are £630 brand new at every music store in the uk, which is just an insane price for the high quality of the instrument, I'd have to spend £1000 to get something that competes with it (and that would be without the modelling, and I can't remember the last time I used the mag pickups , even though they sound great too) I did a lot of reading up before I bought it and I read a lot of stuff about problems with plinking noises, switches not activating etc so that kind of put me off getting a used one just in case I got a dud, get one locally if you can so you could maybe try it out when you go to collect
  16. I'm not that familiar with the 400 but something else you could try is putting the volume pedal somewhere else in the chain, if it's possible, put it after the delay
  17. Yeah it always worked that way Don't forget to save it to my tones also If you have a problem with the hardware and lose the patch somehow you will still have it in my tones
  18. As a work around you can save them manually Click on the tone Once loaded hold the patch footswitch down that is lit for approx 2 seconds It starts to flash Select the patch where you want to put the tone and hold that switch for 2 seconds
  19. Yeah here you go Though I don't understand how you would play guitar and switch the looper with the app at the same time, surely foot control is better
  20. The zoom g5 is the only pedal I've used that's as quick as you need, it has a 2 millisecond patch change but the amp models are not as good as the firehawk, effects were pretty good though
  21. I saw some people in the hd500 forum were having problems downloading stuff too, so it might have been a problem with the website perhaps
  22. I couldn't find one to try within easy driving distance in the uk either, and it's amazed me how many musicians I've bumped into who have no idea what I'm using, fortunately the online retailer I bought from (Andertons ) offer a 30 day money back trial and free postage both ways
  23. I have a black 59 and it has replaced my fender telecaster as my main guitar. It plays better than any guitar I've played and that claim is backed up by my dad who has played guitar for 50 years (used to be in a band with John bonham before led zep) The only negative is tuners, it's stable enough tuning wise but a half turn can move you half a note , so you need to be light fingered with it while tuning up I noodle for hours with the acoustics and resonator models, the les paul sounds great for my solos and the tele sounds pretty close to my real tele It can take a bit of time with the software to level up the guitars and strings , my E A D were much louder than the other strings when I first used it so I had to turn them all down a bit I kept my fender telecaster and to be honest I'm glad that I did, although it doesn't get much use its my only other guitar and should I ever get a problem with the jtv I'm gonna need it. I scraped together a few hundred quid and had the rest on interest free finance over 9 months (a deal pretty much available at every music store in the uk) it costs about £30 a month for the 9 months and I keep the tele
  24. It's quicker when your not connected to the app My worst switch is 300mS and best is 100mS I haven't measured it but I'm good at guessing
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