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  1. Yeah that will work, you know how to change the block types I assume?
  2. All my recordings sound the same in headphones as they do through my 5 inch studio monitors after recording I create the patches using headphones as it's usually late at night that I do that I record through the USB using the firehawk as the audio interface Actually now you got me thinking about it I remember recording through the xlr outs into my bass players audio interface (omega one I think) and it sounded bad, I put it down to the audio getting converted back and forth from digital to analogue as it passed through the 2 devices , though I'm no expert and could be wrong on that one, I never pursued a remedy because swapping the firehawk and the omega as audio interfaces was so easy
  3. Is it present in headphones or only through the speaker Just trying to establish if it's the processor or the amp Also is it with all your patches or one particular patch ? If it's one patch and you post it to the cloud I'll have a look at it for you but I only have the firehawk fx pedal board I'd open a support ticket if I were you as it can take a few days to get the ball rolling
  4. If you have the app connected when this happens is it possible that it's your tablet or phone picking up notifications of some kind? Like email or text messages, I have the firehawk fx and I'm always connected to my phone for rehearsals so I can tweak, if I get a message of any kind on my phone the volume fades out and plays the ringtone or whatever through my amp then the guitar fades back in. I'm guessing you would notice if that were the case but it's the only thing I could think of
  5. There's definitely room for a new unit but maybe not at $750 Look at how many pod owners there must be who haven't forked out for the helix I think the next thing on the horizon might be a new higher end variax
  6. Yeah there's a feature request on ideascale that you can vote for
  7. Yeah I think it's safe to say the helix is a success Even more reason to offer a budget stop gap version
  8. Just add a little bit of wrist rotation so your fingers aren't doing all the work
  9. Have we got a release date for this thing yet? The screen protector on my lcd display is almost coming off!!!
  10. That's why hd700 is getting neurological support Transmits straight to brains no need for amps
  11. A global reverb knob like on the xt units , so useful to adjust to the room , still miss it now on my firehawk A free vst plugin version with all the amps and effects
  12. There are quite a few reviews out there on YouTube that state you can control it by pc but as stated above sadly they are wrong (sweetwater is one of them)
  13. Are you the guy that recreated Peters tones and posted them on the cloud? I found them really useful to study the eq settings , so if it was you, cheers! Saved me a ton of time
  14. Your moms so fat she ate your manual
  15. I just went through it again and spotted my mistake For some inexplicably bizarre reason when I pressed the cloud icon followed by the disc icon I just wasn't seeing the "save tone as.." option. Now that my eyes are doing their job properly saving is no longer a problem Thanks
  16. OK so I tried the same thing again and yes the same problem occurred and the original tone got replaced despite it being renamed , I'll go through what I did step by step so you can spot if my procedure is wrong 1)created a tone using the motorway amp 2)saved it to "my tones" as "motorway fingerpick" 3)uploaded to cloud incase it gets lost 4)changed the amp to vox and fiddled with it a bit 5)pressed the cloud icon button on app and clicked on patch name and changed it to "vox rhythm" (Just a quick note on that last step, the reason I do it that way is because sometimes if I press the cloud and then the disc it doesn't always prompt me to enter a new name, it just goes ahead and saves without asking and then I'm replacing the patch anyhow) 6)pressed the disk icon top right and selected "save to my tones" 7)navigated to my tones and found that the original patch "motorway fingerpick" had disappeared or been replaced I'd be great full of any help you can offer but I appreciate it's the weekend so no rush Cheers Matt
  17. Yeah will do as soon as I get time, thanks
  18. Last night I was creating a plexi patch , I used my ac15 patch saved in "my tones" as a starting point and obviously changed the amp and tweaked various settings and then I renamed it "plexi" and saved it to my tones Unfortunately it seems to have overwritten the ac15 patch I started with Am I doing something stupid? Or has something changed with the app? I know in the past it used to create a new patch even if you didn't rename it because at one point I had half a dozen ac30 patches that were all the same patch just slightly tweaked as it was a work in progress for using live, I remember it well as I had a hard time working out which was the finished patch and which ones I could delete
  19. No you can't and as you have already found boost and eq is the only other eq effect. I always use a tubescreamer or tube drive first in the chain to shape the tone and that works well for me What is it that you're trying to achieve? Generally speaking there aren't that many highs and lows to remove until after the amp has done its thing, at least that's how I've always approached it. Your only other option would be to buy a parametric eq pedal and run it between guitar and firehawk
  20. The update only adds fbv3 functionality How disappointing
  21. Haha all that carrying is making you stronger, you should make a rocky style training montage using the firehawk
  22. Another one for faron James, regarding the marshall models , try setting your presence all the way up and turn down the treble to taste, sounds a lot more amp like that way (tip I picked up from the hd500 forum yesterday) Actually it improves a lot of the amps but works specifically well with the 45 and the plexi
  23. Your best bet now would be to open a support ticket You can't guarantee an official response from line 6 on these forums
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