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  1. OK thanks a lot for your help , it must be something at my end causing the crackle then And no I didn't change the tempo now that I think about it that's probably one of the few things I didn't try, I didn't try it through my speaker either, only headphones because it was late at night
  2. Check in "my tones" maybe it got saved there instead
  3. I created a tone today with some reverse delay on it and I'm getting a crackle/popping sound on the repeats and it's very audible I tried moving the delay around in the chain and turning other effects off, lowering volumes etc but I can't get rid of it Is anybody else noticing this? Any help will be appreciated I uploaded the tone to the cloud, it's called "millionaire clean" If anybody gets a chance to try it out you really only have to ring out any note to hear it I'd be interested to know if it's just me, I mean it could be my gear or something I'm using headphones to monitor the sound Thanks Matt
  4. Well first off there's the fact that the vdi cable sounds different to a regular guitar cable , so if the firehawk would connect to workbench I could set up models while playing through my normal rig Also it would mean you can leave out the interface part so it's less stuff to set up
  5. In the app , while on a patch click the top left of the screen to bring up the firehawk remote menu, then select "search tones" and just type in a song name or artist etc
  6. I also had to adjust string volumes individually, I think most owners probably have. It took me a few attempts to get it right but it all sounds great now I haven't experienced the metallic sound you describe but I have the 59 model not the 89
  7. Open a support ticket while your waiting for replies here Have you tried the factory reset?
  8. Wow , I hope nobody helps him
  9. Glad to help, Sometimes it's better in the long term to adapt to the gear rather than stubbornly try and force the gear to work how we want, I know I've had to change my approach several times over the last 6 months but the end result has been worth it so far, I've never been happier with my rig
  10. I use a stagesource lt3 with my firehawk and it sounds brilliant, I imagine 2 of them in stereo would sound even better but then I'd have spent over £1000 just on speakers which is considerably more than the firehawk 1500 Alto speakers are OK but even those are £500 for 2
  11. Ah ok I see what your trying to do , I'm not entirely sure it's the best way to do things , I mean if your running through a PA and your constantly adjusting your volume you might have it balanced nice on stage but out front you might be disappearing from the mix, but anyhow it obviously works for you that way. So , you can put your extra volume pedal between your guitar and the firehawk input , and then it will act just like your guitar volume knob, when you turn it down your tone might clean up if it's a distorted tone and that might not be ideal. You could also try putting the volume pedal in the firehawks fx loop , I don't know if you currently use the loop for any other pedals but you would need to move the loop in the app so it's after the amp (it will probably sound better the further you move it down the chain ) that way you won't lose gain or drive when you lower the volume
  12. Hmm not for me, out of my price range really , but then I've never really had an urge to go wireless anyhow. The vdi cable is the only thing stopping me from crowd surfing my way through all my solo's, and really it's better for everybody if it stays that way for now
  13. Using the guitar knobs to control other effect parameters?
  14. The led's around the master volume also light up to display the tuner, they might be easier to see
  15. If a knob moves while the firehawk is off it will have no effect When the firehawk is on it does not see the position of the knobs until you move them
  16. Yeah what cap said When you save a patch your saving everything including the volume levels So when you change patch it's reverting to the volume you saved When you move the expression pedal it sees the new volume and changes What you need is for your volume pedal to be set to global and not per patch but I don't think the firehawk has this option You could run a separate volume pedal that wouldn't be controlled by the firehawk What is the reason for needing the volume pedal? Might help with working out a solution
  17. Is there an Aux in jack on the amplifi? If there is, get an adapter so it will accept a guitar cable and try that, it will bypass the amplifi modelling and you'll hear just the hd500 tones
  18. Another thanks for the videos from me Peter Although I'm using firehawk both your hd500 videos and your firehawk videos have been a big help
  19. You do realise you can turn the wah off by pushing down on the toe? I'm only saying because I've seen a few people on here that didn't realise If the switching is too slow still because of the stiff nature of the switch you can file the rubber pads a little which makes switching easier
  20. If you do a Google search for meambobbo's pod hd guide you will find good explanations to terms of parameters there You can download a pdf version to read anytime and although it relates to the hd500 a lot of it applies to the firehawk stuff too
  21. They need a tele model for sure I love the telecaster shape If they ever make one I would sell my telecaster immediately and buy the variax version
  22. Well everybody's "holy grail" is going to be different I guess , but I bought the guitar mainly for the tuning variations and I expected I'd use the telecaster model as I'd demoed that on a friends variax and it sounded very close to my own telecaster, but once I had it all set up working the way I wanted I quickly realised that I love a lot of the other models too, and I use about half a dozen of the models at gigs
  23. I think the lt2 would do a better job of your vocals as it has reverb built in, I use a voicelive play vocal pedal by tc helicon into my lt3 and it sounds awesome, obviously that's more cost than you were probably counting on but I think it depends how much singing your planning on doing I only do backing vocals so it's a bit of a luxury
  24. You need to balance patch volume by adjusting the amp parameter labelled volume in each patch and saving, you can save by adjusting the max parameter of the volume pedal in each patch but it's going to be messy and cumbersome , you could also end up altering your tone depending on where the volume pedal is in the chain If you get your patches close in volume using the amp Volume then the foot pedal will still operate as it does now, so you'll be able to still adjust on the fly, which I'm guessing is what your used to
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