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  1. Does it work also with a usb/midi controller?
  2. Have you selected the "Mic Imput 1 or 2"? I have the UX1, so I don't know how the UX2 works but I guess is quiet the same,
  3. I've bought a midi controller to use it with pod farm 2 and I have 2 problems. 1) I can only use the program changes and not the "midi CC". 2) Sometimes when I change presets using the midi controller, Pod Farm takes some seconds to change the preset. Why? Btw, the midi controller is an "Icon G Board BK".
  4. Hi everyone, I was wondering how to use my UX1 for live use. The UX1 has 2 analog outputs (left, right) so my queston is: Is correct to exit from an output (for example the left), enter in a DI Box and go straight to the PA System? Or, can I take a 1/4" jack--XLR cable like this (http://www.maffuccirosanna.com/images/cavi/CABL64-wf0.jpg) and go into the stage box?
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