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  1. Try unplugging the 1/4" cable while all hooked up to the interface. Then plugging the 1/4" back in while still hooked up to the interface. You are using the battery pack in the 69 correct? And it has a full charge on it... I had this same issue and unplugging the 1/4" and re-plugging it back in set the interface into the go mode. Just use the USB interface not workbench. Then Monkey to search for the Variax.
  2. I am having the same issue, MP3's used to play through the helix as it was listed in windows 10 for a playback device and still is. But no sound...
  3. Thank you all for the input I got it now... jbuhajla gave me the correct way I was looking for. That is the great thing about the family of Helix users. I appreciate the help. Thank You!!!
  4. I need to know if it is possible to control the reverb mix as well as the flanger mix in a preset from the expression pedal at the same time. Toe down I want full mix both and toe up mix off both. Can't seem to get it right so came here for advice... Thanks for any info.
  5. You know I submitted my preset from 2.12 to Line6 and they checked it out and that's what the reply was from them. But... Now that I have 2.20 loaded... it is working. I guess my 2.12 had a bug. I knew how to setup the Presets, Variax, Global settings and the save them to make them work, it just was not doing it in 2.12 that is why I opened a ticket and sent the preset patch to them. I should have tried to do it after the update to 2.20 before I posted my post. Who knows... electronics! Anyway... Now I am enjoying all the workbench editing and new additions to my Helix. So thanks for the help Phil_P and Silverhead, that is the great thing about this forum, you both replied to make sure it was all good and it is now!
  6. Just a quick note that might already be addressed but want to keep it in the loop, my Variax JTV69 into Helix has the issue of not changing the model in the Variax per snapshot. Example - Preset with 4 snaps in it - #1 clean - strat in between, #2 distortion - LP lead pickup, #3 lead - LP middle position, #4 Lead w/harmony - LP lead pickup. The snaps do not change the pickups, I opened a ticket on this and they came back with it is a known issue. The reply to the ticket said that it probably would not be fixed in 2.20. I am hoping that the next update will have this fixed as this is what I have the JTV69 for and it is a very important fix for my use. Outside of that I could not be more pleased with the tones and control of them with my setup. I have had all kinds of amps, refrigerator size rack mount gear setups and when POD's came out that changed it all for me. I had them all the way through the HD500X. Now the dream rig with the Variax, Helix and two L2m. The versatility is unmatched to any other setup I have had. Of coarse this is just my opinion and my preference. Thanks Line6 for the greatest gear I have ever owned and by the way my 2.20 update went flawless. Looking forward to any addition's in future updates.
  7. Yes The P/U's are GFS and for the price they sound great, the single coils are the High Ohm models 8.5 Both of them.It helps compete with the humbucker. I just finished my backup JTV69S and will post pics of it.
  8. Unplug the main connector on the mother board and reset it, make sure all the wires are not in the same area bundled up together, mine had this issue and the pressure from the wire bundle hitting the cover plate to the compartment was pushing the connection to one side and it caused my alt tunings to be all different and and unstable. This came out of the blue one day after 1 year of no problems. Found out why it was doing this after ordering a JTV89 mother board from Full Compass as my guitar is out of warranty. I installed it and same problem happened. I then worked on it and thats when I found the issue with the wire bundle. I seperated the bundle by spreading them apart, put the original mother board back in and Ta Da.... That fixed it and 6 months later still no problem.
  9. This is my JTV69 with Warmoth neck on it (Standard Thin Profile) Plays great - 1 5/8" nut, compound radius, abalone dots, Sperzel tuners and stainless steel frets.
  10. My JTV69 with Warmoth neck. Building another transplant from a JTV59 pics will be posted soon
  11. This is my JTV69 to a Strat transplant. I sprayed it Lake Placid Blue with 4 clear lacquer coats on top. It's a Warmoth Swamp Ash body that I had them leave out the jack route and I routed the body for the end jack plate for the VDI / 1/4 jacks as well as routing for the alternate tuning switch. Then I cut the pickguard alt tuning hole with a electric coping saw, I got the pickguard from Warmoth and ordered it with no control holes so I could drill it for the JTV controls I also routed the back of the body for the PCB Board, I left out the battery compartment as I only use the VDI cable. It has Guitar Fetish lipstick P/U's in it, they sound ok but mostly use the models. AAA Flame Maple Warmoth neck with wizard profile and compound radius. 1 5/8" nut, abalone dots, 6150 SS Fretwire, Sperzel tuners. Original Floyd Rose that I put Graphtech Ghost Floyd saddles on and milled the plate for the P/U wires. I chipped the finish on the front of the body so I Brad Point drilled it and inserted a blue jewel in the spot, Oh Well... Plays excellent and sounds like a JTV69
  12. Have you thought about Helix L6 output to L2m cabinet or other Line6 cabinet (L2t) for your sound then use the XLR out of L2m to FOH. This is how I am running mine and what I hear onstage is exactly the same tone out front. As long as soundman keeps the board channel flat or minimum EQ
  13. JTV69 - VDI cable into Helix, out of Helix by the L6 link output into (2) Line6 L2m cabinets. This brings stereo into the sound spectrum The best tone or tones I have had since using Line6 gear. Over 15 years
  14. My JTV69 - Warmoth neck with abalone dots, Sperzel Tuner with pearloid buttons, new pickguard and lipstick PU's
  15. Hey all Helix users, Maybe you should try this setup as I have several configs like this in my Helix. It has a full set of effects and two amps in line which is swicthed by single switch to change between amps. This gives me the ability to have same amp for lead boost with a slightly different tone and gain. My main tone uses two 2204 Brits. But I have other setups with a Fender Twin as the clean and the 2204 as my lead tone. The combinations are only limited by your choice of amps. whith this setup I have no issue with drop out and I use the Mode switch to bring it to stomp box mode. This way I just add effects as needed. I use a JTV69 for main guitar into Helix and Line6 out to (2) L2m cabinets... Did I say Dream Rig Oh yeah! I have been a Line6 fan for over 15 years and it just keeps getting better. Every guitar player that hears my tone is blown away, plus the ability to change guitars, tunings, banjo, acoustics and all the other perks with my setup. I have just started getting into the edit side of the Helix and so glad I got mine and the HD500X is stashed in the closet now, it was a good floor board, but no where near the Helix
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