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  1. Helix 2.9 is lovely with Variax! If you have a Variax, you should consider getting a Helix now! and vice versa... Acoustic, Electric, Both, Dynamic Switching... SO much power.
  2. QUESTION FOR YOU GUYS WITH THE TUNER! What unit? What input are you using? Reason I ask is that I have had NO problems with the tuner in any of the 2.9 betas (and of course not the final release either). Love to help if I can.
  3. I actually reported tap tempo issues during beta testing, but they were erratic, and for some reason in the most recent build seem to work fine here for me. I have had issues with bare feet, and with tap tempo while connected to the computer, but in normal play, right now, seems to be working fine. They are on it.
  4. Igor just pointed out that this IS a known issue, they are working on it as we speak. I'd expect a pretty quick hot fix.
  5. with tap tempo, a few things. Bare feet confuse the buttons (as do fingers pressing), because of the touch capacitance. Some models don't have long enough delay times and automatically speed up. I think TT works best when you are NOT connected to a computer as well.
  6. I would back up my stuff if I need it, then I'd re-install the latest firmware, and then do a full reset and then load stuff back in. It very often makes all that go away.
  7. SO glad I could help.
  8. In many studios, they leave their gear on 24/7, because they know that most failures occur on power up and power down. At home, generally, it's a good idea to turn stuff on, but Helix is not sucking down that much electricity.
  9. I leave mine on for days and days sometimes, too, and haven't had this reverb issue. Not with a release version or beta version of software.
  10. Yup. a metaphorical room... hope all of you all in Washington are digging in and staying safe.
  11. #1. U make zero sense. #2. OH MY GOODNESS Just sell your Line 6 product and buy what you really want. #3. Any time you are in a room and everybody except you thinks you are acting like an A-hole... consider that they might not be wrong.
  12. I think you are assuming the same people "paint it white" as do the code. It's not the way it works.
  13. If you actually LIKE Boss's modeling, you should get one. Many of us simply do not like COSM modeling at all, that's one of the reasons that we go with Line 6. Again, if you don't like HX products, why are you even still here?
  14. This is so true. On the other hand, usually the company that made the hammer doesn't actively seek out your feedback and offer firmware upgrades to make your hammer into something entirely new, either... which is why I'd rather be a musician than a carpenter.
  15. My experience actually has been bug free (except beta builds of course). And that's a surprise because my presets are pretty intense and complicated.
  16. Well, in the case of elephant man, I think the Adriatic can be set to nail it, so it doesn't matter. I use Adriatic. They made the models behave exactly like the original pedals, limitations and all. That's why it can't do the slower delays.
  17. Not a bug. a feature... I'll explain. The elephant man delay won't do longer delays, just like the original. So when you try and tap a longer delay, it goes to some fraction (1/2 or 1/4 depending) of the note value that it can handle. If you want the elephant man delay sound, but with longer delay times, you can do what I do, which is use the Adriatic delay.
  18. Latest firmware? I haven't seen this. Which models may I ask?
  19. That first thing is indeed a limitation, easily solved for people who have another interface, but not so much with those for whom Stomp is their only interface. If you are doing very serious looping, of COURSE you want a very serious looper. If you want to do very serious recording... yeah... the same...
  20. Why is there any indication that this is the case?
  21. Something that currently is not available to purchase and will cost at least $350 more than Stomp...
  22. maybe you should just stop making music until someone makes exactly the product you have determined is the best one possible...
  23. Snapshots is not a "compromise"... I'm jus' sayin'... It's a feature. And yes, much of what you describe above is obviated by the presence of snapshots anyway. Need 8 settings in one song? You can do it.
  24. 1. They never sound identical. 2. Line 6 seems to be selling plenty of modelers, and are not really, as far as I can tell, staying awake nights worrying about Boss.
  25. I think you are missing the point. The argument is that since Brand X can do it, why can't Brand Y. I answered your question, you changed the subject. I'm not saying the Boss stuff doesn't sound great. I think it does. Not the question.
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