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  1. if you really want these things, you want to put them on idea scale. They don't monitor this space for these ideas.
  2. I would try this first. do a good solid backup... DOWNgrade to an old version, then check and see if it works, then Upgrade again if it does. If it doesn't work when you downgrade, could be a hardware problem.
  3. I did hear something like this, although it all works for me. Tell me, did you do a full factory reset before reloading your global backup?
  4. Did you do a factory reset when you updated? And if so, have you saved the preset to another location and then back?
  5. When you were done updating, did you do a full factory reset and then reload your global backup?
  6. Did you do a full factory reset and then reload your Global backup? If not, you should do that first. (MAKE SURE you have a good backup before factory resetting!)
  7. Yes, Double Take has a known bug. They are aware of it and working on it.
  8. I'm curious... when you did the latest update, did you do a full factory reset before reloading your backup? If not, you should do that, and if you did, I'd do another full factory reset. I edit presets constantly and have NEVER experienced this behavior.
  9. Probably want to change the global settings for expression pedal position. That is what this sounds like.
  10. C# is the same as Db... etc... so just figure out what the flat equivalent is of what you want to tune.
  11. It's not balanced, it's not a real DI, it can cause as many problems as it solves, unlike a DI. Just use a DI.
  12. Did you do the factory reset before reloading your snapshots last time you updated?
  13. Hey, good to see ya!
  14. It works fantastic for many of us. Perhaps it is user error.
  15. Hey everybody, it's a 4 year old thread...
  16. this is why many folks add other devices in the loop. For instance, I have 3 pedals (all guitar synth type of things) in 3 of the loops. You could also add an HX Effects or Stomp to the loop.
  17. I'm not sure this is happening to anybody else, tho... Have you re-flashed the firmware, and did you do a full factory reset when you were done with the update?
  18. There continues to be a lot of misinformation about how this all works. If you need the "amp in the room" for some reason (and you don't alway, even if you think you do), then you need an amp and a room. And yes a power amp into a standard guitar cab will often do the trick, but an FRFR will never be this. Ever. If you need the "amp in the next room, miked up and coming through the PA or monitors", then a real amp in the room obviously won't give you that, and can sometimes be the wrong choice for the gig or the environment. For this you want the best FRFR you can get, and no the Alto or Headrush is never this.
  19. If you don't mean 3.5.1, you should. The new cabs and features in 3.5's firmware are amazing.
  20. This isn't a bug report, btw, but a technical support issue. You need to be doubly and triply sure that both the firmware and the HX Edit are on the latest. What you describe is what happens then they are not.
  21. As mentioned above, you REALLY owe it to yourself to try the new 3.5 firmware cabs, they are extraordinary.
  22. This is very Variax-like. And I'd love something like this. I do something like it with IR now, but to have some already set, like the new built-in cabinets, would be wonderful.
  23. Check Globals:EXP Pedals and see if your position might be set to snapshot or preset. That could easily cause what you are experiencing.
  24. Some folks need a dedicated looper like those from Boss. Your situation is a perfect example of that.
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