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  1. Interesting, i'm edging towards the Power Engine due to it being light and you can add bottom end etc.. on the back, plus 60w of power.
  2. I'm looking at getting something to run my POD HD500 through, does anyone have either of these products? I'm told the Atomic series have a slight advantage due to having a tube section.
  3. Just giving my opinion, but i purchased an Axe FX 2 and sent it back within a week. If you compare the price of an HD500 to an Axe Fx 2, it's certainly not worth the difference, i can get tones on my POD HD500 that match/come close to the Axe. I was expecting there to be a major difference but other than having more amp models, more pedals and a few more amp configurations, is all that really worth nearly an extra £1500? Certainly not for me.
  4. I'm looking for some good affordable headphones that don't add EQ ie. bass boost. Any suggestions?
  5. I'm really struggling to create some tones/patches that i'm happy with. Just wondering does anyone have any go-to settings or tricks they use when creating a patch? Any patch links appreciated. Would also love to know the stereo trick that Glenn Delaune uses on his videos? Thanks
  6. utubebenscott

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    5150 and a 6505+ on the next update please!? IMO the best high gain sounding amp on the HD is the F Ball paired with the XXL 4-12 and 421 dynamic
  7. Thanks, and what do you set the level/comp to on the tube comp with threshold at 100% , 0%? And the same with the vetta ?
  8. Has anyone found a successful way, or is there a method in which you can use the tube comp to give patches when for example if you are playing into your computer you get a tube kind of feel and tone? Placement, settings suggestions etc. welcome. Thanks!
  9. Make a dual amp patch, assign the second amp (distorted) to the toe switch, controlling the volume, set the min to 0% and max to 100% so you can fade it in, you could also set it so the clean amps volume goes down when the other goes up
  10. No amp sim/cab sim Boost Comp pre the "amp", 83% comp, 50/50 Bass/Treble Add some reverb post the "amp" Then i'd try out a whole load of EQ's and keep tweaking You want the tone of your guitar to come out, the resonance, wood, etc… Just keep tweaking until you get a sort of "woody" tone Probably best if you have your guitar set on the neck pickup too Also what strings you are using can make a difference, i generally use Elixir strings because they don't rust, they sound very bright without an EQ, if your just running a flat signal, if you use a light set or super light set, this might help too.
  11. Hi, where do i place my volume pedal in my chain (when using both the four cable method for effects only, and when using the pre amp from pod) If i want to lower the overall volume but not lose any gain and still keep post effects like reverb and delay? Only the overall volume lowering, like when you are turning down the mixer in HD edit, thanks!
  12. Just been saying in another thread, not sure whether either of these will work but try these, 1. Put a volume pedal in your patch, set it to min 50%, but so you can increase it to max 100% with the pedal fully down, set your patch how you want level wise etc.. with the volume pedal at 50%, if its still too qieut go to the mixer and increase both the left/right hand sides (make sure both are panned centrally too), just increase the volume for boost. 2. Do a dual amp patch, make sure mixer both left and right are panned centrally, pick the same amp twice, same settings etc... but have one louder than the other, assign the pedal so you can fade in from the one amp to the other, or even so you have both amps at once
  13. Have you tried the DR Z model, Treble and Bass on 0%, mid around 20% and Presence at 100%? It will give you an incredibly low volume, even with both the channel and master volume on 100%, so i'd use the mixer both left and right boosted to +14, both panned central?
  14. I'd love a few more DR Z models, some high gain Peavey models too
  15. I'm not sure what amp models are on the hd400, if they are as the same as the hd500, then i would use the F BALL, with a screamer infront of it 0% drive 100% volume, some reverb after the amp, noise gate before the amp too. As for settings on the amp just tweak it to personal preference, start with everything at 50%, although the drive you will probably want it around the 80/85% mark, then use the volume on your guitar to clean up like the dude in the video.
  16. Put a volume pedal in your patch, set it to say 50%, set your amp up/effects up to your normal volume you play at whilst it's set at 50%, when you want a boost, just go up to 100%. OR Do a dual amp patch, set both the amps the same but have one with louder volume than the other. (Make sure the mixer is central both left and right) Assign the footswitch so you can blend from the one amp to the other, Simply use it to fade to the other which has the higher volume
  17. I don't really get this? (Sorry, noob when it comes to head/cab setups) Do you mean i can EQ my own cab and make it sound like i have a mic on it? So my patches all have to be of the same nature? Ie. Either my own pre amp or a HD preamp?
  18. Surely someone on here uses this method? I'm just looking to know whether you keep it in the same mode as when you use the pod just for effects (stack pwr amp) or do i have to change to studio/direct? Cheers
  19. Thanks, what mode should this be in the settings on the new preset (with the pre amp and without the fx loop) studio/direct, stack power amp etc? Will I have to adjust anything else like the levels on the pod etc ? (Not the volume of the pre amp)
  20. So the other day i asked the question how would i go about using the effects of the HD, but my own pre amp/head and cab (four cable method), Now the question... What if i decide i want to create some tones/patches, where i'm still using the effects of the HD, but this time i want a pre amp from the HD but still my own cab? Thanks!
  21. Just watched the video and found it incredibly helpful, cheers mate
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