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  1. Anyone know the default Focus, High, Low output settings for the Pod HD500?
  2. I think its best to let your ears make the final call. In a live situation, I only use a couple of amp models. The Gibtone is a pre and the Blackface is full. That works for me pretty well. Now I am experimenting with a Plexi and I am starting with the full model. Remember, when using full models, there is more fine tuning available to you. Adjusting the Sag, Hum, Bias Bias X along with the Early Reflection and other cab options gives you the opportunity to explore some good stuff. You just gotta find the time to tweak and a place to tweak at volume!
  3. I tried that and when I published the url, it wouldn't show in the final posting. I'm sure it's a case of operator error. Let me try again. Maybe it doesn't work on my mobile device.
  4. I guess I can't post a YouTube link. But if you look up Dream Rig Tips and Tricks # 2, it helped me a lot with setting up dual tones.
  5. I have started a discussion about creating a Dream Rig specific sub forum complete with a Dream Rig Customtone section. Would love to have those interested in this comment on the thread. http://line6.com/support/topic/872-where-is-the-dream-rig/?p=4751 Maybe if we make enough noise, we can make it happen.
  6. Can I get another Amen from another Dream Rigger? The more vocal we are, the harder it becomes to ignore a pretty simple request.
  7. ...Forum? Hey good folks and powers that be of Line 6. I love the forum! I have learned so much about my new gear and it's sounding better and better each day! All I want to do is play guitar. And for that I say THANK YOU! I notice that there is a Variax forum, there is a Pod Hd 500 forum and there is a DT25/50 forum. But no Dream Rig forum. Us Dream Riggers have spent good dough on great gear. Some of us have pieced their rig together over time and still others, like me, just dropped the loot and got it all in one shot. Whatever the case may be, we deserve a forum that is specifically DREAM RIG! We deserve a Dream Rig Customtone section that is specifically Dream Rig related. Unless I am missing something, It doesn't exist. Wait... let me open another tab on my browser and double check. I'll be back in a second....................................................................................Nope, no Dream Rig specific forum or Custometone section. It would be nice to have one because owning each piece individually is one thing, but puttin' it all together deserves a Forum! Can a brother get an AMEN on that?
  8. Fair enough. I'm sure that you have figured out how to get your volume levels just right across the various amp models that you are using.for those who are still struggling with leveling between amp models, there are many great suggestions on this forum. My contribution to the discussion is to simplify your amp selections. Pick one or two and make them sing! I guess it comes down to working with the suggestion that best works with your situation. I have to say, as a proponent of my own suggestion, Alex Lifeson did a fine job making Rush sound like Rush with 4 Marshall combos (see ultimate guitar interview 1980) & long before Apple Logic existed on the planet or Huges & Kettner or Boogie for that matter. Rush tribute Bands existed long before Apple Logic, Hughes & Kettner Line 6 or amp modeling. I would bet that they did just fine sounding like Alex Lifeson with a guitar, some fx and one Marshall 100 watt amp.
  9. I think you nailed it. When got my pod I had an amp for this song and one for that song and two for this other song. Once I simplified my approach, things got much easier. I started with just making one amp sound fantastic. I had multiple patches with the same amp model but with different fx. I really learned how to make that amp sing! Used it for all of my gigs. Then I went to a different amp and did the same thing. With all of the tweaking one can do with just the amp (DEP, Mic selection, Cab selection, Cab parameters etc) it will keep you busy. I think some people, myself included, see all of the options of the Pod and start salivating and blowing through the patches without really sitting with each parameter, each fx. Then at the end, we wonder why this thing doesn't sound right. Or why is it so loud on this patch an so soft on this other one. Not saying that everyone does this. I just know I did and I'm sure others did as well. Perfect example is a DR.Z Route 66 amp. The only thing to tweak on that amp is Volume Bass and Treble. And that amp sounds terrific! When you have less knobs bells and whistles, there is less opportunity to mess stuff up!
  10. Thanx! A job ain't nothin' but WORK! Man...go 'head on and get yourself a DT25. Shoot.... go for the DT50! Why mess around! Disclaimer: (To be read really really fast) The advice given is the property of ME and does not reflect the opinions of Line 6 or any of its subsidiaries, You should consult a financial advisor before purchasing a DT25, DT50 or any other Line 6 Product) But Dude,...Seriously, GO FOR IT!
  11. Yes they sound "digital" and "fake" to me, BUT....VERY GOOD JOB! I to like the Orange amp in Garage Band. I use it for rhythm guitar work all the time! I haven't had much success using them with a lead tone. I can't even get it to sound "digital" and "fake". It just sounds awful! BTW, I don't think that "digital" or "fake" is a bad thing. To me the question I ask is "does the tone I am getting enhance the song or kill it?" The tone you use on those songs work for those songs. So who cares if it sounds "digital" or "fake"? In context, they sound just fine!
  12. I'm learning so much! So if I pull the switch, should I use full model amps on my Pod? Conversely, when the switch is in, should I use pre models? Or does that not matter? I have never been a rule follower when it comes to music. If it sounds good, I roll with it.
  13. It is true that Alex Lifeson has changed gear many many times. But...(and please forgive me if I am displaying my OCD on this topic) today Alex Lifeson only uses 1 Hughes & Kettner amp tweeked 3 different ways on stage to reproduce his tones from the first Rush album in 1974 until now. He doesn't lug every Marshall or Boogie he has ever recorded with on tour with him and start cycling through each amp for every song. And yet when he rocks Fly By Night or Cygnus X-1 it sounds Dy-No-Mite! If Alex Lifeson can do it with 1 amp so can you! So can anyone who struggles with getting the HD500 to maintain a consistent volume level across the various amp models. Simplify your amp set up and your volume issues go away. Or..... Stop wasting time typing on this forum and get to tweaking them patches until you get your levels right across the 20 different models we feel we must have to play a gig! Times a wastin'! Besides...messin with our gear is kinda fun ain't it?
  14. ??? Not quite sure what you mean. All I know is that if my DT50 is bringing too much heat to a room, I pull that knob, volume goes down and I am able to rock the house without bursting ear drums. By all means, enlighten me!
  15. I opted for the DT 50 2x12 for the simple reason, I was able to get it new for $1,000. Plus I wanted the biggest and the baddest and the loudest! But the best part is this...If I ever feel that I would have been better with a DT25, I pull the master volume knob and Bada Bing!...I now have a DT25! Purty Kool Huh?
  16. Amen! One way to get a good volume is to assign the amp model to a button on the pedal board so you can toggle the amp model on and off. Set your amp to the appropriate volume without any amp model. Once that is dialed in toggle on your amp model. it will either be too loud or to soft. Toggle on and off between your amp model and your amp without modeling. Make them the same volume and hit save. Its best to do this with your band at volume. Then add other fx. Your volume may go up or down depending on which fx you use. But at least now you have narrowed your issue to tweaking your fx instead of messing with your amp volume.
  17. When dialing up dream rig tones, one thing that never gets mentioned is the Variax pick up settings. It took me a while to realize that I can tweak my Pod using HD Edit while also connected to the Workbench. It is vey helpful at addressing clipping issues and dialing in the perfect tone. Also, since I'm giving free unsolicited advice..... When dealing with levels: At rehearsal with the band, I will use channel B to set a volume that sounds good with the band. I keep the master volume set @ 12 o'clock. Once it sounds well blended with the band, that is my base volume value. I can then go home and adjust the modeled stuff which will be on channel A. Now you can literally A/B your volumes! Tweek channel A until the volumes are the same. Just turn on/off the amp model. Even if you are at home and can't blast your way through this process, just turn the master volume down. You can easily set it back to 12 o'clock for rehearsal. Just remember that when you add fx to the signal chain, you will effect your tone and volume. But then you can tweak the fx as opposed to messing with the volumes because you know already know the volume value. The dream rig is incredibly versatile. We are lucky to have as much control as we have. But if you don't deal with the basics first, your tone will suffer. Lastly, I have found it very helpful to assign the amp gain controls to the tone knob on the Variax. Pair with a channel volume pedal where the min value is set to 20% and the max @ 50% works really well. That volume set up makes the pedal sweep more manageable. When I want more bite I can roll up the gain on the Variax!
  18. That is my thinking in a live setup. I find that cycling through amp model after amp model doesn't give me very good results. But again, I am not doing cover songs where I am attempting to copy someones tone. As far as not needing a Pod, you may be right, In as far as I don't need an fx pedal that goes from a warm bluesy Bassman to a screaming ball crushing Treadplate for the music I play live. It's either one or the other. Rarely both on one gig. My patches are tad bit more involved than mentioned in my above post, I did abbreviate in the interest of time, but they do generally revolve around a Gibtone and a Blackface. Lastly, you mentioned that I would be better off looking for a good clean sound, a distortion and a good multi Fx pedal. Well, the Pod is a good multiFx pedal that has several great distortions, my DT50 2x12 has a great clean tone and my Two Rock Jet rounds out the middle. Now for recording, I am all over the map with my Pod. I use it all! Treadplate for my Fender Rhodes, Soldanos for my Didgeridoo, the list goes on and on. But even in a controlled setting like recording, I STILL don't cycle through 12 different amp models in the middle of a song or passage. At least I have yet to find that the need to do that. I am open to it if it sounds good!
  19. The question that comes to mind for me when this question is asked is "how many amp models does one guitarist need to cycle through during a gig?" Most working guitarist I've seen use 1 amp for a gig. Some of the heavy hitters may use 2 in stereo. One amp may be for the clean and the other for the grit. Metal heavies my use 10 amps but they are typically the same amp. I have yet to see a guitarist stage set up consist of a Dr. Z a Mesa Boogie, an AC -30, a Plexi, a Soldano a Bassman a Gibson and a Fender Blackface. When I first got my Pod, I totally geeked out with all of the options available. My guitar didn't sound like a guitar anymore. I have now simplified my set up. I use a dual amp patch with a Gibtone and a Blackface. Expression pedals control the volumes on each amp and because I use a JT69, the tone knob on the guitar controls the gain of both amps. throw in a screamer and bada bing! If I want heavier gain, I roll up the Gibtone. Need some clean. Roll up the blackface. add a chorus and some reverb to the chain and now there is no more patch changing. I just toggle on or off the effects I need for the song. The caveat here is this: I'm doing original material so I am not trying to emulate someone else's tone. Maybe that is where the rub lies. But I still believe that going simple is the way to go. If you only use 1 amp, you won't be a victim of wild volume shifts.
  20. If you are not using a Variax with VDI, hook it up in line just as you would any other fx. Meaning guitar-> screamer->Pod->amp. I've used a ton of screamers in my day and find the pod screamer to be very very good! If yours is that much better, then you are a very lucky person! But I bet you can't control the drive with your expression pedal, the output with the exp2 and the treble with the tone knob on your guitar (assuming you are using a Variax)
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