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  2. If you try let me know the answer!
  3. Hey Phil, it was not my intention to offend anyone. What I meant to say is, what if you and\or the majority of the "volunteers" decide to stop answering questions for personal reasons? Archive-only part two? Keep up the good work!
  4. The fact they don't read these forums is a bad thing. It's all based on the good will of the volunteers... until they get fed up with it.
  5. Nobody knows. I suspect they're working on a new unit...
  6. Maybe the confusion arises with the term "sound". What do you mean? If you do mean that it was clear who was playing it's a thing, but had he a sound similar to van halen records? I guess no. I too "sound" like myself through everything because that's the way I play but the tone could be very different from unit to unit...
  7. I don't think that playing with a washing machine would be that funny, even if the audience can't tell the difference with an amp :) I agree. The technique is in the fingers, what you mute, what you don't mute etc. This is particularly true if you play with your fingers without a pick. I think most if not all the "stories" told by famous guitarists about magical fingers (Brian May telling about playing trough Jimi Hendrix amps for example) are made up or they were unaware of hidden gear...
  8. Talking about "morse code sounds" (mine were more like an old modem connecting but I think it's the same) I had the same problem and moving away from the monitor, with USB cable still connected to pc, solved that completely. Maybe this could be interesting
  9. Well three years of posts and documents at least. It's a lot of work I imagine...
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