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  1. Akeron

    Best EQ Setings

    Drop G? To quote Public Enemy (and probably Tony Iommi on Volume 4) "Bass, how low can you go"....
  2. Yeah, speed up 120%, add a ton of distortion and get Vince Neil cousin to sing and they're perfectly alike... PS: The sound of a guitar makes think things like "The attack of the killer ebony fretboards"...
  3. I will try it :) Then maybe I'll do a cover :lol:
  4. Loudness' Crazy Doctor?
  5. Strange name. Maybe Santa Crue is better...
  6. Akeron

    Next gen. HD

    I got one of my ideas "in review" 10 months ago and it's still in that state. I wouldn't loose sleep waiting :lol:
  7. If the next tests confirm the initial impression, I think I have to go back to the 2.10 firmware I used before...
  8. "L6Link <-> DT" replaces "User 1" and "Variax" replaces "User 2"
  9. You can try to match EQ the cab in the Pod Pro and based on that sound try to recreate that on the HD doing lots of recordings...
  10. Page, Gibbons and Van Halen say\said different things in different interviews about the same subject. Don't know if the problem is bad memory or the will to mislead to keep some mistery :D Probably a mix of both...
  12. I use 48kHz because, for some reason, the recorded sound is better than with 44.1kHz. The only problem is then I have to use a program to do the conversion from 48 to 44.1 to put the track on cd or to play it with a player which doesn't support 48kHz. Also at 48kHz, I see from the meter that there's few latency. I've got even less latency at 96kHz, but I've tried to record with that in the past and got weird phasing in the record tracks, so I've stopped using it. I also always use 24 bit
  13. Akeron

    manual :(

    There are some missing infos even on the online manuals and it seems even the quality of the photos in the recent advanced guides is worse than before...
  14. "It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses..." :lol:
  15. That is one of those things missing from the current HD manuals and documented on the old ones Manual - Version 2 - English ( Rev H ).pdf One of the interesting things about the Bassman is just how interactive the Middle and Treble controls are. The Middle control isn't a bandpass, as in most tone control setups. Instead, it's almost like a second treble control. The two are additive, so if you're running PODxt's Middle knob higher than halfway up with this model, you'll find that the Treble control might give you more bright than you really want. On the other hand, when you turn the Middle knob down, you'll probably want to boost the Treble. The Bassman, like many of the amps modeled and talking about the Blackface Lux The Deluxe itself has only Bass and Treble controls, leaving us, once again, with the prospect of a couple knobs with nothing to say for themselves. But fear not; in this case, we've set up PODxt's Middle knob so you can add some post-Amp Model Midrange contouring for a little more flexibility, while Presence adds, well, Presence. Once again, set the Middle knob to its "neutral" 12 o'clock position and the knob to 0 for the classic Deluxe sound. Tweaked up and of course even on the paper manual that I got :) I wonder why those things are still not there...
  16. :)
  17. Maybe it's me, but I've never tried factory presets in any hardware I had without changing all possible parameters after few seconds, so the initial sounds didn't matter. Who cares about the presets? :)
  18. Will digital modelling ever replace analog? Yes. Maybe not tomorrow but one day it will. You just can't stop technology. The question should be "Will a lot artists ever play a 100% digital reproduction of an analog amp without the looks of the original?". Because I think advancements in audio reproduction will, one day, even recreate the "amp in the room" and at that point it will only remain the different look of the product... Well not myself. I still use a (Yamaha!) AV/Receviver and good Hi-Fi speakers I have since 1987 :D
  21. I guess the "problem" is some people like polished sounds more than "raw" sounds
  22. These are patches Queensryche seem to use Link of the archive in the description of the video
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