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  1. I liked that video, so it's in my list of best tones in a thread on the old forum :)
  2. Sounds really good! Is it me or the patch on custom tone is the same?
  3. Nobody knows except maybe Digital_Igloo, but I bet he can't talk about it...
  4. I too have a cheap Japanese strat "clone" that I bought many years ago (24), but even though I think it's a good guitar in general, the stock pickups and the electrical components are not that great. I have had to replace the pots once and sooner or later I probably should do that again...
  5. In fact the last time I've played a real piano it was like 30 years ago so I may not remember that right :lol: The reason I assumed that was easier is because of the 4Front free plugin and some others really old that, to me, really sound like a piano, or at least not too distant from what I remember, in constrast to some really horrific old guitar modeling attempts. That's better? :P Now excuse me while I try to play Fourth to fifth on guitar with an audio-to-MIDI plugin :o
  6. In another thread on another forum I've said that "clean is easy". I was talking about finding a decent clean sound from modelers but that can also be applied to programming the algorithms. A piano doesn't have distortion and valve distortion, with all its intricacies, is way more difficult to model right :)
  7. As far as I know POD HD uses 1 of these and the Axe-FX II uses 2 of these and these are the prices It's a big difference in price only for the processor...
  8. If I remember correctly, Rich Renken said he didn't exclude the possibility of model packs, but it was like 2 years ago...
  9. I was asking because I think your patches are the best examples of what you can do with the POD with minimal tweaking. I may disagree with some of your conclusions\ideas but I like them anyway
  10. The handle and the general design is the same
  11. You said "the only real problem (solvable) is the lack of experience" and then "please explain why". Why do you want to know something you already know? hmmm....
  12. You said "please explain why there are people who get really good sounds and others do not" which is not a question, so I gave a non answer :)
  13. Apart from the Fender clean and the Fender crunch, all the rest I prefer the POD. Not bad the super clean sound of the Tonelab Ex and the edge of breakup of the Boss GT-001
  14. Because they like different distortion sounds maybe. I think it's the difference from "pretty good" to "great"
  15. Disable the cab in the patch and in your DAW use the "Torpedo Wall Of Sound" plugin for cab modeling and\or poweramp modeling. As an alternative use LeCab with other IRs. The problem, as you may guess, is the cab emulation in the POD...
  16. That's an old "tradition" of any kind of public forum and newsgroup. I can't count how many times I've already seen that over the years in various places, like programming newsgroups for example. I must do a song like "Drama queen" or "User error". It could be a hit!
  17. It could be the shop where you buy it has many defective units. The HD500 is the second Line 6 unit I've bought (the first was a Pod Xt more or less 10 years ago) and never had any hardware problems until recently, after 3 years of use
  18. I guess he was only referring to the effects that were in the M series
  19. Speculating the night away...
  20. The new videos are: (Creating a Keith Richards Tone on the Line 6 POD HD500X) (Creating a Jimmy Page Tone on the Line 6 POD HD500X) (Creating a Brian Setzer Tone on the Line 6 POD HD500X) (Creating a Brian May Tone on the Line 6 POD HD500X) (Creating a Andy Summers Tone on the Line 6 POD HD500X) Don't know why the link to the old ones are still there :) Edit: I also don't know why the first two links are embedded. I've just pasted the address like the others...
  21. Maybe these links could be interesting
  22. Thanks. So it seems many people say they're really that good. At this point the only missing part is listening to some comparison clips of medium gain chords, the critical factor for me :)
  23. rafgys so for you there's a big difference in sound between the Redwirez IRs and the Ownhammer ones? Because I've tried a ton of free ones and ended up giving a slight preference to the Redwirez, but even though I've noticed a concrete difference in some aspects using them, like an increased resonance and a more "open" sound, the base of the distortion remained more or less the same I get with the stock cabs of the POD. Don't know if that is a problem of the IR loader (I use LeCab), or the resolution of the IR...
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