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  1. I think they're mostly ex Line 6 users that for some reason got angry with Line 6 once (maybe 10 years ago), so now that's on their "black list". Luckily enough I think the majority of them left out without creating a forum death thread...
  2. The first part is documented in The second part I hope is fiction... but only Line 6 knows that. Maybe Digital_Igloo could confirm they still got developers...
  3. Ironic isn't it? The POD is supposed to emulate the tubes :) I imagine having a real cab is another factor
  4. I don't know. I still can't play Ghost'N'Goblins with my POD ;)
  5. just to reiterate :D
  6. He's saying the same things he said in except for the short delay and deesser parts
  7. Next month I'm 42 :) It's like that Beatles song "It was 25 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught himself to play"...
  8. Lower the "Master" physical knob to 5
  9. Not to be offtopic but is "Richard" a commonly used synonym for that? I can't imagine how easy is the life of an English speaker called Richard :D
  10. An occupied FX slot when you need it...
  11. Ah ok :D So it looks like it's an insult, even though a band name like "Richard Craniums and the Line 6 Heads" looks cool...
  12. I admit English is not my mother tongue but what exactly "Richard Craniums the lot of you" means? I also wonder who is Richard Craniums...
  13. I can clearly hear heavy doses of phaser applied to the tone, all over the place, even on the acoustic parts!
  14. Garbage ===== Steve Howe ======= Queensryche ======== Tony Iommi (and others)
  15. I don't know if they've changed it (I use Edit only to backup the previous bundle) but, I always wondered why there's often, if not always, a +1% difference in the values seen by Edit. For example if you set "Bass" to 10% on the hardware, 9 times out 10 you see 11% on Edit...
  16. I use good quality Hi-Fi stereo speakers
  17. The second part is muddier, I prefer the first one
  18. That's easy to test. Do recordings of different configurations and if there's no difference in sound... there's no difference...
  19. "Screamer" + "Classic Dist" + Amp, where "Amp" could be one of the Marshalls. That's it
  20. You could try the "Q Filter" with an overdrive like the Line 6 Drive or others
  21. I think Ritchie Blackmore used the non boost AC-30 in the classic Deep Purple albums
  22. I still transcribe by ear, because many transcriptions are wrong here and there and I want to play note for note the exact things
  23. You have to change the extension of the files
  24. Let's see what I can get changing every possible thing :)
  25. I've got the opposite: more harsh, trebly, fizzy sounds from the same patches. I've got to do some more tests because the first ones were really depressing. My setup is Gibson SG --> 1/4" > HD500 --> XLR > Focusrite 2i2 --> Yamaha HS5 --> PC Global EQ: Off
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