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  1. I use the Scarlett with the POD XLR outputs, setting the two switches to "Line", the two Gain at 0 and "Direct Monitor" to "On" on the interface. I have no latency at all using Reaper. Using vsts in real time on the DAW is another story...
  2. So nobody knows that. Cool :lol:
  3. Does anyone (Digital_Igloo) know from which amp they modeled the "Epic" ? I'm starting to like it very much but there are no info about it
  4. Just don't tell them you "Disagreed" on that one :D
  5. I see one of my ideas on IdeaScale is "In Review". What does that mean? At the end of the review they tell you they liked or rejected the idea?
  6. Digital Igloo says it's a real circuit in post 10
  7. And here Logidy tell us what they think about it
  8. Jay Mitchell talks about IR length here
  10. Who said that is "required"? Maybe "some" people need that, but not everybody :) Take hurghanico's posts: with few words and very little changes to default settings he can get wonderful sounds, He doesn't have to write a Lord of the rings book to tell you what you have to do. There are people that when you ask "what time is it?" they tell you only that and others, that give you detailed instructions to build an atomic clock...
  11. All you have to do is "reinvent" your expectations :D Sorry, couldn't resist...
  12. Apart from the fact that I think the clip posted sound more or less close to the original, you don't know what other equipment they did use in the studio recording Reign in blood. I don't think that was the amp alone...
  13. I use Yamaha HS5 at home. Use the switch on the back or better, treat your room, or you may wonder why your recordings sound so much different from what you hear from the speakers...
  14. I like it for effects like the intro to Frank Zappa's "I'm the slime" :)
  15. So in theory that should be possible with the Mu-Tron emulation(s). I don't get why "does not and never did cut it for guitar"
  16. What exactly does an "autowah"? I thought the "Tron Up" and\or "Tron Down" used with the expression pedal was the "solution"?
  17. IdeaScale "may" be useful for new products, but for current ones I doubt it very much
  18. Akeron


    Racing motorcycles covered with forum posts...
  19. But I still, got the "bues" for you...
  20. The "funny" thing is, the only time I've seen a Line6 guy "participate" in a discussion on this forum that wasn't about some problem with the POD, it was only to say that we were off topic because we were talking about Led Zeppelin symbols :D 'Nuff said...
  21. Akeron


    Oh that's exactly what I did when I was starting to play guitar! Nowadays I use software to slow down songs but the concept is the same, I still transcribe songs by ear. I don't know if the problem it's in the technology but in every guitar video on YouTube I see comments like "tab please!". It seems nobody wants to do that anymore :)
  22. I use Reaper... because it's free! Also from what I can see, it has everything I could ever need I haven't tried it yet (I have a version on the Scarlett cd). It may be good but I really don't like that Windows 3.1 like GUI, or Linux Xlib like. It's really a punch in the face...
  23. An hard rock guide would be nice. I could probably do one some day. The only "problem" with that is it would be a collection of artist tones (how to) instead of being a "guide"...
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