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  1. I'll 3rd this...Channel switching with my Friedman JJ100 no longer works. Well it actually works if you select the footswitches in command center to change the channels but you cannot save the state of the ext amp footswitches per snapshot.
  2. Would like to have a separate setting for the Helix FX Loop send and return jacks. This would allow us to appropriately match to what type of FX loop in on our amp when using the 4 Cable Method. Right now the send goes into the input of the amp and needs to be instrument level, but the return goes to the FX loop which may need to be either line or instrument level depending on the FX Loop in the amp. If the FX loop in the amp does not have a level switch for line/instrument, then this does not allow proper balancing. Vote it up please! https://line6.ideascale.com/a/idea-v2/904384
  3. Thanks for the reply. I do realize that you can assign up to 8 parameters to the footswitches. I was referring to assigning the functions I previously stated in the command center menu alone. Have one footswitch control the cannel and loop on/off state simultaneously in the command center.
  4. Can you assign more than one parameter control to the footswitches in command center? I just picked up an EVH 5150 III 50 Watt head. It has midi control to change the channels on the amp via Midi PC, and turn the FX Loop on/off via Midi CC's. I'd like to be able to have the same footswitch control the amp channel and the FX loop state. Thanks in advance.
  5. Think I might be a little "special" but I can't seem to post my ideascale links here. I try to copy and paste it in the body, I try to use the link button. Doesn't work. Appreciate the help!
  6. Not exactly sure what the mod is. It may vary with each amp type. I know it was pretty simple but it was internal to the Helix for my situation. There was a cable mod that had to be done for a Mesa MarkV:25. Sounds like it's becoming more of an issue with other amps as people start using the 4CM. Hopefully D.I. will respond to this post but each of you need to submit a support ticket to get the issues documented and drive resolution. Good luck. Don't give up. The Helix is awesome and Line 6 will make it right.
  7. I just wanted to update this post because the issue has been resolved. Line 6 found that the issue could only be resolved with a simple internal mod. They rented a Friedman JJ100 in order to troubleshoot and find a fix. It took them awhile to get this all done, but they stuck to it. D.I. followed the whole process and kept me updated on a regular basis. At the end of the day, Line 6 stepped up to the plate and did what was right and resolved my issue. They have been a class act the whole time. Top notch! Thanks again D.I. To anyone that has a Friedman out there or will be getting one, this mod will need to be done to your Helix if you plan on using it to channel switch the amp.
  8. Awesome, thx D.I. I figured it was something like that.
  9. Yes I'm setting up instant commands in Command Center. But strangely it seems to be ignoring them and sending the corresponding midi PC that matches the Helix preset.
  10. I'm having an issue with controlling my midi program changes of my M5 unit with my Helix. I had it working properly but now it is not. I have it setup to do a program change on the M5 from the Command Center in the Helix per preset. I have the midi channels set appropriately on both units but the Helix is not sending the PC I am telling it to in the Command Center. It just sends the corresponding PC of that particular preset. In other words, if I select preset 01 on the Helix it selects midi PC01 on the M5 and so forth. Any ideas?
  11. Sounds great! The bass tone is awesome. I'm definitely going to have to try that tone when I get a bass. It's kind of like doing the King's X Doug Pinnick thing. He used to use a Mesa Dual Rectifier along with his bass rig to get that top end drive and sizzle. What Guitar amp models and IR's you using?
  12. I have a Friedman JJ100. The Helix does change the Friedman's channels effectively, however when you have the stereo cable connected from the Helix's ext amp control jack to the Friedman amp channel control jack the expression pedal on the Helix will not go to the 100% position (only to 96-98%). Becomes an issue if you want to use it for pitch shifting effects. I have a support ticket submitted to customer service and I'm being told it's being worked on. I know there is the same issue with the Friedman Small Block. Besides that, the Helix sounds great with the Friedman, effects in front of the amp and in the fx loop.
  13. I believe there is a resistor mod you do to the cable. Ask Digital Igloo. I'm hoping they come up with a fix for my Friedman!
  14. Did you put in a support ticket to customer service? If not please do. The more they know they have a problem with Friedman amps the quicker they will try to find a fix.
  15. Does the 1/4" output jack on the Variax JTV-59 only output the onboard magnetic pickup sound or does it also output the model and alternate tuning sounds? I know this question has probably been answered before. Don't want to search forever. Thanks in advanced. -JC
  16. This is totally possible. You will assign the fx blocks to the switches in the state (bypassed or active) you desire and then you'll go to the control center and assign those same switches to do a Midi PC change. You will have to set it to the midi channel that your EVH is set to then just call the PC# 1 and 2 (for example). You'll then learn which channel you want activated with the appropriate footswitch. You'll probably want to customize the footswitch name and colors to make sense to you. Hope that makes sense and isn't too confusing.
  17. Good question. I think one way to do it would be have whatever footswitch you are using to turn on the whammy also turn off the volume, assign the expression pedal that controls volume also to the whammy. I'll have to try this tonight.
  18. This does work, well kinda....the M5 responds to the tap tempo on the Helix but the M5 is about 4 BPM off from the Helix. Any way to get them synced up closer?
  19. I'm having any issue with my Helix. When I'm using the 4CM and ext amp jack hooked up to my Friedman JJ100 my expression pedal position will not go to 100%. I should say that it does, when I first turn on the unit but after a few minutes the display will only read 98-99%. If I unplug the cable from the ext amp control jack the position immediately goes to 100%. Plug it back in and it only reads 98-99%. Same thing if I turn the amp on and off. This is my 2nd Helix. I sent my 1st one back last week and promptly received my replacement unit yesterday. Kudos to Line 6 Customer Support. However, the replacement unit has the same exact issue. Can anyone else replicate this issue? D.I. do you guys have any ideas? I don't think getting another Helix replacement is going to solve the problem. I'm thinking it's an overall issue with either hardware or firmware. HELP!!!
  20. Until more effects get modeled in Helix I need to keep my M5 on my board for some go to effects I use. Is it possible to control the M5's tempo with the Helix? Ideally, have it linked to the Helix's tap tempo switch somehow.
  21. Update #2: 4CM & External Amp Control & Expression Pedal Position Issue Returned my Helix to Line 6 and received my replacement. Unfortunately it has the same issue. Can anyone else verify they have this issue when using the 4CM and the ext amp control? It seems like it could be an inherent issue with all the Helices, be it hardware or firmware. Other than this, I love the Helix, but it's pretty important this issue be fixed if I'm ever to use it with my tube amp in 4CM.
  22. Wampler Ego Comp My favorite pedal style compressor. Great to have a blend control and tone control. http://line6.ideascale.com/a/ideas/search?templateId=0&query=wampler
  23. I had my Helix running thru my 44 Magnum and into a VHT 4X12 Cab the other day. I was using the Amp models without the Cabs and it sounded really good. Didn't try just the preamps. I think if you're running into a solid state poweramp you would probably want to use the amp preamp/poweramp models to warm things up. But as DarrellM5 states, let your ears decide.
  24. I think I found the issue. It only happens when running the 4-cable method and when my amp (Friedman JJ100) is plugged into the amp control jack on the Helix. As soon as I turn off the amp or unplug the cable from the Helix amp switch jack the position of the expression pedals will go to 100%. Can anyone else repeat this issue? Help Line 6, D.I.
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