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  1. The XLR outputs are sending the main outs to a stereo linked pair of Stagesource L2s - one L2 and one L2m. The alt 1/4 inch outs are going to a Roland JC-40 with upgraded Eminence Cannabis Rex 10” speakers. Can you say “wall of sound.”
  2. I loved my Helix. I was very impressed by the sound and all of the routing options available, but for me the footprint was just too big. I wanted a more powerful looper, but could not fit the Ditto x4 on my board due to the overwhelming size of the Helix. Enter HX Stomp. As soon as I saw it, my Helix went up for sale on Reverb and I have not looked back. With all the extra space I have been able to integrate a plethora of other pedals that compliment the Stomp and also free up some of the six valuable blocks, the only failing I see in the Stomp. All of this is also powered by the incredibly small Strymon Ojai. Just thought I’d share the exerience! As always, Line 6 impresses.
  3. If you connect the fx loop to say an Eventide H9 and don't use a block to route it, will it still work at the end of the chain? I hate to use a block up for that. Thanks for the info!
  4. Do these loops use one of the six available blocks?
  5. Now this begs the question - if I want to have a signal path T-shirt made of my favorite Helix patch, is that copyrighted?
  6. Absolutely, undeniably, and completely untrue. I would keep the Helix and think about replacing your bass player. Granted, you need to spend time with the Helix to get the most out of it. I have used it with IEMs, Stagesource speakers, FOH to a Behringer x32 and 4CM to a 5150 combo and all have provided a great sound with the proper tweaking.
  7. Agreed, it's the music theory and education that I think is most important. I would certainly hope that they would continue to pursue it as a hobby if not professionally.
  8. "For the times they are a-changin'." - who was it who wrote that? Not a guitar hero, but he did win a Nobel prize... Musical times are changing, we must either change with them or start creating interesting music instead. We are being force fed uninteresting, unchallenging lip synced garbage made up entirely by computers and people out there are grabbing their giant oversized Korean made soup spoons and gobbling it up. As for me, my kids are at the age where they can start learning piano. They will get a solid foundation in that and then my hope is my daughter will start singing, my oldest boy will pick up guitar, my youngest boy will pick up drums and my littlest (only 4 months now) will bang on the bass. They will grow up in a musical household with the classics from Beethoven to Bonamassa. I bet ol' Ludwig is spinning in his grave as I type... Great posts by the way... I am really enjoying reading this thread!
  9. I am working on a new video where I unbox a brand new Helix, three different Snarks, Polytune pedal, Polytune mini, Polytune Clip... ... then compare them endlessly with some tedious and very amateurish out of tune guitar playing to a relentlessly boring drum machine track. Hope you enjoy! :wacko: I'll also make sure to wear five year old socks with holes in the toes...
  10. wholeheartedly agree, expensive but best tuner i have used (other than the polytune pedal). the Helix tuner is not accurate at all and I find it worthless. same with the G70 tuner. just doesnt work for me.
  11. As for cabs, again it takes time to audition them. I tend to stay away from the IR game as it just takes so much time to go through them. The built in cabs are great but mic, mic placement and high and low end cut offs all can dramatically change the way they sound so it takes a bit of experimentation. I also have used Glenn Delaune's great patches as a good starting point. Worth getting IMHO.
  12. I agree. I absolutely love the Helix but it takes time to get it to sound the way you want. I would use your existing rig while you get to know the Helix and leave some time when you do intro the Helix into your live situation to check sound, levels etc. It will absolutely blow you away but you need to work with it a bit to get your sound to come out.
  13. We will just chalk it up to low blood sugar :blink:
  14. Thanks Peter and all else who replied. At home I have an L2t, L2m solution but for church I go straight to board via XLR. I use in-ear monitors connected directly to the Helix. Will try the tone knob (I had heard that on TheHelixChannel). I think the key is the parametric EQ before and after the Tube Preamp but there is so much to tweak there it gives me a headache just thinking about it.
  15. First and foremost, I would like to issue a heartfelt apology to Peter Hamm. In an earlier thread I had asked for input on creating an acoustic patch utilizing an LR Baggs Paracoustic DI routed to the Helix. Peter responded with advice on using acoustic IR's which I vehemently dismissed in a rather abrupt and choleric reply. You don't need to seek out the post, I think it is best left behind. My hope is that Peter will accept my apology in the sincerity with which it is offered. I actually found Peters' Schmaltz patch to be a great EQ starting point for building an acoustic sound, however I did delete the IR's and some of the 'Schmaltz'. What I found is that my Taylor 412CE going straight into the Helix got me the sound closest to what I was seeking. I have tried several IR's including some purchased from 3Sigma and I could not get them to sound good. I think the reason is that the Taylor's onboard electronics already have a great sound built in and the IR's just tended to muddy it up. Now to my call to arms... I recently bit the proverbial bullet and purchased a JTV69. Coupled with the Helix, this thing is amazing. I have had the single coils at the neck and bridge position swapped out with a couple single coil sized humbuckers. Having a USA start already, I really was looking for something different. I must say I am very pleased, if not overwhelmed, with the variety of sounds I can get from this combination. I am less than impressed with the acoustic tone, which brings me to my final point. Any advice on how to get the Variax to sound big and acousticy would be very much appreciated. This might need IR's and I will be working through Jim Amsdens' great blog over the next couple of days but if anyone out there has had success with a Variax/Helix acoustic sound and has a patch they could provide as a starting point I would really appreciate it! And Peter, my sincere apologies and thanks. I appreciate your advice and take it in the spirit with which it was given. In Him, Michael WithALoudNoise.com (a work in progress) Carpentnerd.com (Got to make a living... somehow)
  16. Thanks all for the replies. My guitar tech said the replacement wouldn't be an issue. The reason I am really wanting a humbucker in the bridge position is that I have an American Standard Strat that has three single coils. I think the 'lil '59 will be a great alternative in the variax. I will play around with the stock pickups a bit before the switch to check them out though. Can't wait to see this thing in action with the Helix!
  17. Hey all, sorry for the dual post. Should have posted in this forum... I just ordered a black JTV-69 with maple neck from Reverb. I really wanted a humbucker in the bridge position, but they were sold out on those models. I like the maple neck, so I went with the S-S-S config. I want to order a Seymore Duncan Lil 59 single coil sized humbucker and put it in the bridge position but then I read on these forums that the pots are 500K and not 250K on the JTV. Is this going to be an issue if I decide to do the replacement? Any thoughts, help are appreciated. I am more of a player than modifier, so not sure if this will work... Thanks, WithALoudNoise
  18. Hey all, I just ordered a black JTV-69 with maple neck from Reverb. I really wanted a humbucker in the bridge position, but they were sold out on those models. I like the maple neck, so I went with the S-S-S config. I want to order a Seymore Duncan Lil 59 single coil sized humbucker and put it in the bridge position but then I read on these forums that the pots are 500K and not 250K on the JTV. Is this going to be an issue if I decide to do the replacement? Any thoughts, help are appreciated. I am more of a player than modifier, so not sure if this will work... Thanks, WithALoudNoise
  19. did you ever get a definitive answer on this? i use l6 link to send to and L2t and l2m and want to make sure i am setting this for best sound.
  20. I have had a great experience with the L2t - I just added an L2m and I am finding they sound phenomenal. I use them in the studio in floor monitor mode using the handle to hold them at a 30 degree position. Setting them in monitor mode cuts the bass response - then when I place them upright on stands I set them in PA/Reference mode and I am finding that my patches translate very well. Yesterday, I used the set in an acoustic setup for a conference with a mic plugged in to channel two and my acoustic plugged in to channel one via an LR Baggs Para DI. Switched on the acoustic modeling with a little reverb on the L2t as well and was easily able to get the sound I needed. Plenty of power for a pretty large area. I am thinking of adding a couple of the Stagesource subs in the near future for added power. I am finding I get the best of both worlds with a full on PA plus a great FRFR guitar rig. Really depends on your sound and what you are looking for. If you have the capability to test different systems, that is a big plus. Here in MidCoast Maine I have to rely on reviews and YouTube videos to 'try before I buy'. I took a chance on the Stagesource speakers and have been very pleased - for my purposes the built in mixer on the L2T is an added bonus. The Helix is so darned tweakable I find it is possible with a bit of work to get exactly the sound I am looking for.
  21. personally, i am using L6 LINK to an L2T then out to an L2M. i have them on the floor using the handle as the stand. Both are set to Floor Monitor mode to eliminate the greater bass output. I just added the L2M -found really good deal on an open box from fiull compass) and the sound is phenominal. Not using global EQ as it is disabled when using the L6 LINK.
  22. First, thanks HonestOpinion. Exactly what I needed - wish I had thought of that... not sure why my brain broke wind on that one. Secondly, Mr. Hamm - NOT what I asked and we all know by now what YOU think. Fact is, I plugged my Baggs Para DI in to the Helix and within 15 minutes had the exact sound I (underline I) was looking for (albeit quieter than I wanted) - no Helix preamp or parametric required, and absolutely no IR needed. I have purchased the 3Sigma IRs and found one that somewhat resembled what I was looking for. I spent more time than I wanted trying to get my (underline my) sound and the Helix just would not get there. Congrats on getting the sound you are looking for with the Helix blocks and I am sure it has been very helpful to others on this form. Chuck Norris however, knows more about my acoustic sound than you do so please save the opinions for those whom ask for them. Seriously. I'd love to be able to spend countless hours configuring and playing with the Helix but as a husband, father of four, carpenter, computer guru and worshipper of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost I just don't have the time. Thanks to all, including Mr. Hamm, who continue to give your valuable advice in a timely and concise (underline concise) manner. I appreciate all of you and apologize for some of the obvious brain fart questions :) Michael www.carpentnerd.com www.withaloudnoise.com
  23. Thanks! the baggs does require standard 48v phantom power. i will check on the mic input gain, did not even think of that!
  24. hey all, i have this routing with the Helix mic input powering the LR Baggs with phantom power then running through a few effects and out to the FOH via one of the Helix 1/4 outs. I am getting a low signal with a lot of hiss. Any ideas? should i use a 9v on the Baggs and then send it to the guitar input? Thanks, not sure why my signal is so low.
  25. Figured it out, seems a bank change message was causing the strangeness. After swirching the H9 to a new channel and sending a program change message with bank set to NA everything seems to work fine.
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