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  1. They will wake up? I think you should my amigo because the Helix will do exactly what you want, you just need to learn how.
  2. Sorry man, but you're trying to get a 1k modeller to sound good with cheap speakers......I'd suggest investing in some decent speakers, or, like you said, through some decent headphones.
  3. Out-bloody-standing! just my kind of thing, done really well. Well done you, have yourself a biscuit.
  4. I love my heavier stuff, so love the Archon lead, but I haven't been able to stop using the Matchless models, they're just stunning. So much character.
  5. U2, The Edge, Van Diemens Land.
  6. Apologies if I'm completely missing the point here, but I saw this on youtube and have had some pretty cool results:
  7. This ^^ If you drop the fairly substantial amount of money on a product like this before actually trying it out and knowing you could get the tone you want, you're beyond help. Using your choice as some kind of threat to people who like the product......I mean, honestly, what are you, 12?
  8. .....but if it's someone else tone, that has already been uploaded, there is no need to it's already there?
  9. Lonnie Donegan - My Old Man's a Dustman
  10. Snapshots are your friend my good man. Just do a youtube search on snapshots and you'll be fine. You can have 2 amps in one preset, with as many effects as you need, with snapshots controlling which blocks in the chain are on or off and, even better, you can control different settings for the same pedals and amps using snapshots. The limits are endless, I've done a bad job explaining, but Like I said, a quick youtube lesson and you'l be fine.
  11. Sorry man, I know, it wasn't a dig at all, just my immediate reaction when I heard the tone.
  12. I didn't say that the Djent tone is "awful" at all friend, I said that the example in the youtube video that was posted was awful, which it is.
  13. To be honest, that tone is awful, truly awful. Djent....not my bag, but as has been said, high gain amp, like the ENGL or Rectifier, don't up the drive too much, 5 or 6, but add a tube screamer in front of the amp. Also, drop in a compressor before the amp and you'll also want a noise gate. Also, just download some patches from customtone, even if they're not what you want, they won't be far off and you should be able to tweak the patch to get what you want.
  14. I had the Pod HD 500 for 4 years, I'd never run the HD unit down t all, I thought for the money it was a great tool, but the Helix.........the best analogies I can come up with are that the sound is like going from mono to stereo, the tones are incredible, but more than that its the feel, I've played plenty of tube amps in my day and this reacts in just the same way. In terms of ease of use, again, it's a bit like going from a walkman to an ipod, it's ridiculously easy to use. I would say, if you're a happy HD user and you can afford it, do it. You won't regret it, believe me.
  15. I've used the EHX .44 Magnum that fed into a 2x12 or a 4x12, depending on the gig. Great bit of kit and fits snug on your board next to the Helix.
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