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  1. A mesa tech can have good amp taste!... I agree with you about the tré clean channel. Better than almost any hi gainer, but meh for Rivera standard. Hey, a guy like you might know how to mod my kr100 into a kr7?
  2. Ya I know it's a bugger to use an external gate. You can put a gate in the loop to via your Helix to kill all noise. The noise ratio is really my only complain about Helix, this and they don't model Rivera amp... Won't ever happen I guess, most people doesn't like those amps, they are just too tight and unforgiving for most player. I m always back and forth between channel 2 and 3. Channel 3 doesn't have a shiet load of gain like a rectumfryer or a 5150, but is so tight and articulate. Channel 2 to me is kinda your typical Marshall 800 sound, but boostable and way more shapeable with the eq. Like an 800, it's nice for any genre. Would love to mix them both live. I've owned a kr55 to, but I don't know, he just doesn't get the ballz in the low end of the kr100. I've put kt77 in both BTW, best tube in Rivera amp imo. Same with my ktré, who is radically different. It's a more standard hi gainer, but with a superb open sound but not as tight. Dig it for lead tracking or slow rythm job(doom, grung, rock).
  3. Hey man, Sorry, but you won't get rid of all hiss and hum from Helix in the front of your crunchy amp. I use a Rivera kr100 and I put a mxr smart gate, seeing at minimum, just before my front input to remove the floor noise from Helix. The floor noise is inaudible in a clean amp, but once you start pumping gain, you can really ear an hiss.
  4. Gritch666

    best speaker

    Studio monitor ftw. Put whatever money you want/can. I've started with presonus e5 and the sound was really good enough to jam alone. Then I've upgraded to Neumann kh120 when I start to record and mix seriously and now the sound is way more precise, but not necessarily more enjoyable.
  5. Iem doesn't sound " right", they lie! Depend on your bud, you might need to tweak your sound a bit around them, or just and an other eq before your headphone output.
  6. I feel your pain man, l6 should reworke this noise issue. I'm pretty sure it's hardware related too. BTW I kinda work around my noise problem with a mxr noise gate set at the minimum between helix and the amp front input. Now it's super quiet, but it suck a bit to add an other pedal to my setup...
  7. Have you tried to enable the input pad?
  8. Mmm, this doesn't sound rights to me. Your playing with the Helix have way more gain to my ear. It's sound way more compress to and less dynamic. Are you sure you set your output to line level? If you are using the main 1/4 out in front, the unity gain is suppose to be at full knob volume. And yes, I have the exact same hiss sound than you, just quieter probably because of my amp design.
  9. I have the same exact issue with Helix. I really think it's an adda converter issue or something. For sure, that kinda disappointed me, but for my use right now it doesn't matter so much. I'm using it with a Rivera knucklehead tré, who have a lollipopload of gain but is super dead quiet, so my noise isn't super bad. But with other hi gain amp, the Helix noise is just to hight. I thinking to set a stomp box noise gate between the amp front input and the Helix loop out.
  10. Lower the gain in studio for sure, you don't need a lot with overdub. You might also tweak your eq/cab with the mix to cut trough easily. My studio rythme tone is more tight, dry and unforgiven.
  11. I own hd650 and use them without any issue with Helix. It sound super great imo, far better than your average cell phone jack or computer. The hd650 are hight impedance and usually sound "bad" without a decent amp. But don't trust them for your sound tweaking, they lie! Bass and treble are too soft, you cannot set your hp/lp with them.
  12. Don't know, and I don't know why it's not done yet...
  13. The line 6 2204 mod pretty much nail it. It's base on a modded JCM 800, with more gain, a premid gain and a mid sweep pot, so almost any Marshallesk++ tone can be achieved.
  14. Here's my paper screen shot, I'm at work so...
  15. Computer+good interface+midi foot controller+full 400$$native(+maybe daw license) isn't cheaper than Helix lt! Sorry, but I don't see any advantage to do this. Also, you'll get a super fragile rig, cheap computer(understand non heavy duty ex.toughbook) are rarely build to last, USB connection are easy to broke and sensitive to humidity. Also, bigger latency, no sound adjustment on the fly (Helix interface is really nice for that). Even if you already own a daw, interface and your computer, you will need minimum to spend 400 for the license plus 150 for a cheap midi controller Beringer who might give you headache to program and work. For not even the double, you get an heavy duty interface/controller with the software and the computer to run it, without issue and latency and a super slick and nice interface! Man, who want a painful to use Helix!? It will work for sure, kinda. Also, you can always resell your Helix if you want to change, but you can't really resell your software license.
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