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  1. Another way to look at it is: Why pay MORE for less capability? Sure, today the OP might only have the one Blues Junior but with the Go it would be possible to go another way in the future (like an FRFR cabinet or an amp with FX loop) without then having the HX FX be the limiter for lacking amp/cab modelling. I know 'cause I started down this modelling path in February when I bought an HX FX to run into the front of my amp. I couldn't get an overall tone I liked (though I'm not blaming the HX FX for that) and then got a L6 LT. That gizmo was the DA BOMB but it was way too complicated (and expensive) and so I returned it when I got my Go. The Go is the PERFECT multifx for a very broad range of players and this very much includes so called "bedroom" musicians for its exceptional sound quality, big color screen, and ease of use. L6 really blew away all the competition (we're talking nuclear here, not just a 500-pounder). To run into the Blues Junior, you can just deactivate the amp and cab blocks and it becomes an FX-only box. You get four free blocks plus a volume, wah, and EQ. Unless you're a bedroom player with an obsession for big, ambient, modulated, pitch-shifted, reverse-echoed, tone on all the time, the Go will provide you with years-worth of tone-tinkering joy all for under $500. I've had mine for a month now and I play everything I like to cover (U2, SRV, Clapton, Aerosmith, Queen, etc.) without yet having run into any DSP limitation. I would recommend that you also get a Headrush FRFR-108 and that will do away with any issues related to the Junior coloring your sound and open up all the amp/cab tones. I was running into the FX return Fender Mustang III (after having tried the instrument in) and I had trouble. Got the -108 and it's been sonic joy ever since.
  2. What are the definitions of M, FM, DL? I presume Hx means Helix "class."
  3. I didn't get rid of any of my pedals so I use the effects loop to run one stereo delay. I also run a couple of Fulltone effects and an external tuner between the guitar and the Go's input. So far, I haven't needed to use any of the external boxes. Even with "just" 4 blocks open I haven't run out yet.
  4. Headrush 108. Perfect. Just get it up off the floor to eliminate any boominess.
  5. It does not but the LT's impressive capability comes at the price of being more difficult to learn. My first-ever modeller was the LT which I returned and got a POD Go. The LT was, for me, overkill and the Go fits my needs perfectly at less than 40% the cost. There are virtually no limits to what you can do with the LT but I don't need 80% of that so why tie up all that extra money?
  6. THis has happened to me several times in the two weeks I've had it. I would just cycle the power and it would boot up normally. It's just a little annoying but since it doesn't recur while playing I haven't really thought about it much. I might open a ticket if it keeps happening.
  7. Well, naturally since I'm only a home user my observation that it's "brilliant" is invalid. I yield to your greatness. I'll just go and throw it out the window now... Puh...leeze...I don't really get your problem since I have no difficulty with the foot controls and manage to tap dance on it pretty well. You know, I've known at least 100 gigging, professional musician's that made a living playing covers live over the last 30 years. You know how many of them had trouble tap dancing with pedals? Not one (well, assuming they weren't drunk at the time of course 8-D). I know a one-man band kinda guy that has some huger looper AND a Helix floor that can, literally, lay up six layers with an acoustic-electric and his voice. Talk about tap dancing. He's does a 3-hour gig with nothing but himself and those multi-button rigs. The problem is you're passing judgment because you either 1) haven't gotten accustomed to using the Go (yes, it does have compromises which don't mean squat to me and whole legions of other buyers of all different skill levels), or 2) you are too used to how others units work. You say this opinion is based on "a lot of discussions over the years on guitar forums" which doesn't mean much since the Go has been on the streets for, what, three weeks now? I had a Headrush Gigboard for a week before I got my LT and I hated it. Given that I only had it for a week though I didn't go out and post long critiques based on that. I just didn't like it and that's OK. Maybe you just don't like the Go? That's OK too, I'm still thrilled with it and what it can do for what it cost.
  8. Well, crap. I did this by capturing screen grabs of each block in the chain on my LT and manually transcribing them. It never occurred to me the files would be plain text. That would have saved me some time. Haha... Edit: I opened one with Notepad and it appears to me to be unformatted text which is hard to read...
  9. I'm strictly a 'at home' player these days though I used to be a regular at open mics jams and the like. My only musical achievement (so far) are that I got paid to play once a full gig once and I played one set at the Cincy Blues Fest back in '06 (it was a set for all the volunteers)! 8-D I decided a while ago to go down the modelling route and have been through a few. I started with a Fender Mustang III about 7 years ago (though I don't really think that counts in this company). I have a taste for boutique'y pedals but couldn't justify the expense so I bought a Headrush Gigboard and L6 HX Effects about 2 months ago as my first foray into 'modern' modelling solutions. I hated the Headrush almost immediately and I quickly found that I wanted amp modelling also so they both went back after a couple of weeks. Next up was the LT as the Pod Go had no release date in early March. It, obviously, had all the elements I wanted but was just too complicated (and expensive) for me. I learned a LOT from it however so it was a good experience. Now I have the Pod Go and, as I've posted, it's perfect for me (and I suppose a lot of people like me).
  10. This POD Go sits perfectly in the space for which it was intended. I just got mine and am floored. Where the LT was too much for my needs, this Go is perfect! Home run guys!
  11. FOH was the one acronym I knew. 8-) That's a great explanation. Thanks DI! I just got my Go about an hour ago and I could immediately tell it is way more suited to my level of experience than the LT it's replacing. Great product guys!
  12. I was looking an image of the rear panel around noon today so I googled "Pod Go Inputs" and the first picture I clicked happened to be from an Amazon ad that said they had 17 in stock, Prime shipping even. Suspicious, I checked L6 and verified that they were an authorized dealer so I just went ahead and ordered it. Got tracking number an hour or so later and it'll be here Thursday (day after tomorrow)! I cancelled my order at Zzounds cause they couldn't say anything about the order's status (which is what they and GC have been saying for a week, not that I blame them, it's just frustrating). Like a cherry on top GearTree doesn't collect sales tax so I got it for $45 less even. Sometimes I just get lucky I guess. I cancelled both of the open orders I had.
  13. For the total newbie who is ignorant about FOH (other than the acronym that is...haha) lingo and tech, what is the difference between the Main outs and the Amp out? For someone like me that only ever used individual pedals into an amp, where can Igo to get schooled on the technical details of all the interfaces?
  14. I ordered mine from Zzounds on April 16th. Out of sheer impatience I ordered another one from GC on April 30th when I heard MF was starting to ship units thinking that maybe I'd get lucky and GC would push one right out. Apparently that didn't work (I need to remember to cancel that order)...
  15. USB-c seems to be where everything's going. My Lenovo has two C and two A ports but charging is via the C ports. I wonder if the USB handling for the USB-A ports is "seen" by the laptop like it's on a hub? I used to be a computer guy but that was 20+ years ago and I'm becoming a luddite in this regard now. Are there USB-A/C converters and would that work? WHat about a USB-B to USB-C cable instead of an adapter. Bettter yet, why is Line 6 still using USB-B ports?!? 8-)
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