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  1. I see that now, I was skimming through and didn't catch that the first time. Thanks.
  2. What does the dummy plug prevent? I've been slaving different amps for years and was curious about the lack of load on the pre side of the slaved amp.
  3. I've used it as a recording interface and other uses, just never tried to send audio back to it. Good to know.
  4. Strat2Die4, I don't think it will flow audio from the PC back to the headphones jack on the POD, will it? It it will, than perfect solution. PianoGuyy, case not closed.
  5. How are you using the POD when it's not connected to the PC? How do you have it setup?
  6. Have you considered plugging the POD into the PC and getting a USB to headphone adapter and listening to both the guitar and the tracks on the PC?
  7. The gear riders? Seriously, I've played semi-pro for many years and have never needed "Gear Riders" up to and including the few Nationals I've opened for. There have been verbal agreements for pay, but in 35 years I think I've signed 1 contract dealing with money only. When your an all original band fighting for stage space with 350 other local original bands on any given night you can pretty much assume the pay is going to suck, unless you're a big draw with a guaranteed crowd. Hell, I think LA is still doing "Pay to Play" so, there's that. Honestly, lawyers cost REAL money and I wouldn't sigh any contract with riders and expectations without my attorney having a look first. I'm not booking shows into the American Airlines Center, just the local watering hole. Umm, didn't you visit the venue or speak to them before booking to understand what they had already? I know all the venues i play around here, their current PA status and who's running sound. I mean, your either part of the scene or your not.
  8. 35 Years, I've played plenty of stage volume only gigs wit only Vox PA'd and without mic'd guitar cabs, including 6 weeks ago. You can't always pull this off with little boutique low power amps, but 50+ watts into 2x12s or more will do just fine for real small venues. The other thing I've learned in 35+ years, is that being a professional musician means you come prepared for most any eventuality as best you can and the only thing you can count on is constant change. What I also know is that Bmicona simply asked a question about input/output voltage and "gig-able" volume not any of our opinions of what gigs he should or shouldn't take. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I don't mic amps at rehearsal, so a gig-able volume is a necessity for me and my loud-lollipop drummer. ;-)
  9. The cab sims sound horrible in the HD500, I've been using a H&K Red Box for the last several years as a cab alternative, and It sounds awesome. The Mooer Radar has absolutely been on my wish-list. I just picked up the HX Stomp this week specifically because it hosts IRs. Still plan on nabbing the Radar, though.
  10. "If there is no PA, you shouldn't play..." Seriously? At any rate, running the Pod in the the return of the Peavey is the logical choice, and you are effectively slaving the power amp by doing this. I would absolutely choose "line" as the output voltage on the HD500 and throttle the volume using the Pod's master control. I run most of my set-ups this way. This will give you a much better "stage volume" in those venues where sound reinforcement is either not an option or comical at best.
  11. And at the risk of flogging a dead horse from over a year ago.... I really don't see any "What If" scenarios going on here and your simplification of the questions being asked is incorrect. I think we all understand that using a Cab Sim results in the mandatory choice of a Mic Sim. The question at hand is when no Cab Sim is desired why are we still forced to choose a Mic Sim, (And yes, it most certainly affects the sound cab or no cab).
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