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  1. Hello, I was able to get my Boss MS3 to send the CC4 message and I know the Stomp is detecting it. Issue is it seems to be turning the effect off and on as well moving the levels oddly. Is potentially an issue coming from the Boss unit as it feeds TRS then out as midi? I know Line 6 units like the TS exp cables but is that what might be happening here? Tonight, I will try hooking up a TS cable as exp 2 into the boss unit. I’m using a dual output Boss EV 30. I’ll switch midi commands and see. Another fix is run the TS cable straight to the HX from the same Boss EV30 if that solves it. Goal for me is to ideally save the FS 1/2 on HX for a 2 button switch and also not change too many settings on the MS3 since it finally recognized the EV30 properly.
  2. Kilrahi - thank you! I was able to get it all working on first proper attempt. 1 mono FX block, all TS cables used and it’s a stereo return with both TS cables.
  3. Hi, I admittedly have not had enough time to physically test the cable to make this work but I cannot seem to find a clear answer before I go down the rabbit hole- maybe somebody has had this pop up also? I bought the HX Stomp and want to use it with a Boss MS3 for a fly rig. My goal would be to hook up the MS3 in the FX Loop of the HX Stomp for maximum flexibility of effects ordering. The MS3 is a mono TS input with 2 stereo TS outputs. I want to use those stereo outputs for some of the delays and additional signal routing possible as a result. I am well versed in the HD500 from the past, Helix Native and also HX Effects for editing tones/signals and such. On the HX Stomp, can I create an FX block that allows for the mono send but with stereo returns on it? Any special work arounds to consider on this? I am pretty certain the MS3 will not like a TRS cable at it's input which would neutralize the FX TRS send, I just don't know how a TS cable on FX Send from HX Stomp will affect the block as a return in stereo. It seems like only real work around is 2 blocks, a mono send and then a stereo return - any other ways to do this as 1 block? Thank you all in advance for the help!!
  4. I currently use with midi control an EHX Step 8 to control many effect parameters and it's amazing - Line 6 should add one that does even 16 steps or something! It could lead to some awesome automation of things already possible with an expression pedal as it is. Current fun setup for context- Roland JC running stereo, HX Effects controlling everything. Running in the effects loops - a Digitech FreqOut, EHX Mel9, Meris Ottobit Jr, Meris Enzo, and a Boss SL-20. Those last 3 are all midi synced. I use a Boss RC1 as a standalone looper but also as a line buffer running last from HX Effects to amp. For expression control I am using 2 Dunlop Mini's with 1 of them going into the EHX Step 8 then the HX Effects, depth seems best set at 4.
  5. Thank you for writing, I hadn’t thought about from the gain perspective. I guess I blocked it out because of the curve factor! I did try again just now and saw that the software had the limitation. On the actual unit I could assign 2 different volume pedal blocks, software acts like AMPLIFi but the unit has deeper options for now. Also, as expected you can change exp assignments, 1, 2, both on 1 or 2, etc. I think I saw somewhere that spring 2019 is when the full features are being rolled out. Happy, safe, holidays to all reading!
  6. Hello all! I was using my new HX Effects and getting deeper into my banks, I realized even though I have 2 expression pedals hooked up I was not able to add 2 different volume pedals as 2 different blocks. I like setting up stereo, splitting the the A/B into separate distortions and delays, figured each line needed a volume pedal! I realize I was trying this from the software and not the actual unit itself to adjust the blocks, there is a bit of time yet until the software does everything I was reading. I will try from the unit itself tomorrow when back at it in the AM. Has anyone else noticed this by any chance? Just curious in the meantime before I get to mess with it more myself. I'd love to request this in a future programming update.
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