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  1. I use Apple Music and normally connect my iPhone or iPad via bluetooth to the FX. All the music available in streaming can be selected in the FH app and goes in the FH, even if it is DRM protected. I never tried with Spotify, but I can't see why it should be different.
  2. No Middle knob. I quickly turned to min both Bass and Treble, keeping the Volume where it was (around 3-4), and the sound dropped to an almost unaudible level... I'll try to increase Volume on the Amp and on the Firehawk and see if it works. yesterday I had no time. Thanks for the reply
  3. I have a small Fender Frontman 10G without the fx send/return, just the guitar input. The two knobs for treble and bass go from 1 to 10. What is the right position to have no colour from the Fender? 1 (min), 5,5 (mid) or 10 (max)? There is also a 3.5mm aux in, that probably doesn't get coloured by the treble/bass knobs, but I'd need an adapter 1/4"-3.5mm. What's the best choice, other than changing the amp ;) ?
  4. Great news! I hope to see soon a similar upgrade for the Firehawk Remote App.
  5. So, even if I download a "corrupted" tone from the cloud, created with a 1.01 version of the firmware, on a Firehawk updated to version 1.20 now I should not experience the A/D LoD, right? Is there a way to see with which version of the fw a tone was created? I can't see this using the Firehawk Remote App.
  6. Beside the fixes, I'd hope for a longer loop time (at least one minute) and the addition of the undo/redo feature to cancel/restore the last overdub...
  7. I had to upgrade my iPad for the same reason and the app starts and works when my Amplifi TT is off. When I turn it on and the Bluetooth tries to connect, the app suddenly closes. Luckily I didn't upgrade my iPhone yet...
  8. Why, what normally happens in case of firmware update is that items already out for distribution gets shipped as they are, since they can be easily updated by the owners. Such a procedure is instead required if the modification is more complex...
  9. Not sure if already posted elsewhere (I couldn't find it). If I want to have more than the 20" (?) loop that the FH is capable of, or if I want to record multiple tracks and store them for future use, one solution is to use an external looper. I could put it just on the AMP Out connection and then go to my amp and it should work fine, right? But if I don't have an amp available and I normally use the headphones connected to the FH, I could connect the external looper to the FX send/return connections and have it in the FX Loop module. And now the question is: if I do so, I always have the reverb after the FX Loop, and I cannot swap them (I know that on Ideascale there is already a suggestion to let all module movable everywhere). In this case, if I record the loop with the reverb on, what happens when I start playing it? The recorded track gets "reverbered" again? And what happens if the looper is playing and I change the preset?
  10. A couple of weeks ago I purchased a Firehawk fx from a music store that sells also online, because I could not find it in my city. It was not available but I could preorder it, since it was already "on the way" to the shop. Two days ago I sent the shop an email asking for an update and they told me that Yamaha informed them that all the Firehawk are currently stopped in Germany for an "update" that shouldn't be just the normal firmware, but they couldn't give any detail more, and that therefore I should be happy of this delay because it will be "positive" for me in the end. Could this be a hardware/firmware fix for this issue?
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