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  1. sadrian

    Helix/DT amp integration on the way!

    @PDKTDK The Helix is way more than a preamp, it is even more than a multi-effects pedalboard. It is a all-in-one control center and for me a highly creative tool. I stick with the DTs, because I like the concept, they sound good and I like that I can use them as very versatile plain tube amps without any fancy other stuff. For me, Helix+DT are the perfect combination. And, the preamps in the Helix sound very very good to me! And there are a lot more preamps than in the DT alone. It's just this little feeling. Maybe it comes from the signal processing, a teeny tiny lag that you'd never hear but somehow you feel it while playing. I don't know, maybe it's just me. No, you don't. Every aspect of the DT can be controlled via midi, thus by the Helix. One exception: Master Volume. I found out something very interesting about the DT-Helix combination yesterday. I'll try to make a write up, maybe a video if I find the time. I think on the weekend.
  2. sadrian

    Helix/DT amp integration on the way!

    Short: Yes, Helix + DT can put effects in front or after the preamp. With the 4-cable-method you place a FX-Loop-Block in your Helix-preset. Everything behind that block will go after the pre- and directly to the power-amp. With the L6-Link cable, you circumvent the DTs built-in preamp and you place a preamp-block in your Helix preset. Everything behind that block will go after the pre- and directly to the power-amp. As far as I can tell, the POD-HD + DT combination does exactly the same with one difference: it turns the knobs on the DT into a midi-controller for the Pod. When you connect a POD-HD to a DT, the DTs preamp will be replaced by the POD-HD-preamp. Because all standard preamps int the POD match one in the DT, Line6 can send midi-commands to the DT to recall the corresponding power-amp config. With the Helix you do exactly the same but you have to set the midi-commands yourself per preset, they are not stored in the Helix by default. I read at some points, that Line6 did some kind of special-sauce-voodoo with their dream-rig, but I don't believe that at all. It doesn't make sense. The only real difference is the midi-return from the DT's control knobs to the POD over the digital L6-Link. And midi over a digital connection is no big deal in my opinion.
  3. sadrian

    Helix/DT amp integration on the way!

    @talonmm It really isn't that difficult. The Helix has a section called "Command Center" (owners manual rev. D p45). Here you can "attach" different kinds of midi commands to each switch and up to 6 "instant commands". These are midi commands that get sent out when the preset is loaded (or snapshot). With a midi CC command on a switch you can use the Helix like a traditional amp-switch-pedal, to change channel or topology, or reverb on/off, etc. With a midi CC "instant command", you can set the DT amp to the settings you like to go with the preset when loaded. Try this: Connect your Helix midi out to your DT midi in. Set your DT Channel A to Topology 2 and switch to Channel B (just so you can see/hear the changes later) Create a new preset on the Helix. Go to the Command Center on the Helix (Menu > Command Center) Navigate to the first flash icon in the upper row. Set it to "Command = "Midi CC", Midi Ch = "Base (1)", CC# = "19", Value = "0" (will set DT to Channel A) Navigate to the second flash icon in the upper row. Set it to "Command = "Midi CC", Midi Ch = "Base (1)", CC# = "11", Value = "1" (will set DT amp model + all default values) Save the preset. Reload the preset (by pressing the preset-switch again or changing preset back and forth) If you follow this, as soon as you call up this preset, your DT will switch to Channel A with "Blackface Double Normal" as model with all its defaults (Topology I, Class A/B, Pentode). A list of all midi CC commands for the DT series in the "midi implementation guide", the pdf is linked here. If you want to use the Helix's preamps, than you can turn off the preamp in the DT (CC#11, Value 0). When I do that, I first set an amp with defaults that I like (i.e. CC#11, Value 0 for the Brit J-75 model) and as second command I send CC#11, Value 0 to deactivate the preamp-model of the amp. That way, the power amp section will be set to work like the "Marshall-esque" models. In Helix I then use a "Preamp" block that I like to go with that. Basically, this is how the "Dream Rig" (POD HD + DT) works. The difference is that the POD gets information from the DT's knobs and buttons so you can make changes there instead of the floorboard. If this is still to much for you, then wait a little for firmware 2.8. It seems that Line6 implemented the control of up to two DT amps over L6-Link in the menu of the Helix. IMO this will do exactly the same as my method above (very basic one way midi commands), but it'll be more accessible for sure. Hope that helps a little.
  4. sadrian

    Helix/DT amp integration on the way!

    @PDKTDK I use two Helix with DT50 212 combo and stack, sometimes with a DT25 head + 112. I still have a HD500. I really like the sound I get out of the DTs solo but I was never satisfied with the sound of the «dream rig». When I bought the first Helix, that changed. I tried all connection methods (2/4/27-cables, L6-Link). I settled on basically two configurations: L6-Link+Midi and 4-cable. I still like the sound of the DT integrated preamp a little better than the same models in the Helix. I can't really "hear" but "feel" it. We tried it in a blind test in the rehearsal room once and me and our other guitarist (who is a tube-purist) both found the integrated preamps to feel more "responsive" and "alive" than the Helix. But recorded, you don't hear the difference. The Helix is super versatile, and foremost a creative tool because of its very intuitive user interface. I still use some pedals with it, especially the new Strymon Volante. In a nutshell: I really dig that combination. and I'm really looking forward for a hopefully easier DT integration with firmware 2.8. I'd go for it.
  5. sadrian

    Helix/DT amp integration on the way!

    From the info that is floating around, I get that the new „DT Integration“ is basically nothing more than a nicer way to send instant CC messages to the DT amps. Which is what the Helix already can do, but it takes a list of commands and setting them for each preset. And with a limit of 6 instant commands, that can be quite tricky. @talonmm The DTs can be set to „model + defaults“ with one command per channel, means even now you can send one midi command from Helix to DT and it‘ll set preamp model with default setting and the complete power amp configuration. The big difference is, that the DT doesn‘t send it’s settings back to the Helix, so when you turn a knob, Helix doesn‘t know that it happened. In my Helix patches, I set the DT to a model+defaults, than I reset the preamp and use one in the Helix. This way I have the power amp set all right with only two commands. Three actually, because I set the channel of the amp to A as default.