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  1. I just started playing around with the looper and notice when I add it there is one called 1 "switch" and one called 6 "switch" but they seem to be the same exact controls when I compare them. Is there a difference? I searched this forum before this post and I looked in the manual but it is not clear to me. Sorry ahead of time if this has been asked before,.
  2. Thanks for posting. The only issue I have is that my PA has a bluetooth channel and the darn transmitter auto joins that instead of my IEM receiver and honestly they do not pair super easily. Thank for posting updates to this thread.
  3. I bought these and I will say they work flawsly for my needs. I do not experience any latency that I notice. The IEM market needs to respond to the market place for good wireless IEMS with a "sexy" small footprint like they have done in the guitar world. Thanks khall187 for the research.
  4. Interesting- everyone has their own reasons I guess. I started with the STOMP hoping I could go lighter and smaller but by the time I added on some of my necessities like 2 expression pedals, power, and some other pedals, I found that my small footprint was longer and about as heavy as the Helix floor. So I sold my stomp and bought the floor. I will say I totally feel your pain re: the looper though. So bummed the new 2.8 did not fix the onboard looper so it would sync w/ BPM. That would have been a game changer.
  5. I found some other threads as it relates to stomp and some old Helix threads that show there might be an issue with this but want to confirm with others. Last night I tried to record into garage band IOS on my iPad Pro using the Helix interface and the Apple Cam Connection Kit. On the helix unit I set an acoustic guitar path to Helix Guitar input and the Helix USB 1&2 output. I set a vocal path to Helix XLR Mic input and output helix USB 3/4. I go to IOS Garageband and set the guitar channel to input 1. I then set the mic channel to input 2. I then set both channels to multi record in hopes to capture my voice on one track and my guitar on another at the same time.I push record. I get nothing. I do the same on my MacBook Pro and it works. Is this really a bug in IOS GB that has never been fixed? I think I read others reported this issue back in 2016. I then tried a work around I saw and used an app called AUM and while I can get one track to record at a time in GB IOS there is no way for me to get 2 tracks to record at the same time. I was hoping to have my IPAD ready and available to capture new song Ideas on the fly.... Does anyone have any info about this or am I doing something wrong?
  6. Thanks for the 89F specifics. Somebody said something about for larger dive bombs the Variax pickups need to be engaged so for Variax what happens when there is an extreme dive bomb using the Floyd? Can you describe what happens?
  7. I notice this with the vintage delay and it is worse if I compress the signal with the vintage delay. I wish they would fix that. I have read others have experienced this too with the Vintage Delay.
  8. When you make correct midi connections with this APP and the helix... do all of your preset names and banks "auto show up" or do you have to retype each preset name on the IPAD and assign it to the corresponding program change on the Helix? Thanks
  9. I can see this really only being useful for a stomp that has limited access to view presets and individual stomps. On the helix floor, the only reason I can see this being useful is being able to trigger the tap/tuner button on the IPAD so that button could be eliminated on the helix and be converted to an additional stomp button. I guess it could be useful on the Helix when it comes to dialing in preset tones to view presets if you have more than 10. Sometimes I do forget what presets I have while banking forward since I have many more than 10. But in live situation I always have my presets in a bank of 10 that I have preordered- so this would only be helpful to me while practicing and dialing in tones. Is it worth having an IPAD on stage? I have mine on stage anyhow for lyrics and chord progressions so I am always looking for ways to integrate my IPAD in ways to add value to a song. I think the biggest thing I have added with my IPAD to certain songs played live is the ability to add midi guitar synth sounds from the IPAD to certain songs to fill some space when needed (no hands needed for this). But the Helix is a pretty complete unit and I have found I have needed my IPAD far less since purchasing the Helix since it can also produce some synth like sounds. I am sure there are guys doing far more with the IPAD to help their bands and songs along. I have heard of bands using the iPads with a. click track to bring in parts of backing tracks or loops. I am presently researching how to do that.
  10. Thanks I will give it a try! Now if we can get it to change parameters for the stomp effects that would be cool.
  11. Thank you! I see they have a JTV on amazon prime but no F model with the Floyd Rose. I'll give that a try and work backwards. Maybe I do not need the locking Trem. I rarely dive bomb and mainly use the tremolo for heavy delay warbles at times in only some songs.
  12. Wow- big decision- I like a full range locking tremolo system- so it seems to me the F model- w/ 2x humbuckers in black or red is my only option. Too bad because I like the 2 single coils and one HB model because I also like a classic strat sound and I like the rock sound via the humbuckers. I have never tried a Variax. I have read read read.... It is a big investment. For the price of a Variax I could pick up an American Fender Strat. But my needs are wide. I capo a lot in my songs. I like to loop some acoustic but then to solo over with the electric while singing in some solo gigs- for these reasons the Variax sounds like it could be a fit. I own a Helix floor. What are your thoughts? This forum is riddled with Variax's (especially the F model) having issues and hours of fine tuning to make the sound even tolerable. Help me out. Would you suggest I get a Variax or spend my money on a traditional American strat modded with a locking tremolo? What do do?
  13. Me too before thanksgiving ordered a stomp. I liked it so much but found it to be a little limiting so I returned it and ordered the floor on cyber mon for a good price. Could not be happier.
  14. So will this work with a direct connect via apple connection kit to the IPAD? Also is this something you had to set up or does it automatically detect the DAW? Also can you share the helix template?
  15. I have 2 original Morningstar MC6's for sale hit me up if interested in making me a reasonable offer. They are awesome midi pedals and very easy to program.
  16. I will try to post a picture soon. But I just go Midi out of the Beat Buddy to Midi in on my Helix (traditional Midi cable) . Then I make sure "midi through" is on in the Helix prefs. You have to connect the Helix via USB via the apple camera connection kit to the IPAD. Then I open Quantiloop on my IPAD. I make sure to assign QL the Helix USB 1 & 2 for the inputs and outputs. I make sure the tempo setting in QL is set to BeatBuddy. This insures the tempos of the BB and QL are synced. Also in Helix I set global tempo to external so all my delays are in sync with BB and Ql too. I set up 3 stomps in the command center on my helix to send midi commands to QL. I do a loop 1 stomp button, and a loop 2 stomp button and a stop/clear all stomp. Away I go for looping fun that is unlimited in length and it runs in sync the entire time. BTW- I haver those 3 stomps in almost all of my STOMP modes in all my presets so I can loop in any preset on the helix. Super easy to copy and paste the QL looper stomps in the command center.
  17. You are out of luck until theHelix looper syncs with midi clock. If you have an IPAD in your chain, give quantiloop (QL) a try as your looper. I have Helix set to "midi through" from Beatbuddy to Quantiloop and I set up the buttons on my helix to send midi commands to record etc... on QL. Works perfectly.
  18. Glad to know I was not imagining it. I will work with the levels.
  19. I have tried various wahs but each time, in a clean sound, it has too much gain. I put the way as the first effect in my chain. Any advice on how to make the wah not so hot in a clean snapshot or preset. I just want a really clean wah where I can do some funky chops.
  20. I bought 2 off those Dunlop Minis and they work awesome- through I had to flip the internal switch on the pedals and then in global expression setting change the polarity in helix. Also I set my exp. 2 to global and I add a volume pedal to the end of my chain unless there is no room in the preset and in that case I control the volume by the output level (but I lose trails with this approach so not a perfect solution). I mainly use expression 1 for wah. I set exp. 3 to control my delay mix and I have a toggle switch set to also use exp. 3 with my Jam Origin Midi guitar synth app on my IPAD. Of course snapshots make it not necessary for some of this exp. pedal control but for me I like to have that (less to more by ear) control while playing. So ,any possibilities!
  21. do you have to plug that mooer into power? I like its size. Nice board BTW!!
  22. I have a computer running Helix Edit. I also have an apple cam connection kit for my IPAD. My IPAD runs a looper. So when I am using edit I have to disconnect the USB plug from the cam kit and plug into my computer and vice vera. I would rather haver Both connected to my helix floor at all times so I do not have to disconnect. Any ideas? I tried a small USB Hub I had but it did not work. Thanks, Ed
  23. I have an Ipad via connection kit hooked to my helix. I use the routing app named AUM on my ipad. I set up a path in AUM that goes to sample tank as the input and output to a looper app named quantlioop. I turn on Jam Origin Midi Guitar. I then output that track in AUM to quantiloop. I set up quantiloop to then record from the helix and I output the signal to the helix outputs. I assign expression pedal 3 on helix to control the volume of the synth in AUM. This then mixes the synth output with my guitar. If I want more guitar I lower the volume if I want more synth I raise the volume via the pedal. All of that is captured in my looper - my synth channel and guitar channel. I have an external midi drum machine (Beat Buddy) connect to my helix. That is also in my midi chain. It sends the tempo to my helix for all my BPM settings for delays etc... I set midi through on the helix to on and the BPM also syncs with my quantiloop app looper. Finally Onsong on my IPAD connects to my beat buddy and I use onsong to auto load the songs on my beat buddy and play them (kinda like a backing track- just bass and drums). It is a common thing for me to record a 4 bar loop during an intro. I solo over that. I then turn the loop off and play live and sing live for the song. During a solo I turn the lopper back on and solo over the loop that I recorded during the into. So glad to hear others using creative apps to supplement their guitar rigs.
  24. I have a preset I created. I love it. Volume block at the end is set to my expression pedal 2. So last step- add a wah to expression pedal 1. I do this and step on the exp 1 toe button to engage the wah and guess what? It auto turns off my volume block and my volume spikes. I try to save the snap shot by toggling back on the volume when Wah is engaged. Still toggles on/off volume block. I try lowering the output of the wah but then it impacts my gain. I have the wah second in my chain after the compressor but before my distortion blocks and amp gain blocks. Am I out of luck? I really want to keep volume block on exp.pedal 2 all the time - even when I engage my WAH. I looked into this on the boards and it is not clear to me if toggle/seesaw can be overidden some how. I do NOT want to assign the wah to another pedal- I want it on the toe engaged exp. pedal 1.
  25. I liked the HX STOMP so much I decided to return it to get the full sized helix floor that better fit some of my needs. I do have 2 x Morningstar MC6's that I am now going to sell. If you are interested hit me up. They are about 220 new. Make me a reasonable offer to save you some $. Mine are the original MC6.
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