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  1. Are you monitoring the track in your DAW? You shouldn't be, and if you have the track's monitoring turned on it can cause digital delay while you're playing.
  2. The mono outputs would be centered, not panned, unless you pan them at the mixer. So a single 1/4" mono output to the mixer board would be fine. The PA should be FRFR. They all might sound a little different, and the room acoustics will come into play too, but generally a PA should give you a pretty consistent sound.
  3. Thank you all for this thread! I just bought the bass pack and I've been struggling to get a good tone. But thanks to the tips here I'm making some great headway. Thanks to all of you!
  4. @ FlyingSquirrel, that Uber really does sound good. What cab/mic are you using? The times I've tried the Uber I don't remember it sounding like that.
  5. I haven't bought the model pack yet. I keep telling myself that I'm happy with the sounds I have so why spend the money... BUT I would love to have the bass amps, and the Panama sounds like it would be worth a try too. I dialed up the Tread last night and with no effects or anything I laid down a brutal rhythm track for a song I'm working on. I forgot how much I like that amp. That Angel sounds good, Joel!
  6. Personally I am a big fan of the Soldano amp models. Currently I use a Soldano clean as my clean tone, and the Line 6 Distortion pedal to kick it into metal territory. But there are so many great options for the amp distortions that probably sound even better than the L6 Distortion pedal. I don't really have a question here, I'd just like to hear what you all like for your favorite high gain signal chains. Feel free to discuss the effects you like to throw in there, too!
  7. Wow, you guys are making some great points about the 500. Thanks for the info! Not sure what I'm going to do, but I see a few of those on ebay and at guitar center for around $300... that is a heck of a deal! If I buy one used, will it come with software to do custom guitar setups? Workbench or something? I know I've seen HD workbench for the newer ones, but will I be able to get something like that if I buy a used older one?
  8. That sounds pretty sweet. I wonder if they will be in my area any time soon. I'll definitely be on the lookout for that.
  9. Thanks for the replies! The Standards and JTV's really look amazing. I probably will wait for one of those.
  10. I'm a very happy POD HD500x user and due to the number of different tunings my bad uses, I'm thinking of buying a Variax. Problem is, I can't afford a new one at the moment. I play in a rock band, Alice in Chains, Poison, and some lighter stuff like Ed Sheeran (don't ask...), and I'm not sure how the Variax does with the heavier music. But the different tunings have me thinking about it. I was thinking about getting an older one because they are pretty cheap. My question is, since I've been on the fence for a while, should I just wait until I can afford a new one, or would an older one sound good enough to get me hooked on them? And which model should I be looking for?
  11. For the record, I'm REALLY glad you asked this question! I assigned my wah to a normal foot switch (which I hate), because I didn't think my toe switch was working. Actually, I thought maybe you had to buy an external pedal to have a toe switch. Now that silverhead explained it, I'll go home and put my considerable mass behind depressing the pedal and see what happens. I should have asked this months ago... Thanks talonmm!!
  12. I use the Soldano Crunch amp for my base tone, then kick in a distortion pedal to take me into high gain territory. Since low gain amp and distortion pedal is my go-to metal tone, I don't have much use for the Metal Pack. But am I missing out by not getting the Vintage pack? I don't know much about the Vintage Pack other than some of the models are "HD"... are they modeled differently than that Soldano? Or is it also HD? I know it sounds pretty damn good to me, but if there is something that might make it a little better, I'm interested. Sorry if this is a dumb question. These packs have been out for a few months but I still feel like I'm in the dark about them.
  13. I used to use the POD as my interface, but it kept causing Windows blue screen crashes. I scoured the forum to try to find a fix for that, but nothing I tried helped. I finally broke down and bought an external sound card. I'm not sure about the sound quality yet. Sometimes I think it's worse, other times I think it's the same. I have noticed several advantages, though. 1) my computer doesn't crash anymore. That's the big one. 2) I can use a powered studio mic without adding another piece of equipment into the mix. 3) I can use the master volume on the POD to control the final signal level in my recording. Getting rid of the system crashes made it worth it to me. Whenever I had someone over to record, it was a huge pain to see the blue screen and realize that I lot everything we recorded since my last save. That's heartbreaking.
  14. I've been thrilled with my POD HD500x since buying it back in February. I use it mostly to record, with full amp models in all their glory, but I also use the 4CM with my Marshall amp, and if I don't want to lug the Marshall to practice I'll go direct into the PA with the amp models. I've noticed that sometimes the POD sounds like someone has thrown a towel over the speaker. Out of nowhere it just loses all clarity. It has happened both going direct into the PA and with the 4CM. Sometimes I switch patches and the clarity is back, other times I have to reboot the POD and it's all ok, and still other times I have to do both of those things multiple times until the problem corrects itself. Has anyone else had this problem? At first I only noticed it when I was using the 4CM, but now it is happening when I'm going into the PA also. Any ideas what it could be? I have updated to the new firmware, but I think this happened before that. I honestly can't remember how long ago I updated, but I'm 99% sure I had this problem back in early March.
  15. How does the new JCM compare to the SLO in overall sound quality? Maybe not Slash-like sound specifically, but just overall sound. I use the SLO Crunch because, to me, it sounds most like the Crunch channel on my Marshall combo amp. I love the SLO sound, but I'm real tempted to get the Metal pack just to try the new JCM and the 5150.
  16. I get the same comments from my drummer, that I lose too much low end when I'm not doing the 4CM with my Marshall. But I can't tell much of a difference. In fact, the Marshall has been pretty temperamental lately, and the POD direct has a consistent sound. I may sell the Marshall someday.
  17. If you have your patches set up correctly and use both XLR or 1/4" outputs, you should get stereo FX through those speakers. I have a single Yamaha Powered PA speaker (can't remember the model number) that I bought with my POD, and I think it sounds great. It isn't even as expensive as the one you listed, mine was only $300 or so, but when I run my POD direct through that PA, or into a mixer and then to the PA, I think it sounds damn near as good as my Marshall. It definitely sounds as good as my Marshall after mic'ing it and sending it through the PA. If I had it to do over, I may have skipped buying the Marshall and just went with the POD and powered speaker.
  18. This thread has me thinking that I might be going about this the wrong way. Here is my thought process when recording: 1) Get a guitar tone that I like by itself. I almost never add reverb to my guitar when I play live, so I do the same thing when I'm recording. I'll add delay (especially for solos) but never reverb. 2) When the guitar is mixed with everything else, tweak the reverb and EQ so that all of the instruments fit together. I never thought of #2 as "fixing" the tone, I thought of it as coming up with a mix that works together. But now I'm wondering if this is backwards? Should I be thinking about the amount of reverb and such when I'm coming up with my basic tone? I feel like the type and amount of reverb and EQ could change depending on the other instruments, and I could get caught in an endless loop of "Adjust my tone, re-record, listen with bass guitar, adjust bass guitar tone, re-record bass guitar, listen with my guitar, adjust my guitar tone..." You get the idea... That's what I've been afraid of, which is why I don't add much to my base tone. But I'm very new at this, so there's a good chance I could be going about this the wrong way! Should I adjust my way of thinking?
  19. Thanks duncann. I'll try those things tonight. I always like a lot of distortion and I don't know when to back off of it. That's why I came here! I really appreciate the feedback.
  20. @ Joel - yes, I'm using a Line 6 Drive in front of a SLO Crunch amp. The Drive on the distortion pedal is at 51, and the Output is 48. Bass, Mid Treble is 39, 73, 61. Arislaf, what does quantity of depth mean? I have never heard that before.
  21. Thanks for the feedback! @arislaf - do you think I should change something in my base tone and re-record it, or do you think it could be EQ'd later? @duncann - the weird drum stuff could be because I used the "distorted" preset in EZDrummer2. I thought I'd like the distorted drums, but I find it does strange things, especially to the cymbals. Not sure if I did that here or not. I didn't think that I could be causing some clipping, which would explain that grainy quality I hear in the high end. Maybe I'll try to lower the output of the Line 6 Drive and see what that does. I've messed with the EQ on the amp and the distortion box, but can't dial that out yet. Same question as arislaf, though... should I mess with the tone now and re-record, or do you think it could be fixed in the mixing stage? I haven't messed with the amp DEP's or the cab DEP's, mainly because I'm a little afraid to lol. I'm worried that I don't really know what they do and I'll mess up my tone. Should I put aside my fears and try messing with something there?
  22. I got my POD HD500x in February, and I've been working hard to get a good tone for recording. Today I uploaded some clips to SoundCloud to get some opinions from the good folks here in the forums. I used an SLO Crunch amp and Line 6 Drive for the distortion. Nothing else in the signal chain (except a noise gate maybe). I'm going for a Marshall style, hard rock type of tone. Not really like any particular artist, just something that rocks. I tried for a nice, midsy type of tone, but I still like the raunchy type of high end. I'm worried that it sounds grainy or something, but that may be sonic fatigue from listening to it so much. That's why I want to hear what you all think about it. Here is a clip with Guitars and drums: http://soundcloud.com/8house/MASWAC And here is one guitar isolated: http://soundcloud.com/8house/MASWAC-guitar-only I really appreciate any feedback you can give me!
  23. Thanks for this review! I don't play bass much, but the bass player in my band has been using my POD for recording, so I might invest in this. I've been wondering if it's worth it, but you might have convinced me!
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