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  1. I'm that guy and this is the thread you refer to. I own the Helix Rack, run Win 7 and have a similar issue in Chrome, IE and Firefox. It certainly seems like a Windows issue. I have been driving myself bonkers trying to figure this out, thinking it was a problem on my end. Please fix this Line 6. Being able to share our tones and interact as a community is vital.
  2. I can upload my presets to Customtone but I can not edit or even access the comments section of the uploaded tone. What am I doing wrong? A month ago this was a simple possess. I have tried 3 different browsers on two different computers without success.
  3. Looking forward to this!
  4. Where did you get that sweet cover?
  5. Thank you for sharing this with us. Great playing!
  6. Hello all, I registered at a day later I am still seeing this message when I try to log in. Your account is still awaiting admin approval. I know that site is where to go for Variax presets and I would like to get started. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  7. I find it odd that you can't just hit the delete key within the Helix application. Perhaps the upcoming Helix Edit will have a better, more intuitive solution.
  8. I searched but came up with nothing, Right clicking or pressing the delete key has no effect.
  9. A hard copy of the manual would be appreciated. Spiral bound? I would be happy to pay for one.
  10. XLR it is then, thank you and I apologize if I hijacked this thread. :)
  11. I am a rank amateur when it comes to these things. I have a Scarlett2i2. Do you have a scematic/diagram for this kind of setup?
  12. This is quite common with the early rounds of a new product. Line 6 has shown exemplary customer service as stated above. As long as they continue to fix the issues as they arise I see no issue whatsoever. They are a fine company, coupled with Yamaha, I see only bright skies ahead.
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