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  1. Reverb and Fuzz deserve some love and an auto delay would be nice. IMHO, everything else is spot on.
  2. They have caught lightning in a bottle with this pedal. It is pure magic.
  3. A video of one of these classes or a live stream would be most appreciated.
  4. Sounds great, looking forward to it.
  5. In this day and age that is just a shame.
  6. Since this pack was made some time ago, does it suffer from the EXP issue in the latest patch? If so will you be updating the patch to fix it?
  7. Thank you Phil. This is all I needed to hear.
  8. What is the fix Glenn? Should I contact you through your site?
  9. inveigle

    Helix vs AX8

    I own both as well and can get all the tones through the Helix that I can on the AX8. The only reason I like the AX8 is for the amount of amps and FX compared to the Helix.
  10. How will I know what IR to use with what preset?
  11. Hello, You may wish to check out Dan Capeau's Youtube channel. He uses the Helix and his tones are sublime. I'm sure he would be happy to answer any question you had as well.
  12. The Helix will evolve with each new update. When Line 6 adds new features, they will invariably go into the manual. A digital manual is really the best solution unless you wish to print out only the new bits that are applicable and discard the bits that are obsolete, to keep your hard copy canon.
  13. Solution: I had had the exact same issue with the Helix Rack for the past week. I tried everything in the suggestions including rolling my computer back. Here is what worked for me. For whatever reason when new video/audio drivers or software are installed, windows at times but not always, reverts UAC (User Account Control) to its default setting. So long story short, Right click on your Helix updater and tick the box "Run this program as administrator" and do the same for the updater as well. I know, this baffled me as I am the sole user on my computer and am by all intents and purposes, the administrator. Regardless of this fact windows in all its wisdom sometimes reverts drivers to default UAC privileges. I hope this solves your issue. It is most certainly a weight off my mind. Back to rockin' on the Helix!
  14. mileskb, Thank you for this write up and analysis. Are you still using this EQ, has it changed any? If not, what EQ are you using now and would you post pictures of the EQ if that applies?
  15. I also feel that the fuzz is one area that is in dire need of attention. I just spent the last 2 hours building a patch around my '65 Deluxe Reverb patch to tone match a Way Huge "Swollen Pickle". It is perfect and involved me using two fuzzes at the same time with different settings with a transparent Klon for taste . I would be overjoyed if Line 6 would eventually add the Swollen Pickle to the Helix, but for now, i'm good.
  16. Looking forward to hearing those sounds clips.
  17. Reply from Line 6 ___________________________________________________________________________ Line 6 Support replied to your support request with the following: Hi, Thanks for the input. This is a indeed a bug. It has been logged and will be fixed int he next update. Thanks, Line 6 Support
  18. Thank you MonkeyXT. This troubleshooting should help Line 6 sort this out quickly.
  19. I'm glad to hear that you are getting things worked out Rezonator. For another resource, let me suggest "Line 6 Helix User Group" on Facebook ran by Chad Boston. We have over 2,000 kind and helpful Helix users there. It's a great community.
  20. Even after setting the "Tap Tempo LED" to Off in the global settings it will come back on if I use the Tap Tempo button on the Helix Rack rather than the floor controller. When I go into the global setting it says it is off even though it is blinking. I have to turn it from Off to On and back to Off to get it to stop blinking. I did a factory reset and reinstalled 2.0 but the problem persists. Can anyone else try this to see if have the same results please? Support ticket opened.
  21. That may be true in your case although Line 6 confirmed that I only have one account with 4 registered products and am still producing that error. They are working on it. I did relay that information to them though. Nice troubleshooting there :)
  22. I just got off the phone with customer support. This is indeed a known issue with rack units. So if you are experiencing this issue, hang tight. They are working on it.
  23. Alright, I am getting very frustrated with this issue. No one seems to have a solution to my problem. Here is an update. I can upload a .hlx file to Customtone as per ussual. But I can not edit or even see how to edit the comments section and when I try to download the .hlx file I uploaded it gets downloaded as a .l6t file. When I delete that same patch a small vertical box comes up with two arrows and an X. WTH is going on?
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