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    Helix Native

    What's everyone think of this little announcement?
  2. Peckanina

    EXP 1 position randomly jumps to 1%

    Im having the same issue. This is new as of TODAY. All of my patches that have a wah on them will show the position percentage go from 0-3% and back all on its own. I have the Mission SP1-L6H and it worked fine yesterday. I have cleared out the Helix and Reloaded my patches. I have cleared out the helix and before reloading my patches created a preset with ONLY a wah no amp no cab JUST a wah and as i type this it is currently going from 0-3% on its own. I am currently running the the latest helix OS. This is happening on ALL of my patches not just one.
  3. Peckanina

    Someone help a guy out trying to achieve djent tone!!!!!

    I used an IR but I'm for sure gonna try this later.......
  4. Peckanina

    Someone help a guy out trying to achieve djent tone!!!!!

    Shreadnoise I would be more than happy to help you out with this, as I DO "get it" and don't think the tone your looking to get is "awful". That being said what are some bands you are looking to model your tone based off of? More periphery or more like Chelsea grin or after the burial? alot of the djent tone is just a very gated tone. The people here who don't like it, are more into a very loose, heavy reverb tones. The bluesy type tones. The helix has a lot of GREAT features to help you get the tone your looking for.
  5. Peckanina

    modding a cry baby to make an expression pedal.

    I have no problem admitting that I found a similar thread about modding a cry baby wah pedal to be an expression pedal and I failed so miserably that I ended up getting the mission engineering pedal. However because of this thread I have concluded that my own error was NOT changing the pot. It "worked" but it wasn't consistent at all. My own error. Thanks for this thread though, I have learned my own error and now have a solution. Hahaha
  6. Seriously your BEST option is to get the controller. It makes the ease of use for the rack incredibly easy. I honestly wouldn't recommend using the rack without it. I gig with mine pretty frequently and being able to glance at the pedal board and immediately know what to hit is something I didn't think I would ever use, but has become somewhat of a necessity with all the lights and what nots in my eyes hahaha. Not to mention you can edit on the fly with the controller.....hope this helps.
  7. Peckanina

    Picks inside Helix - child's play

    can you turn it upside down like an acoustic and shake them out? HAHAHAHAH
  8. Peckanina

    Recommendations for Power Conditioner?

    are you using the rack or the floor unit? If your using the rack i would recommend (because i use it) getting a Furman Power conditioner. As a matter of fact i personally have this one: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Furman/M-8DX-Power-Conditioner-with-Lights-and-Meter.gc Much like yourself i am a gigging guitar player and the last thing i want to happen is to run into a venue with dirty power that results in a broken investment. Thats if you use the rack......the floor model...im sure some of these other folks will have some great options and ideas. I hope this helped.
  9. Peckanina

    Helix automation

    has anyone set up the helix to automate for a set list played to a click yet?
  10. Peckanina

    Helix automation

    Yeah basically have the fx change is all. It's not a pain to use the foot controller by any means. Just a thought is all
  11. Peckanina


    Not that you would need that many set lists because yes if you do need THAT many set lists you have more than one problem. But id be a liar if i said i hadn't tried to before. I use the same Rig for 2 bands with different tones set for each. I have the tones for one band in one set list and the tones for the other in another setlist, So yes ive tried to switch set lists with the foot controller with no luck hahahaha.
  12. Peckanina


    i have often wondered about this as well!! hahaha
  13. Peckanina

    Graphic view for all the Eq blocks in the editor

    is this in ideascale!? id vote this!
  14. Peckanina

    Helix rack and 4x12

    Anyone running the rack into a 4x12 cab? If so what are you using as a power amp and how do you have it connected?
  15. Peckanina

    Helix rack and 4x12

    Mine is set to Instrument at the moment if im not mistaken. When i get home ill have a look see. Gonna try a few suggestions from above as well.
  16. Peckanina

    Helix rack and 4x12

    May I ask what power amp your using? I don't have my power amp volume cranked all the way up. Like i said i am learning new things with it all the time so maybe that is something ill try. Currently i have mine running bridged and not stereo also. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Peckanina

    Helix rack and 4x12

    Really just the volume level honestly. I have an old Spider HD75 thats REAL loud surprisingly, and with 300 watts into the helix the volume level is low. Not sure if its how i have it set up, or my settings within my presets, but i feel i have to crank everything. Im still learning things with it everyday and every time i use it. Dont get me wrong i LOVE the set up. Its just the volume issue at this point. Im sure im missing something.
  18. Peckanina

    Helix rack and 4x12

    Yeah im running the Helix Rack into a 300 watt Crown power amp, and into my 4x12 Orange cab. I have a few things im not impressed with but im still learning. Instead of looking at "amp modeling" as "using" a different amp or head i really just chalk it up to what sounds good. This things does SO much and i havent even STARTED toying with it. Let me know how the Engl's work out for you.
  19. Peckanina

    Helix Rack Ship Date?

    i can tell you right now 1. You will already know how to use it out of the box....it really is THAT simple. 2. its AMAZING. Im the kind of guy that likes good presets before i start making my own. There are ALOT of really cool presets inside. Its gonna be a long month but your gonna LOVE it.
  20. Peckanina

    Helix Rack Ship Date?

    That's exactly what i thought was gonna happen to me man. I ended up with the Helix Rack no foot controller (not complaining). When did you preorder your stuff? I can honestly tell you this. If your building a Rack Unit for the helix get a power amp because i didnt hahahaha. I came from a 4x12 cab and an Spider HD75 to strictly rack. So i had no idea the helix needed a Power amp if i was gonna run it into a 4x12 Orange Cab. I cant help but laugh at myself for being entirely WAY to excited to notice such important details. Hope the paper weight is holding things down well for you.
  21. Peckanina

    Helix Rack Ship Date?

    for sure when i at least receive the tracking number maybe i can calm down. hahahahahaha ive really never been this excited for a piece of gear in my life!
  22. Peckanina

    Online Helix Reference Guide for Models

    This really is fantastic. Thanks for putting it together.
  23. Peckanina

    Helix Rack Ship Date?

    any new updates on this? the excitement is overwhelming hahahahaha
  24. Peckanina

    Helix Rack FW 1.06.2 Now Available

    Well this is fantastic news on what started as a terrible day. Nice.
  25. Peckanina

    Helix Rack Ship Date?

    Looks like MF shows a new ship date of 1-24-16 now.