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  1. Looks like when I try to use dotted 8th notes or 1/4 notes on any of the delays the problem shows up and will not switch snapshots but when I use milliseconds for the delays it works and switches snapshots. Support contacted.
  2. Same snapshot issues here. Delay is the issue and I tried several types. So I can't use compressors since they lose volume and now I cant use delays. Right now my Helix is worthless to me!!!
  3. There is no direct correlation between quality and update frequency! If you say so guess it must be true then. Do you think they freq update and quality goes down? every axe update gives me a better overall unit and i expect same from L6. maybe they will maybe they won't time will tell. always room for improving including the reverbs. I guess line 6 should shut down the forum so customers cannot express whats needed to make the product better.
  4. thanks, if only email support was this fast.. :) I'm pretty sure they have no real decent fix for this though. i did open a ticket for this so we will see.
  5. maybe your one of those that settles and that's fine.... 9 updates ..lol i will post whatever i need to post I could really care less what someone thinks.If that was the case forums would be a waste of time. last time i checked, it was me that paid for the unit so unless your willing to send me 1500 bucks? at least im posting about making something better. most forums have product minions, (fractal, kemper and line6 to name a few ) that just can't help it. They jump up and down when someone suggest something could be changed. I could care less what name is on the product only concerned that it sounds great.
  6. the "investment" is a customer spending 1500 bucks on helix and "investing" in line6. its NOT a investment in the product itself.the only thing i have found worth investing in for value later down the road is guitars and amps and a few analog fx. The customer expects a company like line6 to keep up with its peers such as fractal and kemper with frequent upgrades, bug fixes, and customer support.so far the upgrading has failed..imo I also own a axe fx product and not a fan of its owner but I get tons of upgrades even if its a small improvement here and there.I also get answers from the owner on the forums. so far with my helix ,not much. seems my " investment" into line6 has not paid off like the fractal product but it is early and time will tell .right now its the same ol same ol support from L6. if after a year we are still talking about this, helix will be all over flea bay for cheap and companies like fractal will continue to prosper. The ball is in line6's court, I have already done my part "investing" in the company, posting my wishes and complaints on the forum, and contacting support.
  7. the million dollar question is... If line6 pushes this with more frequent updates like fractal does for its customers. so far they have fallen flat with this.. imo i find staying around 30% mix with the reverbs works best.
  8. I opened a support ticket today but to tell you the truth ,i have had less than stellar results from them over various subjects that they should have given me direct answers to but never did that for me.Im betting they have no real solution to this fix. My gigrig G2 has no issues doing this simple task and either does my cheap little 10 dollar switch box. maybe they need to contact gigrig and find out how to make this work? I will be updating what line6 tells me ,from this post.
  9. yes i know this is not a support forum but this issue should have been handled better than it has by line6 for its customers. I opened a support ticket today but to tell you the truth ,i have had less than stellar results from them over various subjects that they should have given me direct answers to but never did that for me.Im betting they have no real solution to this fix. My gigrig G2 has no issues doing this simple task and either does my cheap little 10 dollar switch box. maybe they need to contact gigrig and find out how to make this work? I will be updating what line6 tells me ,from this post.
  10. channel switching an amp should be a simple process for something like helix, right?.my amps are simple boost on/off switching not even really channel switching. It works with a 10 dollar foot switch but not my 1500 helix..lol
  11. It seems lots of people are having issues with this and I have heard nothing from line6 on this in other post. Are you guys working on a correct fix and are you willing to do this repair by having customers send the helix in for service free of charge. I have tried everything just for simple boost switching on both amps , and no bueno. I have seen a list of amps not responding and its growing. thanks
  12. helix fails to change channels (actually boost) on my amps and a lot of other consumers amps. what is the fix for this? I have tried everything and still no bueno. thanks
  13. You shouldn't be getting any ground hum from a channel switching cable. I doubt a hum eliminator would do anything. you might have issues getting it to even work. seems line6 is NOT giving customers a correct fix for this issue. there are lots of people with this problem of the helix not changing channels. it does not work with both my amps. line 6 should offer consumers a free fix for this. 1500 bucks and you have to use a midi controlled switcher outside of helix seems pretty stupid. so far line 6 support has failed its customers with this issue.
  14. well 4 years in the making with no editor at launch..lol still limited amp sims, cab sims not very good compared to 3rd party IR's , no upgrades to speak of since matchless amps and channel switching issues with lots of user amps including both of mine,and zero support for a correct fix from line 6 for this. I am starting to wonder if I made a mistake buying it. at least my fractal gets upgrades, has strong support, and tons of great amp/cab sims. Its true the helix is very easy to use and has some great features like routing but is failing in a lot of other areas, support and cab sims noted in the above post included. Just my opinion take it as you will.
  15. f.y.i....does not work with either of my amps, a diaz cd-100 and a warren haynes special. both use the normal channel input jacks so nothing special here.its just a simple boost switching actually not really a channel switching thing. but for 1500 bucks it should at least perform this simple task.. not happy at all with line 6 support here.
  16. seems like line 6 is avoiding the issue here. There is a very real problem with helix and channel switching a lot of amps. and for 1500 bucks i think they should offer to repair the problem with the unit and stop blaming the user.
  17. This sounds like the fractal forums,.lol my toys make me a living what do your toys do for you? i really don't care what other people think. chapter 11 haha funny guy i don't think i ever said i bought this for what it might be.my post was to line 6 and hoping they LISTEN to the consumer you know the one that keeps the doors open and pays the bills, and push the helix to its limits PERIOD! .your reading into things there bubba. truth is the jury is out on this unit so we will see what line 6 does in the coming months. if i don't like it i will again loose money on a product with " what could have been". i would expect a little more professional responses in a forum instead of 3rd grade post. I got plenty of "toys" so i'm not worried about me its the dude that scraped up 1500 bucks of hard earned cash. My post was covering a topic that line 6 will hear a lot in the coming year if they listen fine if they don't fine. this is not the end all be all anyway. its still digital and still sounds digital to me. I'm just a professional guitarist and everyday consumer that wants the best product for the money. most of these forums are a waste of time because of people bashing someones opinion instead of having an adult conversation about what the company can do to better the product in the long term. most of the post here are about trying to prove your point instead of moving forward with ideals in a positive way.
  18. this was not posted to be bashed by forum members or for sure " line 6 staff". What will I do then? how bout not buy your products is that what you want me to do? I'm just stating a fact that i have been burned by line 6 before and hope that this is not another go round. frequent updates should be the norm. there are a lot of areas to improve the helix. yes i love mine ( right now) just want to see line 6 push the limits and make it the best modeler. I guess that's asking too much though. I'm not in a big rush but I am seeing a trend already with updating new amps/cabs ,stomps, ect. i could give a crap less about the editor since helix really does not need one its pretty simple as is. move on already..
  19. and of course..its a 1500 dollar musical investment what else would you call it? your customers are investing in the hope that you guys push this unit to the max and it is not there yet.
  20. Please do not go the way of fractal on this and come out with "new helix 2.0" and charge customers. keep this unit and upgrade fx and amp/cab sims and NOT every 3 months we need this unit to show its worth. if you can't keep up with the other units like kemper and ax8 with fx upgrades i will again loose money on another line 6 product. there is no need for line 6 to sit back while loyal customers are shelling out fat stacks for helix so lets go line 6, start giving us updates, tweek whats there and make this thing best in class.
  21. If line 6 wants to make this unit really top notch they need to offer customers more frequent updates. updating every 3-4 months with new fx and/or amp/cab sims is not doing customers any favors.I would think with yamahas help this unit should surpass anything out there.come on guys make this thing kick lollipop and take names.I would hate to see this unit take a back seat like some other line 6 products in the past have done. I love my Helix but wont wait a year to get fx I think should be added.There are tons of great ideals being submitted so please follow thru for your customers, soon. thanks
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