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  1. Thanks PeterHam, Duncann and Silverhead for the explanations. I think I got it and it seems brilliant solution and application developed here.
  2. But here I am a total idiot. What is a snapshot and what is a scene? Going to upgrade my Helix just now but am I looking for a photo of movie? :( Please just a sentence or two so I can grasp this concept related to Helix.
  3. I think this is an important post. Sure there must be some standard to digital audio level. I think it is 0dB. (of course dB being a relative measurement). But there must exist a standard in the recording industry because when I playback my CD in my car then all artists, albums, songs etc are of the relative very similar volume level should I leave volume control on the player in one position. That can only be achieved if there is an audio standard level in the recording industry. If we assume 0dB to be that level then somehow I just need to figure out what is the actual guitar volume gain but I would assume even there all guitar pickups generally generate the same signal level at full volume setting on the guitar. Thus if I have my guitar at full volume on the input to Helix and all my FX settings on 0dB gain then effectively I should be recording at approx 0dB level on DAW. If I paste an audio track from say ITunes into Ableton and hit playback that is the level approx indicated on the playback display in Ableton. Thus I should see a recording ouput level from Helix with 0dB on all FX and Amps to render the same level of 0dB to Ableton. But it does not. It renders a much lower -25dB level to Ableton via Helix Asio on Windows 10. This confuses me. Then when I use my USB to connect to Windows 10 pc then Helix takes over as the sound card, sets the audio ouput to 100% and the sound level arriving in my Helix from an Iturnes playback (backing track) is way too loud. So I set the little speaker icon in Win10 right lower corner much lower. But Helix Asio does not remember this level and next time I connect it is back to 100% output which is way louder on my L3t's output. As a matter of fact I set Cosy patch I created to 0dB on all blocks and to get a comparably similar level from the Helix playback via Asio I have to turn that ouput level from PC down to 5%. From there I have a balance between backing track and my guitar (a Fender Elite 2015 model set at 100% volume). Surely this cannot be right. And surely if these anomolies can be solved then pathches created at 0dB should be almost perfectly interchangeable? I am actaully now just totally lost in how to set up my Helix on levels such that interconnections with Ableton and PC sourced playbacks and volume from my own patch (my guitar at full volume) shoudl really all be at the same 0dB standard?
  4. Dude I am glad it helped. As for me I realise by the minute more and more I am lost in this world of digital audio. I think I am just totally stupid
  5. Thanks Dennis that looks like amazing software. But I am not really familiar with Mac though I do have also a Macbook Pro. I still think it should be possible to get the option of connecting two USB channels back to DAW from inside the Helix which carries the total mixed (FX+backing track) output to the power amp (in my case L3t via Line 6 link) for direct recording. That means what I hear is what I record which includes my backing track arriving somehow via USB to the Helix through to the final output to my L3t's. For example the option in global settings of of USB 7 and 8: Why can I not select there also AES/EBU to be sent to DAW if I do not want to have the dry signal on these channels. That way I can record that exact total mixed output (a duplicate of what is going to my speakers) and do not even have to worry about latency because the mixed recording is happening at exactly the same clock speed from the Helix while what I hear (as my monitor then) is my music from my L3t's while the recording is happening in the background on DAW. Think I will post this on idea scale to find out if this would be possible.
  6. Guess this is exactly what I am trying to do but on Windows 10. Any success on your side?
  7. Hi Dennis, Yes this I did use IE on the Windows 10 and got the corruption error. But I did download the 1.77 version also with IE. Anyway everything works for now and I did not want to scratch now again there while it all is working. I will wait for the Line 6 Updater to be out of Beta and then use that. It will work updates on everything from Variax to Helix?
  8. Hi Ndutyme Thanks for posting this diagram and ask the questions. I must admit I do not have a clue what this all means actually. The diagram shows outputs from pc going to outputs on Helix. And inputs on pc going to inputs on Helix. Now maybe it is just nomeclature since if I understand a little bit about a Bus (Universal Serial Bus) then am I correct in saying that actually such a bus is bidirectional and that input side is also output side and thus the "ins" and "outs" and the little arrows attached are only mentioned to confuse me more as I am probably already the most stupid guy on this forum. But my system at this moment works beautifull and I am very happy with the sound coming out of the LT3 speakers when playing Shadows as lead guitarist trying to emulate the great Hank Marvin and have my backing track feeding via Helix from my pc to the same Stagesource L3T's. Just stunning. Now I would like to record that sound I am hearing on the LT3's onto my PC while I am playing. I mean this combined sound of me and the backing track is going out via the Line 6 connection to the 1st speaker and then loop to the 2nd L3t. I arm the Ableton Lite 9 software on the pc and then record and then……..I only get the guitar alone recorded not the backing track. So without copying the backing track into Ableton I would think I could just record the mix sent out to the L3t's back to the Ableton one time avoiding any latency whatsoever (even if there would be slight timelag between what I am playing and hearing and what is being recorded on the hard drive a few milliseconds later) So where on which bus is the output Line 6 connection to L3t's connected so I can set Ableton to just record that one stereo channel for me at once ……. mix done on Helix and adjusted to my ears regarding volume end of story? I mean for that I would need just a very simple one stereo channel recording software actually? I think my problem starts that I actually can hear my backing track (playing straight from MP3) via Helix onto L3t's but I honestly do not have clue how (which Bus) does it get there. It is just present and I adjust the volume on the PC output little speaker icon which indicates "line 6 helix" as the helix is now the sound card. On which bus is the backing track and why can I not record that Line 6 Link ouput which I am hearing which is the output to L3t via Line 6 link?
  9. Think I solved it downloaded latest Line 6 Driver2 version 1.77 (this relates to Windows 10) Installed and click is gone Note I saw version 1.78 but when I downloaded that my browser indicated that the download is corrupt (did that twice then aborted the 1.78 version) I did have latest Helix firmware upgrade already Only installed Line 6 Monkey this weekend. Ok I am now again very happy. My backing tracks playback through USB via Helix to L3T is now just stunning!!!
  10. Hi Klangmaler thanks for your response I am sure I have no feedback loop of any kind. I have no recording software even installed It is purely the Helix usb cable plugged into the USB of my PC. At that moment is seems the Helix becomes the "sound card" since the little speaker icon where I adjust the realtek volume of the very same backing track then becomes "Line 6" volume control. Also at that moment the quality of the sound is better (since I do not go via the headphones socket anymore I suppose) But note at that moment when usb connects to helix i do not even have the headphones connection anymore. Thus the Helix sits like an extension to the PC on the end of the USB cable. Also plugged into the Helix of course is my Fender Elite. The click is not at all tempo related ……. intially there is no click and then after a while you hear the first one one and then start to occur more often. Not repetitive and not loud rather like a scratch on an old vinyl recording. I have read it is to do with the sampling of the audio by the PC but also that now the Helix controls the sound and also the sampling rate etc. The moment I unplug the Helix USB the sound on the realtek simple built in audio card is immediately without the click. Please help
  11. Please help with my issue I have Helix and two LT3 stagesource speakers. I have been very satisfied with everything in the way I played my backing tracks: Simply plugged from the PC audio (headphone socket) into Return1/2 and added that as second channel on each preset and there is my backing track beautifulll with my guitar playing on channel 1 all in stereo on the LT3's. Perfect. I can control total mix of backing track and guitar with master volume pending if I thought my neigbours are sleeping or not. Then I tried USB audio in. The sound quality from the backing track is sure much better!. But now there is the click in the backing track somehow related to the whole digital usb interface I assume. How do I fix this? I have looked at drivers etc (not a pc expert at all) and noted that Line 6 driver takes control of the sound when USB is connected to Helix. So now I think this problem is somewhere Helix related since the stupid low cost REALTEK soundcard I use to play backing tracks via Analog through Return1/2 has no clicks! My PC is a high end Dell Workstation for high performance 3D drawing package and very powerfull with solidstate C:\ drive. I have thought to install a highe end audio card but then I am really only interested in the digital USB audio interface and not sure an expensive sound card can solve the click heard on USB Helix audio. Please help
  12. Gotta agree. If every bar could be subdivided in 5 bars that would be brilliant. Only then could we comment on the accuracy. At this time I can change the pitch audible to my tonedeaf ears while staying within the bar. Helix use of the very best in dac and processors thus this should give us a real high end tuner
  13. chrisvermaak

    Helix routing

    Thank you Igloo, I just needed confirmation that labeled 1 & 2 does not imply mono operation but still stereo on the L3ts. I see no point in processing other I/O than the ones I use. And from my understanding the most simple is the Line6 Link which is one cable from Helix to 1st L3t and then one cable from there to the second L3T. Since at this time I have my two L3ts stacked on top of each other (space limitation) I could not really confirm stereo output via listening.
  14. chrisvermaak

    Helix routing

    All sounds so simple. However I had to be clever (read ignorant). I used one (2nd "lower") input for guitar (dedicated "guitar pad" so what does that actually mean on the description I mean why is it not just called "guitar"). The output (after some beautiful blocks creating beautiful sound with some magnificent Vox 30 amp and Stereo Chorus and Simple delay) creating a fantastic clean sound, I routed to AES out (labelled 101 on the home screen). The other channel is for Ipad which I implemented via input selecting "Return 1/2" for a stereo input from Ipad through one "Gain" block (so I can switch off the backing track via FS) and straight out to AES (indicates "101" on the home screen.) Now I have two AES (L6 Link) outputs (both indicating 101 on home screen). From my Helix I connect obviously then via AES out to two L3T's. One cable to speaker no one and then output from AES to 2nd speaker. Now heres my problem: The L3T's indicate L and R on the rear until I energise the Helix and then speakers change to indicate 1 and 2. I think this is no longer stereo then? I use all block after the amp as stereo blocks so the top output to "101" should be stereo? I use one simple volume/gain block which I assume is stereo on the 2nd line. So is my mistake that I have two 101 output blocks effectively going via one AES cable out to 1st L3T? So should I (can I?) connect (merge) the lower output from volume/gain block to the same 101 output of the upper string? Is the fact that I use two 101 output blocks confusing the Helix AES output such that it thinks this is mono? I am new here and new to Line 6 but oh man is the sound stunning which I am getting out of this equipment. Hank Marvin is already having sleepless nights :)
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