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  1. Thank you for all the responses. But I need to make clear the noize is not from Fender Elite. I take a new blank preset. Just play the guitar and there is just clean tone. Sounds like a laboratory though but clean. No hum no buzz no fizz (ok there is inherently always a small amount of fizz very low in volume from the L3t's but really that does not bother me at all) In this condition my Helix and L3t speakers are like a real HiFi and backing tracks or any music is just brilliant. But for the guitar presets one must get rid of a bit of glass sound from the Elite and delays and reverbs all brilliant on the Helix. To get the tone I now use just a Cab. The 4x10 Tweed. It does start to add a bit of noise but not much and that gives very nice tone. I have built some really nice presets sounding great (and tweaked them into rubbish again) but one thing is clear when I use amps then there is hiss and hum and noise. And I test that easily by just bypass the amp or ampcab block and gone is the noise (but also the the tone :huh:) As for levels I have a principle of 0dB (zero dB) which I apply. Each effect I install remains at 0dB and the overall volume output remains at 0dB. I test this with dB meter. So when I turn the Helix volume to 15h00 I have real volume for the house and at 100% it is loud! I do this to ensure me switching presets does not requrie twirling the guitar volume each time (I try to maintain the guitar volume at 9 such that I provide plenty signal to the input side of the Helix such that signal to noise ratio can be at its best with a bit of reserve on the guitar) I just have to mention that in no way will I ever get rid of my Helix but just thought that these noises may be DSP usage though I am sure I do not use nearly as much as I have seen other guys do on youtube. Relative simple patches chasing clean tone with character.
  2. Why do I get above noise when I pluck a string on my noiseless Fender Elite guitar. Dead silent before pluck. Only starts when there is actual throughput to the amp block. Pluck a single string and listen..... I find that irritating and has reverted to build presets without the amp models. I do use the cab blocks which does give a nice tone with much less of this "noise" I do not use the noise gate at all. Like to set impedance at 22kOhm. It may be the modelling of actual bias of tubes kicking in but then I have a VOX AC30 and there is no such noise. Unfortunately I use L6 L3T speakers and then this background noise is really noticeable on solo lead on single strings. Would IR be a better solution to get Hank Marvin clean tones. I can build a perfectly clean tone using any of the blocks excluding amps and cabs but then that "tone" I am chasing is not achievable.
  3. Have to say I find my best tones without using any amp or amp+cab models. Do use the Cabs though they do provide a nice colouration. I play Helix direct into L6 L3T speakers. If you use the amp models there is always an underlying buzz/hiss when you pick on a string and I just hate that since I am chasing pure clean tone for Shadow music.
  4. Thanks a lot. I could not find this in the manual.
  5. Thanks a lot HonestOpionion But I am sure this is more than placebo I have been doing this bundle backup and restore since beginning of time This is the first time I think I have the improvements of 4 upgrades. It does sound better for sure. Can I bother you once more: What is the pad setting in global on guitar input. No clue. So just leave it off at the moment.
  6. Ok Silverhead you are right After importing the setlist and then power on off rebuild happened again from preset 256 upwards. (Assume user presets start at 256). Also does this mean it is updating the effects and models in my restored preset list? Thank you so much. Also want to thank HonestOpinion and JaminJimlp for their assistance
  7. Thank you so much Silverhead. Your help came a bit late since I already started installing 2.11 again. But reading the link and your advice made me this time not screw it up. Now the sound is great. I have been doing this stupid bundle backup and install on each of my upgrades. Lesson learnt And for general information doing this now correctly there was not a 2nd rebuild of presets after power down (after globals reset). So if you find this 2nd rebuild then something is wrong.
  8. HI HonestOpinion Thank you so much for your assistance. But I have a suspicion that restoring the 2.0 backed up bundle kind of scrapped my updated 2.11 firmware factory presets. I maybe imagine but now the factory preset does not sound so nice on AC30 (factory preset 2). Even though I did the reboot 9+10 to rebuild the presets. I think it just rebuilt the installed 2.0 presets from the restore bundle which was then already installed. It just does not sound so nice. Maybe I am imagining this. Also the unit did the rebuild again after I powered down and then up a bit later. That means the 2 times rebuilding presets. Just does not seem or sound right. But I have a suspicion I would have to re-install version 2.11 but do not know if that is feasible or safe.
  9. Well then it is not as obvious as Dunedin Dragon states His sarcasm though is very obvious Ok so how do I backup the setlists and IR's and Global settings. Each then must have an individual file? Hope this does not lead to another obvious sarcastic retort though. Thought the forum is where stupid idiots like me may ask a question. My question can also be ignored if it is so totally stupendous obvious.
  10. Upgraded this morning. Backed up the Bundle (not setlist) That means also the factory presets? Then after upgrade I played around a bit listening to the rebuilt (now new factory presets). Used some pedal switching on effects etc. Then I decided to restore my backed up BUNDLE. When I did that I noted that the factory presets changed (footswitches went off as per the original preset). Now my question is that if you restore the bundle then do you overwrite the factory presets (assumedly latest version with the latest upgrade) to the previous upgrade. I assumed this must have happened so I then exported setlist only. Then did Globals reset again to rebuild again the factory presets to newest version then restored the setlist back to get my presets. Am I wrong in assuming that restoring the bundle will replace the newest factory presets with the previous version factory presets? If not then maybe the instructions should emphasize that one must backup the setlist for restoration and not restore a previous bundle?
  11. Put the Looper in the first block and let it loop. Now that is a brilliant idea instead of each time picking a few notes to hear the tone? Now I just got to figure out how the Looper works :unsure:
  12. Had my Helix since March 2016. Love it Finally getting some real nice tones. I only play clean and mainly Shadows Hank Marvin. But some simple questions (please forgive my ingnorance): What is the difference between an IR and Amp block or Cab or Amp+Cab block. Are the blocks not IR's? Is an IR a full once off sound setup including all kinds of effects processed for a specific sound tone? If I bypass a block (still visible on screen but dulled out) does that completely release any load from that block on the DSP? Please could Line 6 list DSP consumption on all the effects from most agressive to least aggressive. Even if the list is just in terms of groups of effects, (Amps, Cabs, Compressors, Modulation.......etc)
  13. Went for 2 off LT3's when I picked up my Helix in March. Never had any regrets. Connect via L6 Link I have one cable from Helix to 1st LT3 then link from there to 2nd LT3 and just beautiful perfect sound. So I play my backing track and my guitar through the same system and everything just perfect. And if I just want to listen to music then iTunes through Helix to same speakers and it is as close to HiFi as you can get. Perfect simple. (Was a bit expensive on the day of the buy though) And if need be I use the 2nd channel from Mic input to setup nice effects through Helix so even my voice sounds half decent when singing along! All through the very same 3 pieces of equipment. Volume is plenty of pure sound though I am not sure if it is enough for big stage but oh man there is plenty power in those L3t's. And with the L6 link you can add more and more speakers purely in the same link and power will increase. I have always felt that 10 inch speakers are the perfect size for best dynamic and frequency response on a guitar and each L3t has two of those. So you end up with 4 x 10 FRFR cab and your recordings or other music sound magnificent and in stereo then. So my only upgrade if ever would be for the next set of Line 6 speakers maybe with more power and 96kHz conversion rate. Otherwise I am set.
  14. Sorry I should not have posted here. Mine is a JTV (SSH). Not SSS. But it is truly super quiet to the point where on Helix I can switch out the input gate and still no hum and no buzz. Actually unbelievable.
  15. I should just add that when I compare noise or hum it is purely via 1/4 inch jack on JTV69 straight to same jack into the strat. I do not even have the battery installed. Maybe therein lies the different results mentioned above. So I would propose to Line 6 to build also a James Tyler 69 (no variax electronics) and install a best top quality tremolo and that could be a very serious guitar at probably a very competitive cost. Maintain the high quality components you use including the high quality volume and tone pots and it will be a winner. I have to admit that slightly I prefer the tone from the strats. I have been a strat fanatic all my life and will always have at least 2 of them at all times!
  16. Cruisinon and David I truly can state my JTV is absolutely quiet. I would use the very same preset on the Helix, not change the volume anything and then swop the Fender Elite with the JTV 69 and the hum/buzz (granted soft on the strat) is gone on the JTV69, humbucker or single coil at the same volume. My only real gripe with my JTV is the pathetic tremolo installed on my 2010 model. I understand that in 2011 that tremolo was upgraded. Trust me I would love my Elite to be the better guitar because it cost me a lot more money, but if I can get a new model tremolo arm for the JTV69 it may well become my favorite and that is playing on the mags!
  17. Just want to mention that as far as noiseless goes the JTV 69 pickups are truly noiseless when playing magnetic pickups. More silent than my 2015 Strat Elite and my 2014 Strat de Luxe Plus. Tone wise not standing back to any of my Strats.
  18. the Tremolo Mine is a Korean made unit. I bought it new in April this year. But when I finally registered it some 3 weeks later I realised it was a 2010 model. Must have been sitting at the dealer for 6 years! Anyway no problem the guitar upgraded to the latest firmware no problem. And I use it mainly via the magnetic pickups. I find I enjoy playing it more than my 2015 Strat Elite and my 2014 Strat de Lux Plus. The quality of the build is great. The fretwork is great. The setup and intonation is great. The tuners top class. And the Black Tusk nut is better than both my top of the range Strat synthetic bone nuts. I also love the neck being that slight bit more narrow than a Strat. Plays very easy to to me. The modeling is a bonus but not important to me. I play magnetic pickups and do modeling via my Helix. But the tremolo is real rubbish. Apparently it was upgraded in 2011. I play only Shadows music trying to emulate Hank Marvin (of course I will never succeed) and thus use the Tremolo almost always though with very light action. The tremolo arm fixing to the bridge is rubbish, Totally loose. Stupid design with a little screw supposed to hold it in position. But there is always loose play in the arm when applying the tremolo. Not good if you want to wiggle the arm to slightly vibe the sound. Pathetic actually. I think I should get a free replacement upgrade from Line 6 since I was under the impression that I bought a late model and if that was the case then it should have had the latest tremolo arm? Am I unreasonable?
  19. Absolutely. Just works brilliant. Sound quality from Itunes through Helix now perfect. Volume controllable. Thanks Line 6
  20. The impedance setting is now on the input block of each preset/snapshot rather than in global settings. Yes man! Thanks. I think Line 6 has it all covered here! Now just need to check if the USB 1/2 Trim actually trims the input volume when applying backing track via USB from Windows 10 through USB. On previous versions the USB input always went back to 100% output from PC whenever you restarted or disconnected and that could be an ear drum snapper when you reconnect to USB audio from PC
  21. Miles the QSC may be smaller and lighter but really the combination of quality of sound and power in reserve of the L3ts is a huge plus. You can play them soft or loud they sound beautiful. You take two of them with your helix to a stage and you are nog going to be dwarfed by the drummer.
  22. I have gone with 2 L3t's. Perfect. Enough power and true HiFi for my backing tracks which go via Helix through the exact same speakers. The available volume is huge with 50% volume setting on the speakers and all my presets are setup around 0dB gain for each block used. I cannot sing otherwise I would have tried the microphone via same Helix out to same speakers. I do not think you can buy better for a "one man band" setup and you can use same speakers at home for brilliant HiFi sound from your TV or just general at home. The L3t's have equalisers also (which I set at neutral) but that could be usefull where you want to adjust you home sound system for the room. And if you want to travel light you can take only one L3t with you and still have plenty power. Of course your stereo backing tracks will now not be that useful or sounding that great.
  23. I read somewhere and it is simple "press the middle two buttons on the bottom row in fully then switch Helix on and release after switch-on" When you have buttons depressed and energise the Helix there is a warning on the screen that if you release now all factory presets will update to version 2.0. If you you release the Helix will work a while and after full boot you will have like a brand new Helix V2.0 with none of you patches there anymore and all the global settings restored also to factory settings. That is when you backup is required. Simply connect and download to Helix your setlist(s) and voila all is there. Then you will have to set again any global settings you may have had previously. I think there is a slight change in tone and possibly that is because now my guitar input impedance is only "auto". I had that set at 1Mohm on the older firmware but now I cannot find where to set the impedance actually to my value and not the auto default value.
  24. I had that very same requirements. Want my guitar to sound like a guitar. Like Hank Marvins guitar. And wanted my backing tracks or just pure music sound like pure music through the same system. Finally I purchased 2 off L3t speakers and connected them to my Helix full digital via Line 6 Link Now I have full stereo backing track at HiFi quality sound and my modeled VOX AC30 (Hanks favourite amp) with delays, reverb, compressor all going through stereo patches straight from the Helix to the L3ts and it sound beautifull. I needed two speakers to accomplish the stereo from backing tracks and I went big for the L3t's such that when you have your guitar and backing track going to both speakers the volume you can achieve is truly huge. And whether I practise at reduced volume at home or play at loud volume with my sons or to myself the tone only sounds slightly different and I think that is just because of my ears always enjoying the louder tone but the soft tone also makes me perfectly happy. I achieved that by finally setting the levels on Helix and L3t's to what really works close for low or high volumes. The L3t's are heavy (effectively each 1300W speaker amps) at 26kg each. But they carry easy and the setup is simple with one serial cable going from Helix to 1st speaker then loop through to the 2nd. I do not think you can buy better equipment for your (and my purpose)
  25. Ok did the upgrade no problem Reset all presets to new factory presets And restored my patches no problem Not even looked at the new features. Just first played to hear if everything is ok and it is. Just first want to thank Line 6 for the new tuner. That is now world class. Could hear immediately how much better in tune my guitar is now and could see also that my intonation is slightly off. This is the only tuner I now need. Thank you so much
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