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  1. I have two L3t units. Decided to buy a Denafrips Iris unit to convert USB to AES. It does not work. If I feed the L3t's from the Helix (USB input source from same Macbook) the sound is great via the AES link connected to the L3ts When I feed the L3T's via the very same cable (removed from Helix and plugged to Iris) there is no sound. Device is selected correctly in Macbook indicating that the Iris is connected) My main question now is if the AES is compatible or is it actually a Line 6 type connection based on AES (works like AES but only on Line 6 equipment) Has anybody provided input to L3t speakers AES port from a source other than Line 6 equipment. The main reason for me doing this is to clear up the sound from Macbook via the Denafrisp Iris and send directly to Stagesource speakers and thus unload my Helix to only handle guitar effects to a different amplifier.
  2. Just the same as always. Perhaps Line6 could just trap the "green" sector when within half a cent? Must say I never found my guitar out of tune to the ear and I always use the Helix tuner
  3. Thank you. Downloaded and very informative
  4. Would love to get the Excel file but I do not do the facebook thing so I get nowhere when going via above link Possible you could load the file directly here or any other way where IT Limited idiots like me could get it?
  5. Had similar problem few times. Think only since 2.3 upgrade: On power up no sound from Helix. Not even playback from iTunes via USB. Helix on and Helix Editor communicating via same USB link but no sound. Each time it worked again after Helix reboot (simple power off and on again) My Helix is powered via a UPS
  6. Great thread great tips OK what I know now is: I KNOW NOTHING!
  7. Just to confirm. I did only the "green" lines in the instructions. There is no globals reset? Just restore from backup and good to go? This is so much better than before but I need confirmation that I should not have done "globals reset" and that portion of procedure should not be required then in the future with v2.30 and upwards? The restore worked great but on globals the level settings on USB ins and outs did change. (Did not restore to my original values) This can be dangerous if you switch on the amps and speakers being fed from Helix with huge volume increase. Luckily i always go back on sound after upgrade with very low volume setting on Helix master volume and then carefully raise the volume.
  8. In examples shown the input impedance refers to the INPUT of the guitar input which should be selected to match the guitar output impedance, not the block it feeds to? That is how I understood the Auto setting or then the manual setting per preset. I use on all presets a gain block as first block thus my input impedance between guitar and Helix should stay constant always. Am I correct in assuming this? Then as impedance simulations between interconnecting blocks do change that is a result of Helix and there I trust what they do since I would not have a clue. The AUTO setting used on global (and thus effective if preset input is also set to Auto) is more for where one wants to match different guitars to the same input. Maybe for comfort use the Auto, but I do find that not feasible so I label presets for each guitar I have the main diffence being setting the input impedance of the Guitar Input on the preset and then adjusting via the gain block that I get the same output volume at the same guitar knob setting for both guitars (each on their own preset which is in all other aspects normally a duplicate of each other). Not sure if this is the solution or even if I am correct in my thinking.
  9. I just loved that sound. Share the Helix patch?
  10. I had similar problem on L3T. Took it in to service center. They spent an hour and called me saying it was fixed. They said they replaced a speaker. I do not believe that. Your story sounds much more credible!
  11. Ok I will try again. EFTP is generally referred to the echoes used by Hank Marvin. (Echoes from the Past) and has been extensively developed by Charlie Hall. But now there is some copyright issues etc. Hank used the Meazi multihead tape echo. I am getting very close but not perfect using the multitap delays from Helix. But I do not really understand how the Multitap Helix works. I place T1 and T2 and T3 etc equivalent to the tape heads on the Meazzi (using delays which one can get on the web). But what is the first time one puts on the multitap. Is that actually like the quarter note time of the song you try to play. Then Tn is the delay (position of tape head in mS) from the tape recording head to the playback head(s). Or Tn as percentage is the portion of the delay time set in the first input. Is the 1st input not actually a delay time but rather simulating the "speed" at which the tape would run? I feel I am close if I can just fully understand or get some info on how this delay works. There is not any real detail in documention. Am I wrong to relate the multitap delay to a 6 head Meazzi tape delay. And if not how exactly should I approach it to get the sounds so famous from Hank Marvin and the Shadows. I have seen players getting brilliant results with the Quadraverb Q2 and Q20. Now I am refusing to accept that my Helix cannot do what the Quadraverb can do and do it better.
  12. Any advice on how best to try and simulate the Echoes From the Past delay? Or would that not be possible and if I want that sound should I buy then rather such a unit?
  13. I Like that idea! Would help me a lot since I do not have the ear to hear the kick in point
  14. Do not know about the cheap part but a pair of L3t's from Line 6 is what I have. I use this as my HiFi with my music playing from iTunes through the Helix to the L3t's connected via L6 link. The guitar is always plugged in so at any time I select a backing track and on the very same speakers join in with my lead. It always sounds brilliant and the backing tracks of course are also played back in Hi Fi through the same two L3t's. I do not think I could have done better. I can clearly hear any small change in effect or cab implemented on the Helix. L3t employs two 10 inch speakers which also responds well at lower volumes. And is truly brilliant when you start to use the 1300 watt you have available per cabinet. Only time I will change is when Line 6 brings out an upgrade or new similar units. Finally I just want to mention that since upgrade to version 2.20 on the Helix my guitar surely cannot sound better. Clean with tone and character. Right now I am just absolutely happy for the first time since getting the Helix and L3t's in March 2016. I play mainly with my Fender Elite fitted with Kinman Mark Knopfler noiseless pickups. (did not like the original Fender Elite noiseless 4 pickups)
  15. IF you can register the on Line 6 under your name then they are new. Maybe Demo but sure still new. However you should get a 2nd unit. If have two L3t's and they are magnificent. Through my Helix they act as my HiFi for playback of music and backing tracks and the guitar is always plugged in so any time I join on the same set of speakers and it is just brilliant. You need really nothing more unless you would play on really big venues but even moderate venues you have plenty power and at home you have HiFi and pure backing tracks and your guitar gets the full preset treatment perfectly from Helix via these units.
  16. Just did the update. Brilliant thank you Line 6. Suddenly my clean presets are CLEAN. Must be the improvement on reverb. Oh no! Could not stop playing so burnt my supper on the stove!
  17. I mean the power capacity of each of the two 10 inch speakers and the ohms rating. Also what make are these speakers? I have a pair of L3T's just love them but need to know the above if possible.
  18. Did not mention that it is with my hand that I touch the tap/tuner button. (My Helix on a little table adjacent to where I am sitting with guitar) It certainly happens that sometimes I find my preset tempo has changed down to 33 BPM. I am sure there is nothing wrong with my Helix never found a problem. But using finger sometimes I do not push the tuner button (also touch to set tempo button) lightly before pushing it down and I think there is where this change occurs. Ok so if you have touch select disabled then there is no way you can get to set the tempo by getting access to a knob for that effect to turn exactly onto the tempo you want?
  19. Ok but I regularly have the problem that the bpm would change if I linger too long on the button when actualy I want to activate the tuner. Next thing I find is that my BPM on the preset has changed. Now I like very much to set the BPM by touching tap (tuner) button and then set BPM with knob 6. To eliminate this spurious changing of BPM when actually I just wanted to press the footswitch to activate the tuner I then disable "touch select" in global settings. But now I cannot activate set tempo on my preset with knob 6. How or what should I do? Maybe Helix should find a different way to set BPM on delays. Just allow me permananet knob 6 to on every delay effect to set the BPM.
  20. "Thank you for all the responses. But I need to make clear the noize is not from Fender Elite." Need to apoligize for the above comment. The noise was from my 6 month old Fender Elite. Out of desperation I dived in under the cover to check and found a dry solder joint on one of the earth leads soldered to the volume pot. Could see it is not good and re-soldered the joint and voila....... Helix pure and clean again. So I am sorry for this and also the tone on the guitar is so much better!
  21. Thanks HonestOpinion. I have not updated yet. Will wait a few days and see if L6 "fixes" this. Otherwise confusion is likely to enter the scene (or should I say the Snapshot :) ). A "fix" could be as simple as just renaming the editor to 2.12 such that I am not confused. (Very stupid guy here)
  22. Good question I notice the Update instructions (pinned) mentions Editot 2.11 but I have also read that the Editor and Firmware version should always match. Suppose backup with 2.11 and then run updater and then Editor should be 2.12?
  23. Really? So I use three delays in one patch. Two in parrallel as multitap and that would not be possible on Axe?
  24. Got to agree with Amsdenj: "No matter how accurately the model simulates any given cabinet, mic and room, then end result is going to be played through yet another speaker in a room, or at least headphones. These speakers will have their own impact on the tone, and its likely much greater than some of the details of the cabinet models. " I can get the perfect model/IR .....whatever from you and maybe load it into my Helix and I copy all your equaliser and delays and all effects settings then I still have to go through MY speakers. Granted I have FRFR but even they are not perfect. And maybe your beautiful tone came via your tube amp. And mine is now digital solidstate in my Line 6 L3t's And then I play via my Fender Elite noiseless SSS with different strings than your Ibanez or Fender HSS ........and then it all sounds different anyway. So chasing tone which you heard by all kinds of scientific means is almost impossible and if you get it then it will be only the once in your room at your sound level via your equipment and you cannot really transfer it etc etc.
  25. Dunedin we are on the same page regarding levels. I have the Stagesourse speakes on FRFR at 12 o'clock volume all tone controls there set flat and neutral 12 o'clock. the Helix volume control is my master volume. I have donwloaded number of IR's from 3 sigma. The optimum I found is the Fender de Ville (4 x 10) at mike position 4 and amplifier A (that means they used a Peavey 5150 valve amp to record the IR). Must say I am now totally satisfied. Hiss and noise is absolute minimum. The attack on strings is actually gone. Absolutely beautiful. ( I have always preffered 10 inch speakers for clean tone all my life and the L3t also has 2x10 speakers in each cab so there is a bit of fetish on 10 inch speakers present here) But I have to mention also that I just replaced the cab block from Helix (4x10 Tweed) and really the Helix cab ( Fender Bassman 4 x10) is very good. If I run the 1024 IR from Sigma then the Helix cab is better (more full , less thin). It is only the 2048 IR which beats the Helix cab in my opinion. So if clean is not your game I have suspicion the Helix standard blocks are very good. And it is only with repeated fine tuning that got where I am now really splitting hairs. Most certainly most of the "noise" is generated in the amp or amp cab blocks. Can be tuned out mostly by reducing the Bias but then also the tone goes clinical) Helix is a wonderful piece of equipment for sure. Oh well I am a one eyed Line 6 worshipper so just ignore that comment.....
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