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  1. Oops, my Flashback X4 did that, not my Helix...
  2. Also keep in mind that if you are set to something like dotted 1/8th, you generally tap quarter notes to set the tempo, but the LED flashes what the dotted 1/8th repeats are. It does not flash the quarter notes that you tapped.
  3. Sounds like you could use the Snapshots functionallity. You can turn on/off, change parameter value on a LOT of your blocks with just one switch. I don't use Stompbox mode any more, just snapshots. Very useful. Snapshots tutorial by Line 6:
  4.'s equivalent to not driving a new car because you like the inconsistencies and randomness of a carbureted engines with a manual choke. Is a 1961 Corvette awesome and fun to drive...YES! Is an old Marshall Plexi awesome and fun to crank...YES! Neither will be my every day driver though. There is a place for the old and new technology. You just have to use what is right for the situation.
  5. I generally use two: The simple delay at the beginning, and then another that has some extra "flavor" immediately after in the signal chain. The simple delay does not color the tone and I usually have it set for tap tempo. The "flavor" delay after that is set to a time somewhere between 400-800ms depending on what sound I am looking for at the time. I can kick up the mix ratio and feedback on the flavor delay for ambient stuff. It gives you a lot more flexibility when using snapshots.
  6. I plan on doing my update tomorrow. As a precautionary measure, I am going to backup the bundle (everything in the Helix besides IRs), and also backup individual setlists. That will allow me the option to restore the bundle as a whole, or individual setlists as necessary. Don't forget to reinstall your IRs in the same order that they were in before your update!
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