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  1. Does anyone know how I sign up for alerts to know when it goes on sale again?
  2. I know there is a discount for those who own Helix hardware, and granted that for the Helix rack & floor users you get the Native for $99 but as a LT user $299 is more steep than I can go right now. Does L6 ever do sales for registered users? If ever I saw a $149 or $199 price for Lt users I’d HAVE to snatch it up!
  3. That’s what I’m doing now, switching between 2 amp models, the problem is if you ad an IR, a drive, a reverb and delay, the amps you can use are DRASTICALLY limited. i own a Fractal Axe FXII and have to say the X/Y switching is wonderful. It’s a part of the beauty of having a dedicated processor to amp sims.
  4. I can totally support this, I dig the real amp and I dig the Sim of it in my Axe FX, I’d also like to add a Diezel Herbert, 5150iii and Mesa Mark IIC+ to the mix. But what I’d really dig is Line 6 making the amps a little more realistic and getting the whole clarity/note separation improved, maybe a little more flexibility in and advanced parameters like the ability to change power tubes, or have a graphic eq (MXR 10 band style in the virtual fx loop for the amp sim) or the ability to tweak the drive pedals a tad. Also the ability to go from a clean to dirty without having to use 2 amp models. Lastly, a cool utility would be to have a mode where the switches 7-11 select presets while switches 1-5 switch in and out fx.
  5. Thank you for the info! The momentary delay sounds fun.
  6. Am I wrong though that even when using snapshots you have to use the same amp model?
  7. I’ve mentioned it in Idea Scale but wanted to here as well. One of the BIGGEST draw backs of the Helix for me is there is no A/B or X/Y amp model ability to simulate switching amp models. The closest I can get is a mixer out to 2 amp models and switch between the two which GREATLY impacts which amp models you can use. Someone has suggested using scenes and I suppose reducing the drive of the amp but this is not the fix I am looking for. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? i don’t want to use a separate preset to avoid gaps in preset changes. thanks
  8. 2 dumb questions but what is the Wah engaging @ 5%, does that mean when the pedal moves more than 5%? That would be awesome and make me revisit the Wahs on the Helix. I never found one I like so I gave up and started using my bad horsie again, the plus is it’s auto engage. Also what are momentary delays?
  9. If we’re talking sonic improvements, I’d like to see some improvements made to the power amp modeling to make the Helix sound more like a real tube amp even through a solidstate poweramp, and some more clarity in the overall modeling. The Helix is getting so, so close tho. May be selling my Axe FX in the future
  10. Has anyone found a good alternative case for $150 one Line 6 sells?
  11. I say this totally out of love, I have been a consistent Line 6 user since 2001 when I bought my first Flextone II, I still have (not including my Helix) 5 other pieces of L6 gear 3 of which are in active use. I think the biggest thing that L6 could do to really and undeniably establish the Helix as a platform that can hang with the bigs is to work on the modeling, especially in terms of accuracy and clarity. I have an Axe FX II since late 2011, one of the things about the modeling in that unit for example is that I know when I pull up a Friedman Brown Eye for a project that I am going to get better than 95% of the experience of using the real amp. The tone is going to be there, next and almost as important the feel is going to be there and other things that aren’t as important but still useful is the that the knobs will react very close if not spot on to the real life model (keeping in mind that the real models vary from one to another) and their interactions between each other is going to more or less match. Putting all of the tweaking parameters aside which are nice but not essential the other thing that FAS’ products have is clarity and note separation. You can pull up almost any amp model, get more gain then you should need hit a big chord and hear the individual notes as good as the real thing does it better. And if you haven’t heard the user demos of the new modeling platform in the AF3 it’s very much worth a listen, that last element of depth, dimension and openness has been handled and I would venture to say there is 1 or less percent separating the models and the real thing. This isn’t as big of a knock on the Helix as it may sound at first, and it’s not a fanboi trolling L6 to promote Fractal Audio. Again this out of love, I love my Helix and use it live more than my AF2 because it’s just more convenient. I think L6 has always done an excellent job with FX and their units sound good but getting the modeling more accurate, increasing the clarity and depth I’d likely sell my AF2.
  12. Think it would be awesome to have a functionality that would essentially allow for channel switching, that doesn’t require using snapshots. On my Axe FX II it allows XY functionality for just about every block, I use it for this purpose. The great thing is that you don’t have to use the same amp. On my AF2 my main live rhythm patch is based off of a Diezel Herbert, the “Y” channel is a Orange Rockerverb so in that instance it’s not a Dirty/Clean set up but it’s an Aggressive/Mid Gain set up. In my worship patches I do use a Mid gain/Clean set up that is one thing I’m missing when I use my Helix.
  13. I've never played a Mark aside from a V but I have a Fractal Axe FX II and my understanding is those models are spot on and I can say that the Mk II and the MK IV models in the AF2 are very different, not just in tone (which can be addressed with EQ) but in feel, I assume its a gain structure thing. If we could only have 1 I would definitely g for the Mk IV but it would certainly be nice to have both.
  14. What kind of improvements are to talking about?
  15. Yes, yes! Also need; 5150iii Friedman Brown Eye Marshall Silver Jubilee
  16. I bought my LT in July, Can I take advantage of this and if so how?
  17. They don’t have the Kempers set up for FX and I wont have an opportunity to program it, in PW boost, reverb and dotted 1/8 delay is essential. If I start doing this gig regularly I may ask about going in there and setting up patches to use my ground control pro for switching.
  18. The reason for running from Helix to Kemper is because this church uses Kempers for consistency. I’m using the Helix in this instance for fx only, in place of a standard pedal board. This isn’t the church I usually lead Worship at, this weekend I’m a paid fill in so I gotta run how they want.
  19. Spoke to tech support last night. Here is the info I took away from the conversation is the following: The ground switch only applies to the XLR outs, sometimes these things happen, they’ve heard of issues but not enough of them to warrant further investigation, I may need to look into a hum-buster of some type.
  20. Has anyone here ever tried one of those HumX from Ebtech? Do they work?
  21. I actually did remember to turn off amp & cab modeling, so that wasn’t the issue, though forgetting at first would be something I’d be inclined to do on occasion. I don’t think they will run me direct with the Helix, their guitar racks are all back stage, seems like it would be an ordeal to make that happen. The sound guy is going to do some experimenting and let me know what he finds out. Worst case scenario I’ll just take my Axe FX and run it for the fx only. My concern is that I bought the Helix as an alternative to my AF2 and want to leave my AF2 hooked up in the studio, and every time I’ve set it up I have had some sort of noise problem. I have reached out to tech support. Hopefully I’ll get a usable answer. I can’t tell you guys how much I appreciate the help, if you have any more suggestions please keep them coming.
  22. Do you think this will eliminate the hum? I still have a hum issue even when I run it 4 cable method with my 5150iii.
  23. I just noticed that was the question posed and edited my post but I’m not sure. I’d assume it’s set what ever the factory default is since I don’t recall ever changing it.
  24. Yes, it was plugged into the same Furman unit. Not sure what the level on the Helix out is set to, I left it there for the sound engineer to mess with (I’m good friends with the worship pastor so I can trust them with my unit), but a my normal P/W gig I run it the same way into a Quilter Labs Toneblock.
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