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  1. I use the Placater, L6 2204 Mod and ANGL Meteor amps most. For what I do live, I like the amp gain on most of these to be at around 7-8. My Helix Rack is connected with a single 1/4" out to my Legacy 3 Return - Eliminated 4CM because with the noise using multiple amps, never went away. Switching to this mode has improved the noise floor dramatically for me but using any of the four effects loops on Helix brings all of the white noise and hiss back. I could technically use a Voodoo Lab GCX to add the delays and reverbs that I'm using after the Helix 1/4" out and before the amp return but then I lose the ability to have my loops modular and levels controlled with snapshots. Kind of in a bind because while I can increase the noise gates and squash the "kshhh" noise, but I need sustain for my playing. I found that messing with the levels and mix in a SEND/RETURN block can take down the noise floor while still allowing the effect to come through. Not as strong, but enough for my Digitech FreqOut and Horizon Devices Precision Drive to still be effective. I've also experimented with three different types of isolated power supplies, sets of brand new cables, tried the Ebtech HE-2 in between multiple places and even run a higher end power regulator for everything (Furman M-8XAR). I made a video outlining some of my issues but since then I have even gone as far to take everything out of the rack and keep everything as separated as possible...eliminating proximity noise that I thought might have caused my issues. It has to be the conversion rates in Helix...HAS to be. Hopefully this helps...if anyone can help me, I'm all for it too! I'm close to the noise floor that I perceive as "acceptable" but am all for improving that if possible.
  2. Greetings! If you are reading this then you are probably a proud owner of the Helix. With that said, I'm looking for an answer. Has anyone had their presets and settings wiped out in any given situation? I'm talking when a breaker pops, after transportation or even just booting Helix up normally. Has anyone had that issue, or should I really get into the habit of backing my presets up? I use Helix Rack to tour with. It's been absolutely fantastic to use but with touring, you know that stuff seems to go wrong at the most inconvenient time. I'm just trying to gather a failure report. Questions does not pertain to corrupt files that occur from updating Helix - I already knew that was a thing. Thanks folks, and keep on Helix-ing! Jaime Trevino of RockStar
  3. To close, I had to call Carvin and Line 6. Carvin reassured me that I wasn't going nuts and Line 6 found that I was the first caller attempting to configure my rig with this issue. Though a user may set a CC message to send on, lets say, footswitch button 8...the Helix will only recall that CC message in Stomp Mode. If you have a Snapshot or Preset assigned to the same button, it still won't send. What I am gathering is that the Global Switch Setup isn't truly "Global" in some instances. I think that this is something that they were surprised to find by the sound of it, which makes me feel good as a user. I hope that this is something that gets put onto their fix-list someday because for me, this was almost a dealbreaker. Luckily, my Legacy 3 works as an awesome power amp and I am able to get some truly amazing and organic sounds out of these Helix preamps. I'm still satisfied. Thank you all! Best regards, Jaime T.
  4. Thank you! I am so happy to have this thing. I was on the fence with another option but in terms of audio quality and user interface, there is nothing easier than Helix. I'm glad to be apart of the group! B) Best regards, JT
  5. Thank you! I was wondering what the lightning bolts were. I'll be sure to try this out when I get home this afternoon! :)
  6. Greetings! To preface the below, I have searched high and low for a real answer for my issue. I hope that I am able to find what I'm looking for here! Problem: I have 4 snapshots in Preset "001" that I am trying to integrate MIDI with to switch channels on my Carvin Legacy 3. Snapshot 1: "Clean" - I'd like the Helix to send CC #81 over Channel 1 (MIDI talk, of course) Snapshot 2: "Crunch/Dry" - I'd like the Helix to send CC #82 over Channel 1 Snapshot 3: "Crunch/Wet" - I'd like the Helix to send CC #82 over Channel 1 Snapshot 4: "Lead" - I'd like the Helix to send CC #83 over Channel 1 CC parameters #84 and #85 control Legacy 3 boost and reverb functions respectively. I do not intend to use these at this time. I have tried going into the Global Settings and was successful in assigning CC #81-83 to my Helix Floor unit. I can find the toggles grayed out in "Stomp Mode" and can switch the amp channels in stomp mode. I CAN'T trigger the changes in Snapshot mode, however....I'm perplexed. Super perplexed. Can someone walk me through the steps that I need to take to set this up? I want to have this as a guide to take with me in the event something happens. I play in a band that travels internationally and due to time constraints, I'm basically freaking out inside. We are going from Michigan to New York and then on a cruise ship to Bermuda in literally less than 30 days now. Any assistance will be super appreciated! Disclaimer: I'm new to the Helix and this forum. Save me pls.
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