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  1. Hi, I just started playing with the Bypass block MIDI CC function on Helix LT. I have an external device - an HD500X that has been a large paperweight until now - as a MIDI IN to the Helix LT. I assigned FS1 on the HD500x to send CC#10 to the Helix LT on a block. It kind of works. If I press HD500X FS1 it will enable the block, but if I press it again it won't disable it. I assumed that it would work as a toggle, but that appears to not be the case. If I disable the block again on the Helix LT interface and press HD500X FS1 again it reenables, so I know that the HD500X is triggering every time. Any ideas?
  2. I am trying to accomplish the same thing as tagmusenmagnus1. I have an HD500X that's a paperweight at the moment that I would like to use as a footswitch extender for Helix block enable/disable. I put a MIDI sniffer on my PC when hooked up to the Helix and it didn't trap any MIDI messages when enabling/disabling blocks. I could see messages for preset changes as expected, so I know the sniffer is working. I called Line6 and they told me it couldn't be done. There is obviously some signal that's controlling the block toggle on/off, just don't know what it is.
  3. Thank you all for your input! Would someone be willing to upload a preset that illustrates the settings?
  4. Hi out there in Helix EQ land. I have a Variax and a Helix LT. The Helix has both Variax and Variax mag pickup input blocks. I'd like to create a patch where Path A will have the sitar model and I'd like to suppress frequencies below the open G string. Path B will have the magnetic pickups and I'd like to suppress frequencies from open G and above. I've tried various EQ and HP and LP filter type effect blocks but I'm not having much luck completely or almost nearly suppressing the freqs that I want. Any suggestions? I think an alternate route might be to create a custom sitar model with the three lowest string output levels set to the lowest value, but I'm also trying to explore the various HP and LP filter and EQ features.
  5. Very groovy. I wonder if this implies that HX Edit will run under the same config?
  6. gunpointmetal, regarding focusrite and ubuntu, it's been a while but as I recall it was pretty much plug and play. I relied on the following link for guidance: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/SupportedHardware
  7. I have tried a USB charger. The version that I have unfortunately can only be powered by usb computer connections. I called the company about it at some point and they confirmed.
  8. I use a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 with Ardour and Ubuntu Studio. An aside - the only bummer about the Focusrite S 2i2 that I have at least is that it HAS to be plugged into a PC USB port in order to power it, even if, for example you want to just use the mic preamps live. Wonder how Focusrite preamps would compare to the Helix mic preamp effect block? I've never considered using the Helix as a USB audio interface but I do use it to make my coffee. Is there anything it CAN'T do.. I use a Zoom R24 w/o a computer for basic recording. 8 inputs, no noticeable latency, no system configurations, and two condenser mics that I can easily use to record live drums or multi track simple acoustic guitar and vocal parts. A little primitive and a bit awkward to use when it comes to adding effects, but you can always move the WAV to a PC and use Audacity or whatever on it.
  9. I'm with you, JCPAtter. I had lots of latency in Windows and tried everything. I reinstalled the OS, disabled all unnecessary services and startup processes, etc. and then gave up. About five years ago, I did two things. I bought a Zoom R24 for direct recording and also went to Ubuntu Studio with the Ardor DAW. I run it on a crappy old laptop and I have no noticeable latency. Windows users, give up your fruitless and frustrating struggles to reduce latency and use Ubuntu Studio :)
  10. I'm a Midi newbie so forgive me if this was kind of answered above. Are there Midi commands to control the bypass function for individual effects? I know that you can use a Midi controller with footswitches to control the state of the Helix footswitches. This will in turn control the state of whatever effects are assigned to the HELIX footswitches, but can you execute effect bypass via MIDI footswitches, effectively extending the number of footswitches available? The Helix manual doesn't refer to this, but given that the HxEdit software mirrors all actions on the Helix floor, I would think that it is done via Midi and is doable. Presumably there are Midi command sniffers that could help me figure this out if no one has already? Thanks
  11. I have been excitedly waiting for the Helix update, and I find that Line 6 developers created some tuners to satisfy some obsessives who apparently can't buy a $15 snark, learn how to tune by ear or live with tunings probably off by a couple cents. I think that the Line 6 downloads notes jokes really should be implemented for the folks who wanted this..
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