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  1. It happens with all of them. Is not so bad, is only when using high gain presets. BTW: Line 6 Staff....thanks for your bread and butter answer. That's the kind of stuff that makes me mad over corporations. I said I turned off everything around to try to pinpoint the cause of the high pitched sound. Honestly I believe is in the unit itself as many digital guitar gear has this same exact problem cause you cheapen out on the DA converters. How hard was to put a SPDIF out or make the unit ASIO compatible? Have a nice day.
  2. I also ran A/B recording tests using a Fender 3m cable and the G10 and cannot tell the difference tone wise. (that, going out via the normal TS cable, not the XLR)
  3. No. If I use a cable I don't hear the overtone (although the G10 kills most of the hum, which is good) You can hear the overtone in this video, at the beginning and the end. I mean, is not a big deal but is there. Can you confirm you have it or not on yours? I tried turning off my WIFI and other devices that could be generating EMI but nothing really changed. I'm more inclined to think this is a common thing in digital gear (I don't know why they use such lollipop DA converters), as it happens in all my other digital pedals (although the overtones are different) such as my G5, A3, MT100BT and Boss RC3. The funny thing is (and the reason I think DA converters are lollipop on these things) is that if I record from my G5 (using a cable) directly to the PC using ASIO I have no overtones and the sound is pristine.
  4. I've connected the XLR out directly into my interface. While the G10 is pretty clean overall, no hum. Still has a high pitched tone around the 15khz area. Mostly noticeable on high gain settings. DId anyone else noticed it? Is not the first time I noticed this on digital gear BTW. Is it something absolutely inherent to the technology?
  5. Hard to find indeed. Maybe you can use a TS to TRS, open it and disconnect the ring. :/
  6. I thought you guys mentioned bodilizer in this thread, my apologies. This one uses stereo IRs. Here you can find it: http://www.ijdata.com/products.html I'm preparing a video with examples in English, I'm now about to render one in Spanish. WIll post here if you wanna hear the examples.
  7. Here are some more stereo IRs I did for Bodilizer VST, hope you find them useful. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0iCj7xEijuUcVR3VVJ6ZHpKQmM
  8. Nope, the G10 transmitter plug is stereo but for other reasons, only Mono signal is transmitted. If you wanna stereoize your guitar you can use the Bodilizer plugin. http://www.ijdata.com/products.html I have made new stereo IRs for it, you can find them here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0iCj7xEijuUcVR3VVJ6ZHpKQmM
  9. Yes this is only for the plugin. For those interested of course.
  10. Stay tuned I'm gonna do stereo IR's for bodylizer from these guitars: - JS200 replica Jumbo - Gitane DG300 Jorgenson - Gretsch JimDandy - Classic (one cutaway) big "Lava" guitar. - Sammick LaSalle JZ4
  11. Hey! actually I got th BodyLizer VST and tried....I didn't think it was so good but wow!!!!! stereo images and zero phasing effect or washed out ttransients. Lovely plugin.
  12. Somebody should make some stereo IRs. Bodies in mono are real bad compared to stereo. I'm trying with convolver with my JS200 Jumbo, but so far is hard with Voxengo's convolver as I need a speaker inside it. I'm gonna record some stereo short mallet hits over it and see how FL Studio's convolver goes. (No I don't have a Helix)
  13. So... update. I bought the Warwick Rockboard LT XL. This unit has a fatal failure, if you connect some pedals THEN connect the G10 the powerbank dies miserably. Happened to two units, they didn't last more than 5min testing. Another problem is that warwick designed this unit poorly. I initially connected the G10 first then the pedals and was working fine but gave an awful ground noise. Warwick acknowledged this and is working on an updated unit. So....I've got this RavPower 10400 mAh powerbank just for the G10 and works super fine, no noise, perfect. Given the G10 uses only 45mAh the powerbank battery will last basically forever. https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00B2XPJZU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 There you go then...
  14. i got it cause is better in the studio. There is no sound loss and it killed any slight hum that was there on some.
  15. Here I found some IRs from a Deacy amp replica. Hope you enjoy. https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=257&t=461165
  16. i tried the same with a quality cable and got a lot of hum too. I'm not sure how are you supposed to use the XLR output.
  17. So, I confirmed both transmitters are now 1.04 The base is 1.00 I tried many times, and only one transmitter is being detected (the last one paired on the base), I can make both transmitters solid green, but the base only goes solid white with one of them at a given time. So in other words: - Plugged transmitter A into the base, the light goes white solid confirming a channel has been selected. - Tested the microswitch, works. - Plugged transmitter B, the base confirms is working. - Test it's microswitch, works.....test the microswitch from transmitter A and the base stays in standby mode (breathing light) - Plug transmitter A, same thing. - Plug transmitter B, same thing. It seems like at this point, with the current base firmware, the base can only accept one transmitter. Given this is all digital I believe the unit cannot use two at the same time. The base should be able to handle two different channels at the same time and I'm not sure is capable of that. I just hope it is, and Line6 could maybe come up with a new firmware to allow it. I mean, that would be a blast. The problem is that I'm not sure the base chips can allow that. Can anyone confirm you used two transmitters at the same time (both making sound) into one base? Line6 might ask "why do you need two transmitters in one base?" The reason is that I want to use a guitar and a stompbox at the same time going into the same amp. (Jazz, Acoustic stuff)
  18. This could help, I have one and is made for those kind of groundloop problems. https://www.thomann.de/gb/art_cleanbox_ii.htm
  19. Ok I'm gonna try that and see. Indeed I need to check if the new transmitter has the latest firmware.
  20. So I got the second transmitter (one base), and as I suspected you cannot use them at the same time. Even if both are plugged and solid green only one of them would work (make sound) at a given time. Mhhh...shame, I hope Line 6 is able to do something about it.
  21. Line 6 should def make it a feature in an upcoming FW.
  22. "If your intention is to have both Guitars available for use with the same receiver base, then each of the G10 transmitters would need to be paired to the base receiver on the same channel." "...If two players will be using the guitars at the same, both signals would be recieved by the single base and routed to the whatever the base's outputs were plugged into. " So it can be done? I wanna use a guitar and a stompbox at the same time, or be able to play two guitars at once with my girl.
  23. what happens if you got two guitars with the transmitters plugged in?
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