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  1. Oh that's great news to know as I just ordered an extra transmitter to try. Thanks for the heads up! EDIT: ouch! so one transmitter at a time only?
  2. Well, I can also have an extra transmitter just in case the first breaks, my fear is that the base will do so first, glad I have a soldering hot gun and maybe put it back in place and reinforce if it breaks.
  3. Would be a nifty trick to be able to use my stompbox as in the pic. And an extra one in my Guitar, both connected to the same base. I know you can get an extra transmitter from thomann, but I'm not sure is just a replacement one in case you lose it.
  4. I guess in your case the only way is to try for yourself. Let us know what you did and how it went.
  5. Mine came with an angled adapter. I had the exact same problem with my acoustics with Fishman systems, without the adapter the unit seems to work but got no sound. With the adapter it works just fine and also helps seeing the transmitter, otherwise the guitar body blocks it from your sight. The adapter must be "TS to TS" (mono to mono) Get also a TRS to TS adapter (stereo female to mono male) just in case, it might help with other guitars.
  6. I've done some tests. (Line 6 please note this) The port itself I think is sturdy enough. The problem seems to be the actual cable that comes with it, it doesn't give you the "click" when you plug it making you believe is not in place therefore you have the feeling you must push it harder, hence you end breaking the port. (yes is Line6's induced user's fault) Also since there's no click the cable is not really secured in place. Doesn't seem to anyway. That coupled with the fact the cable itself is thicker and stiffer than a normal phone cable makes for a disaster recipe. Then I tried with the cable that came with my Samsung phone and there is indeed a "click" and also the cable wobbles much less. After the click the cable goes in exactly the same amount as with the Line6 cable (which is that you can see the port metal about half millimeter out) Give it a try people. Shame the unit is not as easy to open (and still under guarantee), otherwise I would stick some epoxy around the port inside to strengthen it.
  7. I think I'll get this one instead, I can also power some pedals with it. I post it here for the heads up. https://www.thomann.de/gb/rockboard_power_lt_xl.htm?ref=search_rslt_powerbank_372712_0
  8. Ok, so I connected the transmitter to my Gitane DG300 with installed Shadow maccaferri system. http://www.shadow-electronics.com/viewpro.html?id=219 I get the high pitched sound, it sounds more like a printer while printing. But yes i get the point of the high pitch now. Also tried with the included angled adapter and got the nasty sound too. I think is the wireless signal from the G10 somehow getting (through the air) into the shadow system since the active circuitry is really close to it. If I move the receiver the sound gets louder or quieter, but never gone. So I guess I'm gonna be using a cable on this one. It seems to me there's no solution on this case other than that. I could use a longer cable to have the transmitter away from it, but that defeats the whole purpose of the G10. Well....there seems to be pros and cons on every system. I guess that's why the G30 can be a better option for some as you have it always away from any active circuit. But the tradeoff is having a heavier unit you're forced to carry on the strap. Anyway, I've ordered a stereo female to mono male jack to see if that helps. Will post the results here ASAP.
  9. I still don't get it. The base is there and you can charge it there...so, why would you need something else? Ahh, you mean so you don't need to pull the base and use just a cable from let's say your laptop, or even a TV in the hotel room.
  10. So something like this should work, right? https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00B2XPJZU?psc=1 Even this: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00B2XPJZU?psc=1 Or this one, which is even smaller: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00Y7MPAI4/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=LIJM6Q8DJ2GO&coliid=IZU7C58BWSGM6&psc=1
  11. Not that I know. I initially plugged the unit. Windows10 was looking for drivers which didn't find. Then installed the updater, unplugged then replugged the unit and worked fine since then.
  12. I think this unit barely uses any power. Certainly much less than a phone. So, what would be a good power bank for this unit so I can use it on the street? I would like something small enough that can give me at least 4h of use.
  13. I don't get it....why would you need that?
  14. Did anyone tried putting a small piece of tape on the ring to prevent connection? What would happen then? BTW: I just tried with one of my acoustics with Fishman systems and it didn't work. Then I used this (have it for other purposes) and worked quite fine (no noise)....still I hate it tho, defeats the whole wireless freedom thing. https://www.thomann.de/gb/pro_snake_tpy_2003_bpp.htm I connected the TS mono cable to the guitar and the transmitter to the female stereo jack. EDIT: I just used the included angled adapter. I thought it was rather for the receiver since it was TS to TS Worked like a charm on the same acoustic....so....no prob at all after all :D Turns out the angled adapter is the best option on an acoustic so the transmitter sticks to the front, otherwise it will be hidden from me by the body. And yes, the unit turned off after 4min. Happy camper here.
  15. Well, I did some tests with a 3m Fender cable and the g10 and honestly I don't feel there is such a change in tone, or change at all. So...it's all good I believe. The only real difference was in volume, the G10 is quieter than using the cable, but I can understand that because you wanna avoid clipping the digital signal. I would still test things again later and see if I can tell there's any difference after analyzing both signals with a spectrogram.
  16. Well, they should simply allow the user to install a special FW without it. I'm fairly new to my G10, just got it for christmas and didn't compare to the XLR out yet. I'll comment here after I do.
  17. What I did notice was that any buzzing was gone. Seems like the absence of a physical connection between the Guitar and the rest of the gear makes for a nifty trick that kills any buzz as minimal as it was.
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